Nate's Address

Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Email December 26, 2010

Well I just realized I had not put Nate's last letter on the blog. He is coming home today and will speak on Sunday so I decided I had better hurry and get it on there. I had asked him for my Christmas present if he would reflect back on his mission and some of the things he learned for our last letter. It is not what I had envisioned but it was fun to read for me. Thanks to all who have read his blog and supported him!!

Well i better and get some juices flowing for a good letter.

Well i guess we had better start from the Beginning......

MTC was great, i loved it looking back on the whole deal. i learned a lot about the savior and his Infinite Atonement, learning patience with a companion 24 hours a day and 7 days a week....gained some weight, didn't think i had, but when you see pictures oh boy...also made some great friends that i hope to see soon. MTC was a great time, i wish a missionary started and ended there...but i don't..

April 7th, well headed out of the airport and wasn't sure what i had gotten myself into. Getting lost in customs, getting sick and passing out getting my blood drawn, meeting latin missionaries and not understanding a darn thing. Heading out to Sogomoso, waiting in the terminal cause i didn't know where i was, what i should do, feeling like angels found me when i saw 3 white shirts and ties! (thanks a lot williams for leavin me hangin outside).

Sogomoso. Maybe one of the best times of my mission. I loved it there, learned a ton. had one of my best companions Pelero, who is getting married i heard, but had some of the best people i have ever met. Love the Sogomoso people. FLia Cuellar, Jessica, Alfonso Joel Guitierz Celis, and all the others i love them all.

Came here to Bogota, Didn't have the same success as i did in my first area, but i learned a lot about myself, and being able to deal with others and just really getting to know myself.. Also met more families that i love and hate to leave behind.

Cucuta First gringo, for a long time, learned a lot about being a leader and just trying to and trying to soak in the heat and enjoy it. also learned to love more people it was hard to leave there

But was headed back to Duitama to see all the sogomoso people and met the best stake president here. I love the people from Boyaca, it was hard to leave there too. but you know you soak up their culture, and take it with you in your heart. I love Colombia. and then back to here to Bogota

Bogota, a place i hate but yet i love it. I love the people here it is so great, Just the people you learn to love and don't want o leave, but well don't really have a choice.

I have loved to be here. This hasn't been the best 2 years of my life, but the best 2 years for my life. I have had some great experiences, and some sad ones, but one thing is for sure, I would do it over again. I would do anything for these people. I love them. I love you all thanks for all your love and support.

I testify that this is the Church of Christ. I know the book of mormon is true. Joseph Smith is a true Prophet. I KNOW AND IT IS FOR SURE!

Love you all

have a great week hope its ok mom

Love Elder Naegle

Monday, December 13, 2010

Email December 13, 2010

Well I am just writing my letter this week. It is going to be a little bit of a hard week. With the others (Wagstaff and Williams) headed out this week, I doubt I get to see them before they leave.
But anyway this week, well last Monday was a downer for us, left internet to go and see Jenny, well she just very nicely said, elders I have prayed about it and it isn't my time yet to get baptized. So that was a little hard, but you know she was super polite about it and I respect her for that, she said we could still come by and she invited me to come by on my birthday. So that will be good. I just testified and invited her to keep reading the book of mormon, i think she will get baptized just not yet. So that was a downer, and we didn't find Angelica this week either, don't know what happened to her. but well that isn't my fault i have gone out of my way to find her and i cant, so what can we do, keep trying. And well we ended up contacting a lot this week, there isn't much space in my area for that, but well we had some fun doing it. I was just enjoying it. Contacted a super old lady that said the church is just the mafia and she knew more then me cause she is 80 years old and so i just cut her off right there saying i am 100 years old it was pretty funny.
Also the Christmas activity was this week. Pretty good time. Played soccer and Basketball in the morning at some big club thing, it was pretty cool. Then back to the house to shower and then go to a church here in Bogota, we watched toy story 3, it was pretty good I guess, but I thought it was missing a few things. Then all the zones did like a skit, it was pretty funny. then santa was there, got a pretty good video. then the spiritual part, a Stake President and his wife came and spoke, they did a pretty good job. i enjoyed it. then back the house.
So well, we are kind of at a stand still with investigators, but we are contacting and trying to find people, but to be honest it isn't the best time right now, but well cant complain, i am happy and good here in Bogota. Love you all thanks for the love and support. The Church is true, the book of Mormon proves it. I know it!
Love Elder Naegle

Monday, December 6, 2010

Email December 6, 2010

Well I am less then a month out can you believe it? This week was a doozy for me. Started out good last Monday night made a baptism date with our southern baptist, Angelica, she is great and accepted, so we got that coming up in 2 weeks on the 18 of Dec. I am super happy for her, she is a 32 year old lady with 2 kids, but we keep helping and please pray for her.
Well Tuesday hit the old knuckles knocking some doors and started with a cough. But we found some new people including a woman stopped us named Yolanda, who has been inactive for 10 years. So that was cool. We will come back to her. Then we watched the emma smith movie with a family that night and ran to the house, and it all went bad.

Didn't sleep a wink, had a terrible fever and it was bad, so well ended up staying in bed from Tuesday to Saturday morning cause it was just raining and has been miserable here, and I have been coughing like a chain smoker with flem and all. It has just been pouring hard here, lots of people suffering here in Colombia for the rain, but nobody in our mission, it is all the other 3 missions, I guess we are all on high ground here. But pray for the people here, it has been super bad. but well can't do a whole lot about it except pray for them.
Saturday afternoon, just kinda looked up our investigators and got ready for Sunday.
Open mic Sunday here is well never dull, about 12 statements of big apostasy were said this week, kinda funny. And there are never long pauses like at home. but yeah, then the Christmas devotional, well it was pretty sweet cause we had Yolanda and her 9 year old daughter come and when Yolanda walked in and sat down she was just TREMBLING unbelievably, it was really cool cause she was just so happy. It was great to see her so happy. I really learned that helping less actives return to church is just as heart warming as a baptism. I just felt good after when we walked her home. She is a great person. but yeah. it was awesome experience of the week. Well my beloved family I love you all so much,
Love you all keep praying for snow.
Love your son and brother
Elder Nathan Naegle

