Nate's Address

Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Email May 24,2010

Well thanks for your letter, makes me laugh about cutting peoples heads off for your dead flowers. I guess that is why I was the favorite, I would try and do that kind of thing. But this week was good for my companion and I. Had a service project in putting on a tin roof and building walls for a family of recent converts. We had a good time, and well won lots of confidence with them. It was also pretty sweet cause I actually got to use a hammer and my hands and I even cut myself. It had been a long time since physical labor. And it was super funny cause my comp. had never used a hammer in his life. Also big news, president was here Wed. and had interviews. he is super happy with the zone and my comp and I. So my comp and I will be together another transfer, but we are changing areas. We are going to Quinta Bosch, which is the stake center. I am happy in that well we need to be there cause it is the stake, but sad cause I love the ward I am in. We have made some good friends and love a lot of people in the ward. but it is for the best. Change is good to progress. What else. I went on interchanges with the new gringo in my zone Elder Hathoway. He pretty cool kid. He served in Tennesee for 3 months and 3 months in the MTC so he has adjusted to missionary life and is doing great. He doesn't speak much spanish and well I can't believe I was worse then he was about 13 months ago. our RS pres didn't believe me. So I must be speaking ok now. But always room for improvement. Haha oh yeah, a funny something, about 3 weeks ago my comp got an email from a good friend telling him that one of his ex girlfriends is coming to the colombia bogota mission. not saying north or south, and well we brought it up in interviews, and president got a little serious after we explained and asked her name, and he said well lets see, called the secretary and asked who come in Oct. well turns out Flor, the girl, is headed to Bogota north!!!!!! and well president grinned and said, you know what my father would say about this elders...........OH CRAP........I about fell out of my chair from laughing. It was great. I will never forget. that is my week. was pretty good. i am also learning about making baby clothes. I do lots of service in a fabric-ing place of the RS president. She is awesome. Sister Amparo. and lets companion still likes natali, thinks she is cute. and yeah.. cant believe preston is going to graduate in 2 weeks and that you guys will be on the lake in not to long. time is flying! Ok i love you all, i know the church is led by our Savior through his mouthpiece here on the earth who is Thomas S. Monson. He is a stud, if anybody that reads this and sees him in the next week or so, tell him i said he is a stud........i am grateful for such a great family that I was blessed with and where I live. Love you all have a great week
love your son brother and friend
Elder Nate Naegle

Here are a few pictures from last week. I think they are having too much fun as companions!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Email May 10,2010

We had a great video chat with Nate yesterday so he didn't send much letter today. He looks great and is doing really well. What a fun Mother's Day!! He mixed up English and Spanish words so I guess that means he is totally engrossed in what he is doing.

Well I was going to send pictures but don't have my camera. So next week but thanks for talking with me it made me super happy. And well yeah. Good to see you all and just keep me updated. Like mom said next time I talk to you I will just about be coming home just around the corner. I love you all. Thanks Dave and Maxine. I love you both. Thanks for taking care of the dog. I hope you 2 are in the airport when I get home. And well I guess I didn't share with you yesterday, but I know this is the Lords church and that it was restored through Joseph Smith. That we have all the priesthood keys here on the earth and that by living the gospel brings happiness to our lives.
Love you all and have a great week. Happy Mothers day
love your son bother and friend Elder Naegle (nathan)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Email May 3, 2010

Well let me see,
After our wonderful activity saturday that turned out well. We headed to church and then had lunch with the RS president, cause she made us some pajama bottoms for the Leadership conference, don't have a picture yet but I will get one soon. They are of airplanes and helicopters pretty cool. So we thanked her by buying chicken for lunch sunday. Then we headed to the house and off to Bucarumunga to find wagstaff and butler. And I got sick on the ole drive down, probably from the chicken, the first time we did it, I didn't eat anything but saltine crackers. So I know for the next time. We found ole wags and butler in the terminal and left at 1030 from Bucaramunga to go to Bogota, and well wagstaff was thinking this time and brought blankets for the bus ride. So we didn't suffer. When we got to Bogota, after a long night trying to sleep in bus, it was about 8 in the morning, went and found williams and ate at mcdonalds. Then went with all the Zone Leaders to play soccer in Suba. It was a good time. We all went and ate after, at KFC. I noticed I eat like home when I get these vacations. Showered, haha watching 10 missionaries try and shower and all get ready got a little out of hand, but we managed. Went and Bought 3 new ties, cause I am going to give some of my crappy ones away to the boys in my ward and then my companion and I prepared our capacitaion for the following day, about Baptism Interviews. And then went to the temple to sleep. Watched a Joseph Smith Video I had never seen and made lots of Maté to drink. Then the following day, got up got ready and off we went to the Conference. My companion and I hit the nail on the head with our capacitaion, my favorite part was using DC 39 17 about pruning and that we have to prune the people to get the best fruit we can as converts to really help the church grow. Then well just the same ole having leaders together is really pretty cool cause it is super spiritual. Also, did a session in the temple. And after found a ward that was from Valledupar, so well I got to give Parker another letter, that is the 2nd time I have met somebody in Bogota, that was from the ward he is serving. I hope he gets my letter. If not oh well but it was kinda neat for me. He is one loved kid up there. anyway. After the conference ended I went with my companion to stay with elder Sorensen because I got lucky again to fly back to cucuta. And yeah. this past week my companion and I were running around trying to get everything ready for Zone and Stake conference. We did manage to get it all ready and prepared. Hope it all went good. My companion and I were pleased at least. So I am not to worried about it. and yeah. I haven't written in my journal in 2 weeks, just haven't had time. So I hope things calm down a little bit and my companion and I can get back to work in our area. I am doing great. Happy to be here still even though some people take my rock out like there is no tomorrow. Take my rock out, that is a phrase in spanish, colombia, that well means your frustrated. But well that is all part of the leadership and mission thing I guess. Still learning to deal with it. I want you all to know that I have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, that if we read it looking for answers to our questions we will find them. That Joseph Smith restored the Church, doing the will of the Father, through the Son. They both live, and love us all. Thanks for all the love and support. I love you and pray for you. Also, Bishop Dave thank you for your devoted service and patience with me and for Bishop Welling, I don't know if I am still part of the ward, and how that all works but I sustain ya big guy. haha
love you all Elder Naegle
thanks mom for all your love and support, and I am sorry I have used my card a little bit, but well the world runs on money sadly to say, and well I have it all back one day when the mission can catch up and pay me. and well I usually don't carry the cash that I have, so yeah. sometimes that is the option. But thanks for all your love and support. It really means a lot. have a great week and I had no idea it was mothers day next weekend, so I honestly don't know when I will call. I would assume in the afternoon. around 4 or 5. but yeah I love you and hope all is well. Tell dad hello and I am glad to hear he is safely back from canada. Love you mom love your son nathan