Nate's Address

Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Letter-Friday March 20, 2009

Dear Family,

I'm doing great. It is hard to believe I haven't seen you in about 7 weeks. We taught again in Spanish this week the 1st lesson. It went pretty well I thought. It is still tough cause you can't just say whatever you want, but it will come. I just want to thank you for all your love and support and writing me. Thanks for taking care of the dog for me. Sounds like he is being a pill, he might be getting out by that wood pile down there. A squirrel lives down there so that could be why he is being dumb. I'm sorry.

But Andrew I hope the tournament went well and you played good. Also consider the shirt a birthday present (Preston too). Thanks for being a good brother. Get on the 125 now that your cast is off!

Preston I hope you had fun at the dunes. I hope you were careful and had a good time. There is an Elder Kuchar here from Payson who was out at the dunes once and he broke his collar bone. He has a gross scar, but he is a cool kid. How did the CRF do? I hope the new tire on the front worked well.

Also I hope you like the shirts for you and Andrew. Tell him he will grow into it. I liked them and figured you guys would like them.

Also keep bugging Chuck for me I want to talk to him. Thanks for being a good brother.

It is pretty crazy to me that I leave so soon. I am getting excited. Yesterday my companion got sick again, so while I went to call Eve back (she is my investigator in the referral center I am kind of teaching. She is awesome) I decided that I needed to sit down with my companion and lay down some reality because he doesn't like to talk about his problems and I just told him that Colombia is going to be much harder than here and a bunch of stuff, all in a loving way, but i was frank because I have been really nice and easy going when he has been struggling. So he decided to write President Shelley (our branch president) and express what has been bothering him. Hopefully that helps because I am worried for his sake in Colombia if he has a total jerk companion. Big news this week. We get along so much better now though than we ever have so that is good.

Please express thanks to family and friends for their love and support and prayers. Let Grandpa and Marie know that I saw Elder Naulu before he left. It was funny cause the first time I saw him he just started pointing at me and was like we know each other and I had no idea, then it clicked, our grandparents are married. So that was funny. He is a great kid.

It truly is really cool to be here to focus on one thing which is inviting others to come unto Christ. I hope that both Preston and Andrew will make the decision to serve the Lord. There is nothing better, and I haven't even left the MTC yet.

I want to share a scripture with you all that I found and really liked. Its 3 Nephi 17:4. The Savior is preparing to leave the Nephites and he talks of the lost tribes. To me that means he probably showed himself to other people throughout the world. How cool is that to know that we might have more scripture from maybe a lost Asian culture that believed in Christ.

I want you all to re-read 3 Nephi 17 and ponder about it. Also another cool thing I learned is how to explain why we need the Book of Mormon. He drew some dots and lines here...not really sure quite how to explain them, but I'll try. The first dot has lots of lines leading in all directions-he explains: all the lines are different churches trying to find the right way back to God. The second drawing has one dot on the left side labeled bible and one dot on the right side labeled BoM with a line in between: with our knowledge we have a sure straight line between them. It makes us stand out because that is so different.

Also this past week we had L. Tom Perry for the devotional speaker, is a large man. But he talked a lot about companionships and the importance of them. It was cool.

Okay, in closing. M7 decal, check the pouch behind the passenger seat behind Dad's truck. Also, look for my oil in my backpack, I think it might have gone home accidentally. I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers.

I'm excited to see you guys at the cabin.

Love you all!


P.S. I signed a declaration of independence saying I won't speak English anymore! Also I'm sending home my planner from the first 6 weeks.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Letter March 13, 2009