Monday, November 29, 2010

Email November 28, 2010

Well I had a better week I guess. I am missing just a little bit here as we enter into December, I can't even believe it. I am just trying to soak it all up and in before I head home to the winter wonderland that it is turning into. I am pretty excited about that. This week we finally found out the doubt that Jenny has, well she feels the spirit pretty strongly when we go to the house and talk with her and what not, but doesn't feel the spirit at church, which is kinda a HUGE problem. But we will get it figured out here in the next 2 weeks or so, just need some more time, which is short for me.....haha
Also, heard the new harry potter came out, please send me an update, I am going to buy it before I come home cause it will be out on DVD here. But yeah heard it was good. Also my favorite Soccer team here is doing super well, they should be headed to the final and they are the favorite to win but haven't won in over 30 years, it is kinda sad, but pray for them. I always said they would win before I leave here and this is their last chance. Today the Alvarez family from Duitama was here in Bogota and bought me and a bunch of other missionaries lunch. That was good.
Also I had a good thanksgiving with my house, but we didn't have a traditional one. We had a mexican thanksgiving, we made big burritos, it was super sweet. I loved it. But well we just threw them together. I forgot my camera today but next week we will get them sent to ya.
I was super thankful this year, even though I am in Colombia, but I have sure learned a lot in the last 23 months, it hasn't been the best 2 years of my life, but the best 2 years for my life. I have rather enjoyed it, but I am happy to be ending, but also super sad to leave behind the people and things I love here. I love Colombia. It is awesome. I love my family and I thank them for all the love and support you give to me. Hope you all have a great week this week and can take a snowmobile ride. Take some pictures. Also take a picture of the front lawn too. Thanks for everything have a great week. Preston have a great finals and kick em in the butt. yeah
love you all
elder nathan naegle

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Email November 23, 2010

Well like I said I am training and no mom you didn't guess right. I am training elder Bernal from La Paz Bolivia, which makes 5 Bolivians on my list. He is a good kid just everything to him is so different and he is struggling to make the adjustment here. he knows how to teach pretty well and lets me have my thinking time. So we will keep you posted on the companion news in the coming weeks.
As for me, well I have been starving to death, i am so hungry all the time, may be the fact that i have been working out in the morning so my two brothers cant beat my up when i get home. But yeah we are surviving. As for the work. Well Angelica is coming along she is our baptist, but really likes the church and is improving in her financial situation as well. And we have a new one named Jenny Jimenez, who is a reference, who is awesome, and should be getting baptized on the 4th of dec.
Also it has been raining everyday here for the last 3 weeks but in my area no problems with water other than our appt. cause there is no pressure in the morning so it is cold water or nothing. but a lot of the country is struggling.
well i love you all have a great week. PRAY FOR LOTS OF SNOW! Love you all love elder nathan naegle

Gold GOld and More GOld Well we changed p day to go and see the gold Museum here in Bogota. Pretty neat stuff.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Email November 15, 2010

Well to be an obedient son, I was asked to write a letter this week, but seeing as I am in my last transfer, and I get to talk to you in a month I don't really see the need, but I want to be a good boy and do what I am told. So well transfers today, getting a new companion, that I am training, so don't know my companion yet...but it should be good. But yeah I am not worried about it. As for all the other stuff I am just kicking it here to watch my time dwindle down. I hope we can get a few people baptized before I leave. But I can only put in my part and have the lord work the rest out. My testimony has grown a lot in the last transfer. I want to have it be like Moroni when he writes he won't deny the Christ. I quite like it, I just finished reading the Book of Mormon again. IT IS TRUE!!

Love you all have a great week thanks for your love and support, see y'all soon!

Elder Naegle

Email November 8, 2010

Just trucking along..
Today played soccer with the zone and the assistants, it was a good time then just rested.

Well put me to work when I get home cause boy are my hands are nice and soft for the working. Washing to many dishes here, which by the way brings me great pleasure and joy to do.

As for my area, I am struggling a little bit, cause we have the people but they won't come to church, and it is at 11 for heavens sake, but we are trying to work on that so pray for them
Flia Paredes
Flia Huertas
Flia Rodriguez
Flia Salas
Flia Serpa
With just them there is about 20 people so if they would just come to church!!!
I am happy and well getting up at 630 and doing a little exercise and everything, not trunky yet.
Mom tell Dan to email me I want to hear from him and how is he doing.
Well love you all thanks for your love support and prayers
Elder Nathan Naegle

Monday, November 1, 2010

Email Novermber 1, 2010

Well I don't have much to say today again, I am sorry that you want more information, but I just am going to focus on the highlights. Today well it could darn well say that it was the best day of my mission. Headed to the temple about 7 this morning and found the Bosque ward there so we bought a few things, then headed inside to start the best thing ever. Did the session, which we almost didn't make, but with the help from the temple president we made it. They hadn't had their temple recommends signed by the stake president but with a few phone calls we made it all work. Then with that all said we did the session, to me it felt like it was super long, cause I wanted to see the sealing, but it was kinda cool cause I got through the veil in Spanish with out help today, for the first time. That felt good. And yeah on to the sealing which was the best thing ever. The spirit was so strong and it was so cool to see the kids there it was just awesome......!!!!!!!!!!! and yeah, I felt super good after.

As for this week, well it was pretty good, I have been throwing up like I said on wed. but I am doing much better now. Saturday we helped move all day it was terrible, I don't ever want to help people move ever again. Sunday it was super cool cause we had a Regional conference, Elder Whitney spoke from the presidency of the 70 spoke and conducted, he speaks good Spanish, then Richard G Scott of the 12 spoke also speaks good Spanish and then the prophet spoke it was super super good. So yeah. The week started off rough, but ended excellent. I am happy and well glad to hear the adventures from home.

the church is true, I have a strong testimony. I may have had converts in the temple, but I am still my best convert...I love you all love your son and brother

Elder Nathan Naegle

Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 27, 2010

well I am sorry i didn't get you written yesterday, Tuesday was pday but went on a wild goose chase looking for wendys here in Bogota, that doesn't exsist, but well I ended up getting super sick, including throwing up in the street in down town Bogota, so it was an exciting day. Ended up going to the office for a little while until traffic died down. I don't really have much today say cause I have been sick. just an average week for us, had like 18 people committed to church on sunday and well about 5 came, it was sad. but we will keep working on that for next week.
The best and most exciting news is Monday the Familia Cuellar are getting SEALED in the temple so I am super excited about that. I will send you pictures, and it may mean that I will be writing on Tuesday. Also, I need a little bit of cash, cause I am going to buy them something from the temple store, and they don't take a Credit card. please and thank you :)
Apart from being sick, I am happy and doing well. just trying to keep to myself and finish up well. the weeks are flying by so I am trying to enjoy it all while I can. I love you all so much and am so very blessed to have a great family like I have. so thank you! have a great week love your son
Elder Nathan Naegle

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Email Oct. 11, 2010

Well, got transferred this past week, and am here in Bogota again. My ward is called Fontana, in Suba. I love the ward, so far. We have two great families that help a lot with the mission work and are just fun families. In fact, I am learning piano.....can you believe it? I have had one lesson, and can already read upper hand....I guess you could say I am just a stud.....haha
My companion, well he is Elder Suarez from Lima Peru. He comes from a family with lots of money. Visited Utah and other places before his mission. He has only 2 months in the mission. We had interviews today and the President also said that our mission needs more Elder Naegles, so I may not be the best but I am doing something right. That was cool to hear.
I don't really know what to tell you all other then I love you, and well I am just a rocks toss outta here to see you all. so I am just trying to be good and work hard.
I really hope i just end here in this ward, so I can have 3 months of Piano to whooo you with when i get home, and maybe a few ladies....haha
All i have to really say is that i have grown a whole bunch in the last 20 months. I can see my own progress, and it is gratifying. So i feel good.
Um, well i have a strong testimony of this Gospel. It was restored, We have the Fullness, and we need to take advantage of the priesthood power that has been given us. The book of Mormon shows the world that these things are true. We must value its teaching and counsel. From Conference, I really liked the 13 points of a Modern Prophet, by elder Costa I believe. and the importance of a living prophet on the earth.
Love you all. Thanks for the love and support. hope you all have a great week. Les mando mi amor con un abraso fuerte. Nos Vemos entre poco!
Elder Nathan Naegle

