Nate's Address

Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Monday, May 25, 2009

Email May 25, 2009

Hi friends and family

Well we had a baptism this past week. It was pretty sweet. John and his two daugters Luisa and Camila. It was pretty special for me because they are the first people that I taught all the lessons too. I was pretty happy. As for others we have a good couple Manuel and Angelica. They are a young family with a new baby and a 1 year old. It is sweet. Angelica´s brother Jefferson was listening to us then just decided to stop so hopefully we can answer his doubts and get him back on track. That is about if for progessing investigators at the moment. I have really noticed how happy i am preaching the gospel. I have come to realize when you put the lord first and keep all the commandments you can be as happy as ever. Its been kinda crazy to feel like then and at the same time get fed Chicken feet or cow stomache. But we Only really eat once a day so we are happy to get it. The misión is different than how i expected. I thought a lot more people would be jumping at an opportunity to be more happy and recieve many blessings from the lord. But many people just flat out dont want to listen. This week has flown by for me. As for the spanish i feel more confident but i still dont understand a lot but i am content with what the lord has blessed me with now. Just gotta keep working hard and being obedient. I live at Calle 6 number 24-21 in Sogamoso Colombia. I don't have a picture of the house right now but i will be sure to take one soon. Tell Jordan good luck and to just endure the MTC cause it gets way better in the field. As for biss putting in his papers that is sweet stuff. The misión is so sweet. And what ever you have at home will be there when you get back cause the lord just flat out blesses you for doing his work. Also this past week we got some great advice from Pres. Camargo. He told us we need to carry our temple recommend with us everwhere we go. So as we got home i put it in my wallet, which is 4 cards with a rubber banda round them, and that night i felt just little more powerful. So i would encourage that with all of you at home. Put it in your wallet and carry it everywhere cause not everybody is worthy of this great blessing and it will help you remember the temple.
Well i love you all and thanks for all the support. I actually get letters from home so friends i would love to hear from you. Jordan what is your misión address so i can send ya a letter now and then.
Love and pray for you all
Love nate

Mom yes the Money was for the jerseys you should have gotten them by now. Stink. But oh well. Also WHY was there no letter in the Package you sent me? I was a little upset. But yes i got the first Package and it rocked. Thank you.. love you all and sorry about this letter this computer keeps trying to change all the words into spanish it has been rough to write it. I wrote a written letter today so look for one soon. Tell everyone i love them and thank you. Preston thanks for the music.

Monday, May 18, 2009

E-mail May 18, 2009

Hello friends and family,

Well another p day down in the colombian life and i am living it. It has been a little rough this week with John, and his daughters because they can only meet with us at 8 at night and we have to return to the house by 930 and we always get started way late but it is good and they should be getting baptized this coming Saturday so I am very excited about that because they are the first real people I have taught all the lessons too. In the pictures is Eder he is elder Williams and Jimenez´s convert this past week and he is a nut. He can speak a little English and he calls himself brad pitt he is just funny. Um in the other pictures is a spider that was even bigger then the first one we found. If you can see the snail in the photo that should give you an idea how stinking big it is. And the other is us having a picnic today with HOT DOGS oh a little taste of America. But life is good here. The language is coming along well and I am just trying to soak it all up. Mom and natali thanks so much for the blog. It is good. Dad I dig the stash but it is way better when it is a full barba, or beard. I have another family that we are teaching the Mom is a member Lucy, and her son Jefferson is interested and also her daughter Angelica and her husband Manuel. So hopefully the lord will bless us with success with them. Um what else. Mom asked if other people should be writing me and I am heard with the new president that I cant write other people other than family so I am sorry to those I have been writing for example biss and Jordan but heck your both going on missions and should be having your own experences so don’t need to hear about mine. Natali that is exciting you started your new job. And I am praying for Valedictorian. Haha I love you all so much I am glad things are going good. I miss you but ya know I will be back in 2 years and not going anywhere after that. Sooooo I guess Chow for now from Colombia. Thanks for all the love and support. I pray for all and hope this letter finds you well, all who read it. Also mom I received 2 more dear elders this week from you and dad so that was awesome thanks so much. Preston and Andrew watch the mail. Haha that’s all I´m going to say. Love you 2 I miss you 2 the most (no offense natali dad and mom but brothers are just special.) preston send me another song or two I downloaded wonderwall and It is awesome. My comp really likes blink 182 so maybe a couple of their songs if it isn’t 2 much trouble. Oh and the green one is for Andrew cause they didn’t have a large in green. Love all the family dad natali and mom thanks for the e-mails this week.
Andrew good luck with baseball.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Email--May 4, 2009

Just a quick note. We talked to Nate on Mother's Day. It was so awesome to hear his voice!! He is doing well. The language is not coming as fast as he would like but it has only been 6 weeks!! He did not send an email on Monday so this email is old but I have not gotten it on the blog until now. Thanks for all your support. He says the dearelder letters are like gold!!

Hola Family and friends,
Well this week has been good I have been working hard to pick up the language but it is still very tough. We had our baptism fall through too which was a rough blow, and we are having trouble with getting people to attend church. They have to attend 3 weeks before they can get baptized and boy they just always seem to be `busy´ Sunday mornings. But that is ok. This past week we got some investigators to give up their coffee and cigs. It is exciting when people are willing to give up these things. The hardest thing for me here has been trying to learn the directions of the houses. They have a totally different system and had been tough trying to figure it out but I think I got it down now. The lovely shower here is just a pipe out of the wall so I get a WONDERFUL reminder of bear lake every morning after I do my daily pushups haha. Also we had a priesthood conference yesterday and we were supposed to have 9 men receive the Melchizedek priesthood but 5 fell to temptation this week with WoW. Ah it was frustrating cause Satan is a jerk, but he is our brother so love him. Also I got asked a funny question on the bus to the Conference by Sergio, Hey uds. Tienen los motos Harley Davidson en los estados unitos? Do you have Harleys in the US? I just laughed because they just have a very different opinión of us. It was humor for the day. But I am picking but the language slowly but surely and am learning a lot about how the church works by working in a Branch instead of a ward. Thanks for all the love and support. Love you all and pray for you.
Love Elder Naegle

Nate sent us this picture of his shower