Dear Family,
Sounds like all is well and things are busy. Same goes for me here. Lots of work and study to try and be prepared to leave. We haven't gotten our visas yet so hopefully we do on time. Who Knows? I can' think of any funny experiences this week. We did teach in Spanish this past Wed. and we did surprisingly well considering my companion was sick so much. I was happy with it at least. It is really slow but simple and basically hard to believe I have been here 5 1/2 weeks. Feels like I didn't even have a life before now!! Mom thanks foe sending me a letter to keep me updated.
All is well. It is a crazy place here. It is crazy how you just make new friends here.
Mom thank all the ward for me. It has been nice to grow up in such a good ward. I definitely took advantage of it.
Preston this CD is for you. I haven't heard it but the kid (Jeff Collins) who wrote it is in my zone and people say it is good. It is on Itunes so that should mean it's OK. I want you to tell me how it is. I figured for 8 bucks and him signing it it was worth it. I hope basketball is going good. I wish I were there to play with you. I play with my 2 roommates Elder Butler from Texas is dang good and his comp Elder Morris is pretty good. We 3 make a good team. So yeah!! I want you to print me a picture of the Compensator with the boat in the lake. Thanks your a good bro. Thanks for watching my dog. Sorry he is a pain. I will watch your while you're gone.
Andrew I need you to keep me updated. Just send me a quick little email each week. Thanks little A Also I need you a picture of your cast dude.
Dad thanks for the letters and support. Sounds like work is crazy. I guess that is good especially in these times. Oh yeah there is a kid in my zone that kind of looks like you-Elder Longi He is headed to Mexico. Sounds like the cabin is going well. I am excited to see it completed.
Natali, Thanks for all your love and support and I am sorry you didn't get a break but worked for dad instead. Hope your school is going well. I miss being able to just see you and ask for help. Ic could use it with my spanish!
I love you all hope all is well!!
Love, Nate

Letter March 6, 2009

Dear Family,
I want to start off with a story that happened last Sunday night. We said good bye to all the old elders leaving and all got a bunch of free stuff. My companion got a ladder for his bunk bed. He put it down by me feet which was fine. That night about 3 am I woke up and thought I might as well go say bye again seeing as the older elders left at 4am so some how swinging out of bed I kicked the ladder!! So of course I let fly some expletives and having ear plugs in I said them quite loudly. I woke up everybody in my room. And after I forgot and was so mad that I didn't go say goodbye. Elder Morris shared that at breakfast and the whole zone got a nice laugh out of my choice words. It wasn't funny then but I find it pretty funny now. No offense dad but I did think of you after. I guess we are just wired the same.
I want to thank you all so much for your letters and prayers. I have learned this week with my companion being sick again Wednesday that who cares. I have no where to be so I am just living it up. My comp still hasn't' figured that out.
Also please thank the Nicholas' and Rocks for their letters and support. And tell Leslie her treats were gone in about a minute!!
I am getting excited for conference. I have grown to love it in getting to watch old conference talks.
Also Davis and Jameson got their calls I heard from Jordan. Davis to Jamaica and Jameson to Brazil. Jordan's papers are in. I have seen Josh Jackson when he got here Wed. He seemed quite excited but I am glad I don't have to stay 12 weeks. Pray that we get our visas! That is about all the news. Hope all is well and I love and miss you all.

My favorite part of the MTC is hearing stories form our teachers missions. It makes me excited to leave and get to Columbia!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MTC Pictures Slideshow

Letter-Friday February 27, 2009

Hello Family,

We woke up this morning at 6:00 to make it to the temple but my companion didn't feel well so we aren't going. I was disappointed, but I have plenty of letters to write and 3 extra hours to do them! I am praying that my companion and I will become better friends and he'll start to trust me more. I don't want to sound like I am complaining, just informing. I am okay with him not telling me stuff and we are slowly becoming better friends, so it is good.

I just wanted to thank Mom and Dad for making sure I was a good cleaner. When we did service this past week we had to clean windows, mop, and vacuum. And others in the group like to just do it quick and be done but I am always slower and sometimes ended up redoing some of their sloppy stuff. I also wanted to thank Dad for making me go up on ladders. For the windows I had to be up on the top of one. My companion hates heights so had I not been comfortable doing it it would not have gotten done. I didn't fall either.

It has been kind of a sad week for me because the oldest group is leaving Monday. I like all of them alot but I have become fast friends with Elder Simpson from Oregon. I told Preston a little about him. But I will share more. He is 24 and only been a member for a year and a half. He had a rough life, his dad was murdered and he watched his uncle have a heart attack. His mom is a recent convert too. But I think we get along so well because he is so into speed like I am. He races both street and dirt bikes and has a degree as a diesel mechanic. He used to like to turn bikes over every few months, buying broken ones and fixing them. He worked at a machine shop that was half trucks and half yamaha. So he got parts for cost. Parts he said are about 100% markup.

He is great. We have already planned for him to come stay when we both get home so he can try Miller out as well as ride some Utah trails. He is just a great guy.

I am doing well here. It is cool feeling the Spirit almost all day every day. The spanish is coming along. I can understand a lot of it by piecing things together and can also say a lot. So in due time.

Hope everyone is well. Sounds like you are all busy.