Email Oct. 4, 2010

Well another week down here in Colombia.
It was nice, it was the last week of my companion, Elder Cuevas. He heads back to Bolivia, wed, at like 10 pm. it has been a good time with him. I wish i had one more transfer with him.. I haven't said that about some of my companions, but you never love em all. As for me I also was transferred to another Zone here in Bogota, not sure why, but whatever. I am just happy I am in Bogota so I can go to a sealing on the 1st of November...i am super excited. Not super sad to leave my area cause I was only here one transfer. But there were a few people I will miss. The family we activated, RINCON family and our 2 young ladies Sandra and Catharine. and the Ramirez family. They were the only people that gave us lunch every week. They are good people. Don't have much, but give what they have. and yeah that is about it for the whole area thing.
As for me. Well they didn't let me watch the Conference in English, so well I understood it all, but didn't get nearly as much out of it, so I am going to download it and Listen again this week for study. So yeah. as for Conference, i am 4 for 4...haha i love conference. Hope you all enjoyed it and if you didn't make it, better head to to catch up.
Sounds like it nice with the weather back home. It has been raining here everyday. kinda the pits. But what can you do. That is one thing i am not happy about staying in Bogota. but it could be worse. and yeah
I don't have much information this week. Just happy and truckin out the last few months I have in Colombia. I have come to love the people and country. Just trying to soak it all in and enjoy it. I know the church is true, and that we have the restored Priesthood here on the earth, to give us the best blessings a family could ask for. I love the Lord and am so grateful for his Infinite Atonement. Let us all remember we took upon us his name when we entered the waters of baptism and let our light so shine so the world can see it. Love you all thanks for the love support and prayers. Have a great week and look forward to hearing from you all next week
Love Elder Nathan Naegle

Email Sept. 30, 2010

Well I hadn't gotten you written, so I figured I better do it quick. With Zone Conference we had 7 elders from Yopal here, cause they are part of the zone. Yeah super hard to have more people in the house. Didn't make it to Internet yesterday entertaining them and then we had an appointment. Found some free time now. Just got done with a very stubborn woman that is Catholic. She just doesn't understand, and to be honest I think she knows the church is true just doesn't want to admit it. As for our appt. yesterday night, OH BOY i cant get this girl Cathrine to feel the spirit when she prays her roommate can feel it just fine, she just thinks she is NORMAL all the time. I will keep trying with her though. But please pray she will feel the spirit.
Also Sunday Cathrine went to church Sunday with Sandra her roommate and it was so IRREVERENT they didn't feel the spirit, I was a little upset, but what can you do....keep trying.
Don't know what else to tell you, being a week and a half I cant remember much. Went through the temple Wednesday, and after to the Kawasaki dealership that is across the street. Super sweet. both the temple and the kawi store. and yeah. Heard I might get Transferred as well, not sure why but well i don't make the decisions around here just follow them...
My comp is doing super good he finished up his mission well. I am proud of him. Became pretty good friends with him. Kinda wish he had one more transfer...but what can you do. He is happy to be going. and yeah. I am just trying to keep focused and finish up.
Also remembered that Dan got home this week tell him howdy, get his stuff together to go up to school. and that is about it.
what have you heard about old PW?
but hope all is well, I love you all I didn't have much time but thought I would say hi and that I am doing well. love you all love your brother and son
Elder Nathan Naegle

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Email Sept. 20, 2010

Nate just sent pictures this time.

80 cents it cost us for this little pedicure with Furmanski

and me and the assitants williams and Centurion

Email Sept. 13, 2010

Got a ton of Dear elders this week thanks mom. Tell my buddies hi. They tell more about their people they are teaching then I well I guess I will
Sandra and Catharine. They are friends, 26 and 21 years old. Reference from a guy in another ward and they are gold, both super smart. Accountants and well actually ask questions, so i am hoping they make the right choice here in the next few weeks. The spirit is super strong when we teach them and sandra had the best question ever, about fearing GOD, I loved it. As for the rest of the people around here, all is money and husband wife problems. I am quite certain I will have good marriage cause I have seen so many people well to be frank, screw up their marriage here. so yeah. my ward is pretty good. Just the normal rumors and mean things said to have inactive people there are quite a few as well..about 150 attend which is my biggest ward yet, but there are about 600 members, maybe that is the news from the missionary work.

Well that is about it... am happy. Gotta make the best of my time cause well there is light at the end of this tunnel, and well in some ways, isn't the best thing. I love you all. Have a great week. Thanks for your love and support. Tell people hello I may know.
Love elder Naegle
PS tell dan hi.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Email Sept. 8, 2010

Well I always get such long good letters form you mom, but I just don't have much to update you guys on. Your schedule changes everyday, mine is the same, just different people to try and get them to feel the spirit. But I love it. Love meeting new people to get to know them. As for my house, well today we had to stay inside all day, the entire mission, to clean and whip these houses into shape, we got some new Elderly missionary couples, the Boulters, and I guess they are going to be checkin the houses. Also hear he played baseball for the Oakland A´s so helps you sent me my hat mother!! I hear he was a pitcher and just is a giant of a man, that can tear our arms off like Chewbacca from Star Wars. But such is life. Guess we will see how that goes.
As for my area, well opening an area is terrible, cause well not many people here to teach, and we are starting at square one, so it may be awhile before we can get things rolling. and it doesn't help my companion goes home in 4 weeks.....but such is life, and I am on the lords time and just have to do my part and see what we can stir up.
As for living with Furmanski, well I love the kid. Just catchin up on old times. He wants me to get a jeep so we can go jeepin, but well figure the old scout at Malvern will do, but well needs a little work, but well always wanted to learn how to work on cars, and Furmanski wants to buy a 800 dollar jeep that doesn't run so well might do that with him, that is if my Good uncle lets me, as well as my father haha. Maybe get it running so my brother can drive it when he gets from his mission.
Well that is all I have to say about that.....
As for my arrival date, well interview tomorrow with president, and soo well we will see, thanks dad for your advice. Mom well thanks for yours as well. Love you all have a great week. Love your son and brother
Elder Naegle

well here is the weeks events, Subway with the family from Duitama, furman and i cleaning i love it and what not. just having a swell mission time. may not see much of my area cause well don't want to get robbed with my camera. love ya all

