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Bogota Distrito Capital

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Letter-Friday February 27, 2009

Hello Family,

We woke up this morning at 6:00 to make it to the temple but my companion didn't feel well so we aren't going. I was disappointed, but I have plenty of letters to write and 3 extra hours to do them! I am praying that my companion and I will become better friends and he'll start to trust me more. I don't want to sound like I am complaining, just informing. I am okay with him not telling me stuff and we are slowly becoming better friends, so it is good.

I just wanted to thank Mom and Dad for making sure I was a good cleaner. When we did service this past week we had to clean windows, mop, and vacuum. And others in the group like to just do it quick and be done but I am always slower and sometimes ended up redoing some of their sloppy stuff. I also wanted to thank Dad for making me go up on ladders. For the windows I had to be up on the top of one. My companion hates heights so had I not been comfortable doing it it would not have gotten done. I didn't fall either.

It has been kind of a sad week for me because the oldest group is leaving Monday. I like all of them alot but I have become fast friends with Elder Simpson from Oregon. I told Preston a little about him. But I will share more. He is 24 and only been a member for a year and a half. He had a rough life, his dad was murdered and he watched his uncle have a heart attack. His mom is a recent convert too. But I think we get along so well because he is so into speed like I am. He races both street and dirt bikes and has a degree as a diesel mechanic. He used to like to turn bikes over every few months, buying broken ones and fixing them. He worked at a machine shop that was half trucks and half yamaha. So he got parts for cost. Parts he said are about 100% markup.

He is great. We have already planned for him to come stay when we both get home so he can try Miller out as well as ride some Utah trails. He is just a great guy.

I am doing well here. It is cool feeling the Spirit almost all day every day. The spanish is coming along. I can understand a lot of it by piecing things together and can also say a lot. So in due time.

Hope everyone is well. Sounds like you are all busy.

Love you all

Love Nate

(We finally got pictures! I'm putting the two up of Elder Simpson, the Elder he talks so much about in this letter)

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