Love you all

Love Nate

(We finally got pictures! I'm putting the two up of Elder Simpson, the Elder he talks so much about in this letter)

Sibling Letter Excerpts-Friday February 27, 2009

Dear Natali,

Thank you very much for your letter this past week. It was awesome, I read it many times and you are right, a hand written letter is better and means a lot. So again I think you. I hope you are doing well and happy with life. That is pretty crazy that you will be getting ready to graduate in 9 months!! I won't have even been gone a year! You said in your letter that you are glad you aren't married; well I'm glad too. You can marry Elder Simpson now! Naw, I'm just teasin but it has been nice to have you around without some weird dude. So, don't pick a weirdie. Pretty sure you won't but just in case....
I hope you know I love you and want the best for you. Hope all is well and you are living it up for me. Love you lots!

Love, Nate

Dear Preston,

How you doing bro? Thanks again for your letter and I am sorry that it has taken me two weeks for me to write you. It is hectic on P-days. But I have extra time today because we didn't go to the temple. It sounded like you are doing well though. It really is cool to be here and experience it all. I am not sure how you will like it here. I think that if things were different for me I would like it more, but I have learned a lot about myself and I must have needed that.

I hope you're doing good and I would again ask you to start a study journal in seminary and for mission prep. It is just a good idea that I have found I wish I would have done. Keep preparing to go by going to mission prep and going on splits with the missionaries if you get the opportunity. It will only help. Hope all is well and I thank you for looking and for my dog. He is a knucklehead but I promise I will make it up to you someday. Keep livin it up at BHS.

Love, Nate

What's Up Little A?

Well I just wanted to see how you were doing with that broken arm? I like it. Guess it just goes to show that I am a better boarder than you are cause I have never broken my arm! But don't worry you have 2 seasons to catch up. I won't lie I bet you're pretty good on a snowboard, surfboard, and ski when I get back which is good cause it will make me work hard to be able to be as good as you.

I hope you're taking good care of my dog by letting him sleep in my room. You can sleep with him in there if you want cause I know you don't like hair on your bed. Remember I want you on the TT-R as soon as possible.

I hope you're having fun as well as working hard at school. It is important whether you think so or not. Please tell Mrs. Robb hello for me will you?

I just want you to do one more thing which is start reading your scriptures. I waited way too long to start. Just try and read a little bit each day and if you already are that's AWESOME. Hope you're doing good. I miss teasing and picking on you!


P.S. Don't kiss too many girls...but write me when you do kiss them

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Letter-Friday February 20, 2009

Hello Family,

Well I made it two weeks here. It sure doesn't feel like it. I have an interesting story. Wednesday afternoon we had a practice teaching appointment and my companion was complaining of stomach pains so he wanted to go get checked out so we did. They thought he had appendicitis! We got to go to the hospital and leave the MTC bubble. It was so nice to see other people but we spent about 3 hours at the hospital. Quite boring actually. He has a virus or something they think. But I got to watch his CAT scan, it is impressive technology.
That was the big news of the week.

Thank you for the letters and prayers, you are all in mine. At the temple this morning I had a Brother Leon Fish do the initiatory prayers. Apparently he grew up with Grandpa Than, it was interesting that he didn't ask me how to pronounce Naegle he just did it right. Then he told me how he knew, it was cool.

Yesterday (Thursday) was speak only Spanish day. Surprisingly I got by just fine. It isn't that bad. I am struggling, but who doesn't with a new language? I wish I had taken it more seriously in Junior High.

Thanks for the letters. Glad to hear that the dog is still having fun with the deer. Mom, don't stress about the dog. If he doesn't survive the next two years, I will be okay with it. There are plenty more. Also thank you for the pictures.

Preston thanks for the letter. It was great. Thank you for bugging my friends. I forgot to list Kara in my last letter. Bug her for her address. Hope you like driving my car. It was nice for me to upgrade.

Andrew, little man, heard you busted your arm. Smooth. But I can't make fun cause I remember when I had that pin in my finger, I convinced Mom that I wouldn't hurt it boarding but sure enough I fell and pushed it in further. Luckily it didn't do any permanent damage. Good luck so you can play baseball in March.

I want to urge you all to read Life and Times of John Conrad Naegle. I have had it 1 day and have already read 50 pages. He was a very interesting man. Grandma does a very good job!

I am off to get a haircut...

and now I look like an idiot. But I remembered a few more things. I would like another sweater, it is freezing down here! I haven't taken a decent shower since I got here either it is terrible.

Love you all, hope and pray you have a good week.

Love, Nathan