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Email Aug. 30, 2010

Well this week was a good one.
I have my new comp. Elder Cuevas. From Bolivia.
New Area, Zarzamora.
New house, new bed new suit new lots of stuff,
but the best new, New Zone leader and roomate, ELDER FURMANSKI. It is AWESOME. we just are tying to catch up on the whole past. but it is great to have him in my house. we have a good time.
Well i don't have a whole lot, my new ward is pretty good. Just trying to meet members and find some of the investigators that should be left around. Got to Bogota with out problems. and just have to try and get used to being here again. There are just so many people here it is incredible. but yeah should be able to see a few families i love if i can get things worked out, but i don't want to be all lazy in my area. just workin at a steady pace to get some stuff done.
And yeah. Not sure what else to tell you. oh yeah, started a BUCKET LIST with a few things i want to do before i die. so i would encourage all to do so. even if it is not very long, make a few goals to accomplish some of the things you have always wanted to do in your life.
i better give my brothers a heads up, one of mine is Ride the Baja 1000 and well i need a team. so well we gotta make something happen. lots of practice out in the desert in Toquerville.
Well anyway. Just want to let you all know i am doing well. Learning lots, and my testimony continues growing. I know this whole mission thing is about other people, but wow, i sure have learned a lot about myself. I quite like it. The church is true, it was Restored. Christ is leading it through his prophet Thomas S. and well we have all the Priesthood keys for salvation and Exaltation. Love you all have a great week love your brother son cousin and friend
Elder Naegle
Well mom i just want to tell you thanks for all you do. Thanks for the pictures you sent with dad. Made me smile. Hope you enjoyed a little of your summer. cause next summer is going to be out of control with preston leaving and me being home!!

your son Nathan

ps was with wagstaff today.....tell angie we are goint to their ranch and they are coming to the cabin....he is great.

Typical Mission stuff,
Burn sandwich, Holes in the shoes, washing by hand and just kickin it with some old buddies.
and of course meeting people you learn to love
Love you all from COLOMBIA it is with an O not U
Elder Naegle

Email Aug. 23, 2010

Well here we are again, another week down....

I guess i have a little news, got transferred out of duitama back to Bogota. I am happy cause wagstaff williams and Centurion are there so i should be able to see them a Monday or two. I am going to be companions with Elder Cuevas, from Bolivia. He goes home in 6 weeks.... i am looking forward to it the truth be told. I get to pretty much run the area. Also, i will be living with Elder Soria and Elder Furmanski, my new zone leaders. I am super excited to live with Furmanski. Should be a Riot with him around. So should be an exciting 6 weeks.

Once again i am sad to leave here in duitama, but also excited to move on to new things now. I have learned a lot about my self in the last 2 transfers. Dad sent me something important last week, that even though i am close to the end i need to just stick it out. Some days it is a little rough, if i let my mind wander home a little bit. But i just need to stay focused and try and receive the revelation i need, for my area and for my personal benefit. It is tough to get some of the things straightened out, but that is part of the learning curve here.

I was, and am super proud of my Brother and him having the the higher priesthood. He is a great example to me. Made me smile when he said he had already used it when he wrote me, and i don't think i used my priesthood until i was in the MTC... so good for him. So yeah. don't have much to say other than i am happy. Not sick. and just trying to experience the missionary life...Hope all is well. I send my love and prayers north everyday.

Lately i have been reading in the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 25-33. This might be my favorite part to the book of mormon. It is just Nephi testifying of the need of the Savior, and what we need to do to Accept his infinite Atonement. Nephi is a stud. I love his strong testimony. Sometimes we may feel we could have the same type of testimony if we saw some of the same things he did, but forget that we have to show our faith the same way he did. We could have the same strong testimony, but after many years of faith and diligence. I thank Nephi for his words.

I have a testimony of this Gospel. It was restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph, and we are able to enjoy the blessings when we keep the commandments and put in our part. The book of Mormon shows that Joseph was indeed called of God. We must all strengthen our testimonies of the Book of Mormon everyday. It will help us when the rough and hard times come. I also testify of the Atonement of our Savior. Only through him can we be cleansed of our faults. I love him and thank him everyday for choosing to go through with his Atonement. And last for today, Thomas S. Monson his the lord´s prophet here upon the earth today. Chosen and Called.

Love you all. thanks for the love support and prayers.
Hello to the home ward, friends and family.

With love Elder naegle

Love you mom thanks for all you do. especially your weekly letters

love you, your son Nathan

Email Aug. 17,2010

Well this week it was good.

We have some great investigators, but they are just not willing to take the leap of faith and be baptized. The Palacios Family. They are awesome. Mom and 3 boys. I doubt we drop them cause they are so close and come to church every week. as for everybody else we have dropped them. Nobody was willing to progress, so i don't have much on the area today. As for Less actives, we are finding lots, but this is one of the worst wards i have been in with rumors and offending people. just a big ugly situation, so i guess we cant do a whole lot...but i am trying. As for transfers next week i think i will be leaving here. which is fine. I am tired of being a Zone Leader. So that should be a good change for me.

But this past week i had the chance to go to Sogomoso again. And well got some of the best information ever....On October 30 i will be in the temple witnessing a sealing....of the Cuellar Family!!! i am and was so so happy. so that should go super good.

Yesterday i was on a tour of Boyaca therefore i didn't have time to write. It was great. Told dad, but went to the Power Plant here and yeah. don't have a ton a pictures cause i had already taken a ton. But it was a good time. i was happy. I just want to tell you all i love you and thanks for the love and support. sorry it is short, but well i wrote just about everybody but andrew, cause well he didn't write me. so hope all is well. Naegle family reunion next year we should all be able to participate. Love you all. have a great week and i will tell you what happens with transfers.

With Love Elder Naegle

aka Nathan!!!

Email Aug. 9, 2010

Well i guess i and better ask for a little forgiveness for not writing but well such is life. please forgive me and know i love you all.

Well i guess i would dare say i had a pretty good week last week.

So Sunday night we went to Bogota, stayed with elder Williams and Torres and got to eat pizza hut pizza. And yeah, it was a good time. i enjoyed it a lot. It reminds me a ton of the first of my mission being with them both at the same time. Then Monday morning we started the Capasitations, and we did that for 4 days. It was a long ordeal but we learned a ton of new stuff that will really help the missionary work i think. like progress a little faster, we are pretty slow at the moment it feels like. but i wont bore you with the details, but the good news was that i got to stay in Alamos, my old area, and so i got to see the Flia Tafur, and the Flia Lopez. It was quite nice. Zuly was getting baptized on Saturday so i asked for Permission to stay and see that. The misisonaries didnt want me there. so i am not sure why, but that is the way it goes. so i just stayed there and worked with them at night after the meetings, and then Thursday, well the fun began. Since i had permission to stick around, I did a little work with elder Williams and i ended up staying with Wagstaff for Thursday Friday and Saturday. OH IT WAS A BLAST. we had a good time talking. so much better in person then for phone. we stayed up a little late talking about plans and what not, and it was great. lots of good stuff for us planned after this little ordeal. cant wait. but we were good, we taught a few lessons together and well we would be one of the best companionships in the entire world, cause well instead of trying to read each other to make the lesson flow, well we just read. it was pretty awesome. So i asked williams to make a miracle happen. i doubt president will be so generous with us. but we would work hard and be good. so i guess we will see how it goes. Then well i went to the baptism with Rosenbaum, who baptized, and it was super special. I did a little jerry work to get some people to come. but i was happy. All of the Lopez family was there, couldn't believe it. Tafur family was all there it was nice. the only down side was i didn't have my camera. so i hope Wags and Rosey send me some pictures so i can send them to you all. But well i just have to say i was a great week for me, i got a nice cold in Bogota, and well i have a nice big Canker on my lip that is killing me. but other than that. i was quite enthralled with my week. I guess i missed the lake, but what can you do.. Not much to report about my Area cause well i got back Sunday morning about 1 to Duitama.

I want to thank you all for the love and support. Nicholas family i get your letters that you send thanks a bunch. I love you all. I know the church was restored and the Book of Mormon is key for a conversion. I have been converted if you cant tell........have a great week. Love elder Nathan Naegle

hey mom i am thankful for your love and support. have a great week, give my dog a hug for me. love nathan

Email Aug. 2, 2010

Hey i am in Bogota, no time to write you. I love you and thank you for all your love and support. I have such a great family and i am so grateful for you all. So i will try and get you written on Friday when my Pday is this week. It is meetings today til Thursday.
Love you all have a great week thanks for the letters.
Love Elder Naegle
PS. the church is true

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Email July 26, 2010

Well this week was pretty good. I guess. I am here in Bogota for Leadership conference, and well it wouldn't have been a trip with out seeing wagstaff so I came and found him. We are having a good time with the elk call, so thanks mom, yes I got my package that Paige brought me.
Um. well i tried to to write down my week so I wouldn't forget all of the detail.
last Monday, we played soccer and I bought pizza for the sisters, cause a sister in my ward bailed on them to take them and show them some sites, and they are super funny. Hma Faundez is from chile and was a CSI person before her mission and she is super super super funny has good stories of taking pictures of dead people, and what not.
well I had choir practice today, that went well, and I have been putting chili powder in my eggs, cause it tastes to good to be true, but boy, I sure regret it when it comes out the end. But well what can you do? I am addicted to Coke, i just love the stuff. and well we had to go to tunja for interchanges, and well ended up leaving about 840 but I didn't get upset, and it was also the 200th birthday of Colombia today, so there was lots of crap going on in the street and what not. and yeah. slept in Tunja, super super cold.
Well ended up going out and teaching with the sisters today, and well they worked me into the ground and I was on on the phone late last night so I when I get home that night I zonked about 930 I was so dead tired. but that is the life here.
Thursday planning and stake meetings nothing exciting.
Friday, well all i have to say about today is that I hate BEETS they can go to he** and their horses can take them there. cause horses like beets. but well they still go down the hatch. gotta love Colombia.
Well today when I went to pick up crap from internet, well the boat was gone, so you must have been having fun. next year........but we had a blood drive today and I well was hooked into trying to give blood and well I filled the stuff out and watched elder gardiner faint and knew I was headed there. But well when I sat down for my interview, she asked about my skin cancer and well CUT MY HEAD off for not having been to the doctor in the last 18 months to get checked. I felt a little sheepish, so ask johnny if i am going to die, or i will be fine till i get home,
then i got to the medication part, and i said i was taking my acne pills, and since i couldn't remember the name, i couldn't donate, cause if it was an antibiotic, well i cant donate. so i was saved by the pill...................haha what is that pill called so i can donate blood in a little bit.
Sunday we went to ward conference. and it was good ended up singing in the Choir and i can probably say i was the best on there can you believe that? and then we left for bogota sat in the Tunja terminal waiting for a bus that never came. I am slept with williams and torres and we played soccer today. And yeah. Love you all have a great week love
Elder nate Naegle

Monday, July 19, 2010

Email July 19, 2010

Well i don't have much from this week.

Crazy week with Transfers.

Tuesday, we were just kinda kickin it getting people ready and what not. Fixing area books and what not cause we changed wards, and then Tuesday night we went to the Alvarez Family´s house to say good bye and what not. Then we left and my comp was in a bad mood, not talking and had like a melt down, or nervous break down and called the assistants for a transfer. not really sure why, but I wasn't worried about it, he told me it wasn't me, but who knows, He just kinda freaked about about being a Zone leader i think and so yeah he got transferred the next morning and yeah.

Wed. We were in Tunja, which is like the center of the mission, when it comes to Transfers, all buses come and go through tunja. So i spent the day there, It was good, cause i got to know the sisters in my Zone. They are pretty funny. Hermana Foundez, from chile was a CSI person before the mission. So she used to dress and undress and take pictures of Dead people. Pretty intense, and she has the best sense of humor EVER. So it was great. Picked up Elder Gardiners new companion from Ecuador that he is training. Elder Olvera, and my new comp, that i am training as a Zone Leader is elder Chacon from Peru. He is a little strange but i like him. so we should get along fine, i hope better then the last one i guess, cause i sent him over the edge. haha

Thursday, trying to get everybody in place, my companion go there today cause there was an accident on the highway and the bus got delayed to he slept in Tunja. Picked him up and tried to run around and get everything into place before the meeting with the Stake president. and yeah.

Friday. Just canceled a baptism date, and the people about killed us, but my companion and i just didn't feel good about it. So we had a rough night. The bishop was upset and the works.

Saturday, we had a capasitation with all the bishops in the stake, so i got to see Miguel Cuellar that was cool as well as Obisbo Sanchez from Sogo. so i was happy. I feel like we are just running around with our heads cut off, so i am hoping this week will be better that my comp and i can get settled in. Also i am in the Choir for Ward Conference next week.

First sunday. Went well, got welcomed into the ward, and the good news was that the Familia Rodriguez, who we canceled their baptism, well didn't com to church, but we totally fixed the situation and they are going to keep on truckin for the 31 of July. as well as we have great ward missionaries. they are all sisters. and well such is life. we have a great ward mission leader as well. Who loves wagstaff. Wagstaff served in this ward. and yeah. doing super well here. sorry my letter was kinda lame, but i am just tired. we will see if i can catch up and keep a better inventory on my week to write home. also, take good pictures. for me. Love you all,

Know i have a strong Testimony of this gospel. Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration. We are one blessed People. Christ is our Savior. he loves each one of us.

Love you all love Elder Naegle.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Email July 12, 2010

Well another week gone

This past week, lets see, i updated a lot on Tuesday and Wed. so i don't have much, and either way i don't have much time. i have to do 4 interviews tonight.

But i am doing pretty good. Except the fact i have about 5 or 6 nice beautiful big Cankers in my mouth. So i am struggling to eat a little bit, but i am getting by. Haven't had a chance to eat the nice treats you sent me.

Thursday, we had a nice day here, didn't end up doing a whole lot, i couldn't talk with my mouth so bad, so we just made the most important appointments and went that night. I was dying.

Friday, we went to our little town called Santa Rosa. Taught the people there that we have, got my hair cut, cause we have a member that is in like Rehab and he wants his wife to listen and she cuts hair, and that was the only way to get her to listen. So it was worth the 3 mil pesos ($1.50) i paid for her to cut it, i also got what i paid for, she didn't do a very good job so i trimmed it up when i got home. but looks pretty good now. and one of our investigators there, Jenny i thought was progressing pretty well, but had like a melt down on the bus coming back to Duitama with stupid doubts mainly about Jehovah and who he is. There is a Jehovah church in Santa Rosa. and i tried to softly explain to her, but she flipped so i ended up cutting her head off with faith cause she wants us to prove the gospel is true. so i had a book of mormon in my hand and told her to move it with her faith. well she couldn't, then my comp just moved it with his hand the good ole faith works trick, OH BOY DID SHE FEEL STUPID!! wasn't my intention, but she asked for it, cause she wont just listen and pray and ask God. so i kinda let her have it. President tells us that a lot, we need to be patient, but there is a limit in that well we just need to kind of show them. so i guess we will see how that goes next week on saturday. when we head back.

Saturday. I don't know why, but i don't remember my Saturdays. We did service that kicked our butts!! i told dad, but i got out worked with a shovel by a 70 year old man that smokes like a house on fire. Couldn't believe it. but it was a good time. felt good to use my hands again. and then we all couldn't move so we had a little rest after. I ordered chinese food, well it is just rice here, for lunch. We went to the other ward, a members house, and they gave the 4 of us dinner. MUTE, oh how i hate mute. just a soup with like stomach, and the gross parts of the cow. I did it it all of course, slowly with my mouth but i don't have problems with food anymore. DOWN THE HATCH!! Yeah. that is about it. Also our baptisms got moved to sunday morning cause they couldn't do it the 3 of them for work.

Sunday morning, Early, 430 got my comp out of bed and in the shower, at 5 he got out. I got in and at 510 i was done. he is super slow. Went to fill the font, hot water doesn't work so hot here, it was lame. and so we had it all ready to go and then when they got there, Cruz Family, the mom told us she wasn't getting baptized. I just would have liked to known that a week ago. But what can you do. So we baptized the kids. Jovanny and Kattya. Don't have pictures cause i forgot my camera. but next week. and yeah. My comp did them both.
Then at lunch we ended up watching the final of the World Cup. Darn Holland. Couldn't pull it out. Should have but didn't, and my Beloved Germany took 3rd. i was upset they lost to Spain. oh well next time. then we went with a member and she took us to less actives and presented her friends and what not. it was a good sunday i guess. my body is aching from the shovel work out i got saturday.

Transfers. Well they changed my entire Zone. In every area in my Zone had 1 change.....but oh well that is the way it goes. I lost my best missionary too, he is headed to be a ZL in Cucuta. Good for him i guess. and yeah i got moved to the other ward in Duitama, cause we don't have time for our ward the the REF. it gives with the zone so president switched us. Elder Moreno is still my companion. I am happy i guess. He is a good kid. Gardiner, from LA, stayed but his Chilean comp got moved. Budini. i will miss him he is a good kid. And Gardiner is going to train. so i need to be even more juisioso should be good for us. and yeah.

Also, Paige and her friend brought the office elders a cake. they were all happy, an thanked me. and i should be getting my stuff tomorrow or Wed. so that is good. and yeah today we just kinda kicked it. Went and bought my Wool Poncho. it is LEGIT!!! good for an early morning ski at the lake to keep me warm after! once again don't have my camera. and yeah.

i know the church is true. It blesses families that keep the commandments. Salvation is personal but Exaltation is a family effort. Lets keep up the good work family. Love you all
love Elder Naegle

Email July 7, 2010

Well found some time,

thanks for putting money on my card, didn't end up needing it cause my companion didn't come pick me up, and the mission money got here this morning. I asked for 10 bucks too not 90 haha. But well lets see. my week.

Tuesday, we just worked in our Area trying to get things in a state to be gone. The work before the trip kind of thing.

Wed, 430 headed to Bogota for a conference with a 70 Elder Mestre and his wife, from Venezula. We all had to meet in Tunja with the Zone cause our bus left at 720, yeah, there was no bus at that time, they canceled it, but didn't tell we waited until 830. but such is life. Went with the Zone to Bogota, had a good time there. Long meeting though. But what can you do. Learned new things. Saw Elder Furmanski for the first time since he has been here, which is a year. I love the kid. We will have him and his El Camino up at the cabin one day.

That night we also got to stay in Bogota, cause I am good with my words, so I got to go and see Marta Lopez and her girls. It was great. they are doing well and the girls, (suli and stephanie) should be getting baptized in the next few weeks. It was a happy reunion, I showed up and surprised them, with the help of Elder Rosenbaum (payson ut) from my group, the the 3 girls all started hugging me like family, little awkward, but i just rolled with it, I can't hug women here hahahaha Stephanies daughter Sylvanna painted my nails, I will include that picture. It was just a good reunion. I was happy. Marta is being active in the church. So that is good.

Thursday. Slept at Rosnebaum's and then went and saw the Tafur Family in the morning. They are doing well and have figured out a lot of their stupid problems so it was nice to see them. Then we went and picked up money from the bank that my comps sister had sent them. Went to the office, and I did my paper work and we ate at subway. And there is no money in any part at this point just 17 dollars to get back to Duitama. So we were waiting in the corner for the bus to pass, and well I had to poo. and when it comes it is find a bathroom in 5 minutes or brown garments, so i had to go the hotel that was on the corner and beg the lady to let me use the bathroom. But it wasn't to hard, she saw my blue green eyes and just melted like a popsicle in St. George summer haha then caught the bus and yeah that was that.

Friday, got to work with Gardiner in his area today. that was a good time. lots of rejection. but we had a good time. it is raining here in colombia like crazy every day it kinda stinks i got soaked on the way back from lunch.

Saturday. I cant remember what i ended up doing

Sunday was good. went to Tunja to do Interviews during priesthood. i like baptism interviews. they are fun. and we just finished up getting out stuff together for monday. Church here is super irreverent it is funny. but i have just learned to deal with it

We went on a tour like i said of Boyaca. I have lots of pictures, so i will send a few

Went to Paipa saw people waterskiing, made me super trunky it was bad the water was GLASSSSSSS. then to Sogomoso to the Templo del Sol. it is a museum of the natives here. then to Faviatoa. ate lunch, had a good looking waitress..........then to Iza to try the desserts they have there. Then to Mongui, where they do the Soccer balls, didn't buy one. then to Topaga, haha had the 2 girls that were carving Coal ask me to take them with me back to the US, oh it was funny, i love my blue eyes!!!! one was pretty cute. picture doesn't show it. then off to Nobsa. this is where i bought my wool Poncho. i am going to look FLY when i get home cause i bought some slippers too, it will be LEGIT. LADIES look out! also, i need to ask what ya ll want from here cause i can get hammocks super cheap there too for 10 bucks. so i don't know boys i will get you one thing. and now would be the time to tell me if you want a hammock or a wool poncho i don't know think about it. and yeah then we had baptism interviews, so no time to write. But yeah i have baptisms this saturday, the Cruz Family Mom jimena, Hijo, Giovanny, and Hija Katia. I am so happy they are GREAT!! and yeah also went to sogomoso that night

had 4 baptism interviews to do in Sogomoso, so that was pretty sweet and saw Jimenez family, had lunch, Trout, with them and the Cuellar family that night. and yeah i had a pretty good week. Transfers are this sunday. also i got my treat package today. it is quick when you send it directly to the house!! thanks mom i love you!

ok yeah love you all

i am doing well down here teaching wicked people about the gospel and trying to get them to change their lives and live like they should so they can have eternal families. but well satan has a hold on these little latins down here. it is tough. but yeah. i have learned lots of things, including to eat my vegetables, i still hate tomatoes but well they are able to go down the hatch without a face now. so it has been a good thing. i also have actually gained a testimony and well it is pretty strong. One learns a lot on a mission. But i just wanted to let you know i love you. This gospel is true, it gives me great comfort when i am down. Christ loves each one of us and wants us to follow him. His arms are stretched out to each one of us in welcome. Joseph Smith Restored the gospel so that we can have the great joy that comes through keeping the commandments and living the principles that we have learned.

Love Elder Naegle
AKA your brother and son nate

tell the ward hi!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Email June 28, 2010


Well this week to be honest I don't really remember what I did this past week but the main thing that happened was Saturday.

We had Zone Conference as well as our interviews. So I will concentrate on that and who we are teaching.

So, my companion being a little flojo, I ended up having to get everything into order for zone conference, which was fine, but it was sweet cause all my missionaries were here on time to start and everything was ready to go. It was a good conference this week, we talked about Jacob 5 and the way a missionary needs to work with patience and diligence, as well as a good attitude, talking about there are no ¨dry¨ Areas in the mission, that anywhere can be productive. So it was good. It was nice to see the missionaries participate, I got to give the capsitation with Elder Torres my trainer, he is the assistant. It was cool being with him again, cause a year ago we had just been separated as companions. It was nice cause we laughed about our stubbornness, and the good times we had. Also we were able to communicate with out any problems. So that was cool. It is interesting to see how much he really taught me and well I let him know it. I can say I was a pain in his butt and he in mine. But the love I have for him is great. So it was good to be able to see him. I would say that was my spiritual experience of the week. Feeling that love for him. I ended up giving him my english scriptures. He was super happy. Then we ate lunch, and then I had my interviews along with a short meeting with the bishops and stake presidency. President cut my head off for a comment I made. But well I can take it and to be honest that is when I learn the most. Even though I felt stupid. I laughed. And well in my interview we just talked and he told me that he could see a huge change in me. All I have been studying is Patience and Love from Pres. Uchtdorf and well I have learned a lot and he said it is showing. So that made me feel good. and yeah. Today for a Zone activity we went to a little town that is just artists that live there and had little tour and yeah. It sure was pretty and next monday a sister in my ward is taking the 4 of us in my house to 10 different towns in her car to take pictures so I will have good pictures next week, my camera died this afternoon. well yeah, sorry I wasn't super descriptive today but yeah

as for our investigators, we have a family of 3 mom and 2 kids, Cruz Family.
Jimena Giovanny and little girl, i call her princess
2 brothers that their mom and step dad are members
Sebastian y Jason
and a woman that wants us to prove the chruch is true with the bible and she thinks elder gardiner is cute hhaha
those 6 should be getting baptized here in the next few weeks. we don't have any Books of Mormon so that is slowing the work down a bit

and yeah. a few more people but they are the important ones

also to my brothers andrew and preston, you are a studs! love ya both, can't wait for a good challenge when I get home!

to my sister, thanks for the great example and help in my vida loca.

to my ward family thanks for your love and support.

to any good looking single women 18-22 I will be home shortly and am taking date appointments

to my dog, I miss you more then anybody else, please hug him for me

to my Parents, thanks for your love and support

to the world, well the church was restored by Joseph Smith, and well He saw God the Father and Jesus Christ in the spring of 1820 and if you don't believe, ASK GOD he´ll let ya know.


Email June 21, 2010

Well I cant believe a week as gone by. It was a quick one. so I will give it to ya´ll step by step.

Tuesday worked in my area normal, and we have 6 people with baptism dates, but due to lack of BOM they can't progress super fast, so I guess we will see how it all goes and all normal

Wed. I went to Tunja for a baptismal interview and taught with them for the day and slept there. It is so so cold in Tunja, but I had a good time. That is where the baby was held, this baby was FAT. and yeah

Thursday, I gave a short capasitation to the 4 elders and 4 sisters that are in Tunja and Barbosa. Went well I hope. Then that afternoon I had to go to a little town about an hour away from tunja called Villa de Leyva, to get some birth certificates so people can get married in another part of the mission. Look up Villa de Leyva, I guess there is a huge fossil there or something I didn't have time to look and see, and I think I am going on a tour of Boyaca in like 2 weeks to see the towns and we are going to see the fossil.
Got back and went with Elder Gardiner and Budini to their appts. cause my companion got back before I did and was on interchanges with a kid in the ward Camilo, the bishops son, and well turned his phone off so I couldn't find him and then we all got back and had a hamburger.

Friday i went with Budini to Tunja again to buy mattresses for the sisters cause they didn't have enough when the sisters come from barbosa, and they had a bad one. then was with him that's how I saw the cabin cam, I had to send stuff to Bogota.... he is a good missionary from Chile.

Saturday I had to go to Barbosa to do more interviews, so I went with Elder Gardiner to help me and well the woman I interviewed lied in her interview about abortion and her husband ratted on her, so I had to call pres with the whole thing, I ended up talking to him 4 times this week. not necessarily a good thing.....but I like him so I enjoyed it. and yeah we ended about 830 and there wasn't a bus until 1030 so we waited til then playing chess. I suck at chess..... and yeah got back to the house at about 1230.

Sunday up at 600 to be to church on time and well we were late cause my companion just isn't to worried about that stuff, and yeah I gave a talk, which I made up in sacrament meeting, cause I had forgotten, on the atonement and missionary work. kinda crappy but what can ya do i wasn't worried about it I was so so tired. Then lunch and we had to stay in the house for elections, we played monopoly, and lets hope my life goes how the game went, I kicked butt and took names bought more then half the board and had hotels on every one of my properties and yeah. had a good chat with williams and wagstaff. and yeah.

Monday today, we went and played soccer and then showered and ate at a restaurant to watch the spain hondurus game and yeah rested the rest of the day. happy to be here, a little worried about my comp and how to manage it all but president and I area going to talk when he gets here saturday for Zone Conf. cause we talked on the phone about it. love you all thanks for your love and support. I know the church was restored. Christ loves us and preformed his infinite atonement for every one of us. when you feel down remember that he suffered you all love Elder nate Naegle

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Email June 7, 2010

Hey well just want to tell you I am doing great!!
So yeah, I got transferred to Duitama Boyaca. Wagstaff was here before but in the other ward. My companion is Elder Moreno from Bolivia, and well is a super super goofy kid but that is the way it goes. I get along with him great and it will help me develop personally a lot, so I am looking forward to it. This morning we got the entire zone together to make a baptism goal for the month which is 32, I doubt we make it my guess is around 20, but in meeting everybody I found out that I am the oldest elder in my zone with only 16 months, can you believe it??? The next closest is a year who is elder Gardiner and my comp. And i am living with Elder Gardiner and elder Budini, from LA and Chile. So we should have a good time these next six weeks, I am looking forward to it. And well mom you asked about good ole Sogomoso, well I was getting info from the elders there and asked who they had lunch with on Saturday, turns out it was with Family Cuellar, well INTERCAMBIO for me, I like that I can just do it when I I got to see my old man, he is looking good, with his long hair and what not in active as a camel but what can you do........., and the Cuellar family is doing great he is first counselor in the Bishopric....... and they should be getting sealed here in Aug. so I should be getting to go to that. It was a great day. So I don't have much more details, oh yeah I saw Jessica as well, she is just well to be frank my best convert. She is just waiting til the school semester starts ni Aug. so yeah. If I forgot something I will let you know. I will try and send a bunch of pictures.
OK well i guess i had to throw Cucuta in......I was super super sad to leave cucuta, I made some great friends there and well it was hard. but to be totally honest, the transfer was needed. I will prorgess a lot more being here with Moreno then I was with Centurion. I love the kid to death but we were to good of friends, we had big plans for there, but President is an inspired man. I got moved cause other people needed changes, and well to make it all work I got involved.......I am not worried one bit about it. I will miss Mcdonalds but well it will be waiting for me when I get home.
ok well I like the picture of preston on the little trac hoe, to be honest a little jealous, I hope it is there when i get home eh........ but it sounds like the family is doing well...that makes me happy. I love you all and thanks for your love prayers and support. Love you all have a great week love Nate Elder Naegle

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Email June 2, 2010

We got a quick email letting us know he had arrived safely.

Well after a long 14 hours in bus I arrived in Tunja, at 2 am. Got picked up and slept for 4 hours in the tunja house, then came with Elder Gardiner, to Duitama. Man am I tired. Froze my butt off in the bus, and they showed stupid movies but what can you do. I am doing good.. happy to be here. No problems thus far. Cant believe I am going to complete 16 months in the field. Feels pretty good. Well just wanted to let you know I am doing ok. My companion is Elder Moreno from Cochabamba Boliva. We should do some good work. Rumor has it he is super soft and spiritual with the missionaries and I was sent here to kick a little butt.....I guess that is what I am labeled as, don't know if it is good or bad, but should be a good combo. That is cool about Parker. We seemed to get moved around the same time always. Sounds like he is doing good. and yeah. It will be super interesting to see what he thinks about Colombians when he gets home, cause everybody from the interior don't like the people from the coast......and they talk terribly, so he should have a good ole accent....ok well love you all thanks for the support on monday....I send you my love...
Elder Nathan Naegle

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Email June 1, 2010

Hey didn't have time yesterday to get you written and don't have any more today, I got transferred. I am super sad, but at the same time happy cause I am headed back to BOYACA to be a zone leader so I will get to go to SOGOMOSO and see my converts and what not. So it is sad but good. I love you all thanks for your letters of support. It was great.. Also did Andrew get in the lake?? If so I hope you took a photo or two... tell him to write me about it. Love you all hope it goes well this week... Preston and Andrew have a good last week of school. Congrats Preston. Take pictures. Also give the dog love, for killing them squirrels hahaha NATALI you are such a great sister I love you with all my heart!!!!. Congrats on your job give me some more info. Love you all have great week
Love your Son and brother
Nathan Elder Naegle

ps when if I get time this week I will write you and I have pictures....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Email May 24,2010

Well thanks for your letter, makes me laugh about cutting peoples heads off for your dead flowers. I guess that is why I was the favorite, I would try and do that kind of thing. But this week was good for my companion and I. Had a service project in putting on a tin roof and building walls for a family of recent converts. We had a good time, and well won lots of confidence with them. It was also pretty sweet cause I actually got to use a hammer and my hands and I even cut myself. It had been a long time since physical labor. And it was super funny cause my comp. had never used a hammer in his life. Also big news, president was here Wed. and had interviews. he is super happy with the zone and my comp and I. So my comp and I will be together another transfer, but we are changing areas. We are going to Quinta Bosch, which is the stake center. I am happy in that well we need to be there cause it is the stake, but sad cause I love the ward I am in. We have made some good friends and love a lot of people in the ward. but it is for the best. Change is good to progress. What else. I went on interchanges with the new gringo in my zone Elder Hathoway. He pretty cool kid. He served in Tennesee for 3 months and 3 months in the MTC so he has adjusted to missionary life and is doing great. He doesn't speak much spanish and well I can't believe I was worse then he was about 13 months ago. our RS pres didn't believe me. So I must be speaking ok now. But always room for improvement. Haha oh yeah, a funny something, about 3 weeks ago my comp got an email from a good friend telling him that one of his ex girlfriends is coming to the colombia bogota mission. not saying north or south, and well we brought it up in interviews, and president got a little serious after we explained and asked her name, and he said well lets see, called the secretary and asked who come in Oct. well turns out Flor, the girl, is headed to Bogota north!!!!!! and well president grinned and said, you know what my father would say about this elders...........OH CRAP........I about fell out of my chair from laughing. It was great. I will never forget. that is my week. was pretty good. i am also learning about making baby clothes. I do lots of service in a fabric-ing place of the RS president. She is awesome. Sister Amparo. and lets companion still likes natali, thinks she is cute. and yeah.. cant believe preston is going to graduate in 2 weeks and that you guys will be on the lake in not to long. time is flying! Ok i love you all, i know the church is led by our Savior through his mouthpiece here on the earth who is Thomas S. Monson. He is a stud, if anybody that reads this and sees him in the next week or so, tell him i said he is a stud........i am grateful for such a great family that I was blessed with and where I live. Love you all have a great week
love your son brother and friend
Elder Nate Naegle

Here are a few pictures from last week. I think they are having too much fun as companions!!