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Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
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Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Email July 26, 2010

Well this week was pretty good. I guess. I am here in Bogota for Leadership conference, and well it wouldn't have been a trip with out seeing wagstaff so I came and found him. We are having a good time with the elk call, so thanks mom, yes I got my package that Paige brought me.
Um. well i tried to to write down my week so I wouldn't forget all of the detail.
last Monday, we played soccer and I bought pizza for the sisters, cause a sister in my ward bailed on them to take them and show them some sites, and they are super funny. Hma Faundez is from chile and was a CSI person before her mission and she is super super super funny has good stories of taking pictures of dead people, and what not.
well I had choir practice today, that went well, and I have been putting chili powder in my eggs, cause it tastes to good to be true, but boy, I sure regret it when it comes out the end. But well what can you do? I am addicted to Coke, i just love the stuff. and well we had to go to tunja for interchanges, and well ended up leaving about 840 but I didn't get upset, and it was also the 200th birthday of Colombia today, so there was lots of crap going on in the street and what not. and yeah. slept in Tunja, super super cold.
Well ended up going out and teaching with the sisters today, and well they worked me into the ground and I was on on the phone late last night so I when I get home that night I zonked about 930 I was so dead tired. but that is the life here.
Thursday planning and stake meetings nothing exciting.
Friday, well all i have to say about today is that I hate BEETS they can go to he** and their horses can take them there. cause horses like beets. but well they still go down the hatch. gotta love Colombia.
Well today when I went to pick up crap from internet, well the boat was gone, so you must have been having fun. next year........but we had a blood drive today and I well was hooked into trying to give blood and well I filled the stuff out and watched elder gardiner faint and knew I was headed there. But well when I sat down for my interview, she asked about my skin cancer and well CUT MY HEAD off for not having been to the doctor in the last 18 months to get checked. I felt a little sheepish, so ask johnny if i am going to die, or i will be fine till i get home,
then i got to the medication part, and i said i was taking my acne pills, and since i couldn't remember the name, i couldn't donate, cause if it was an antibiotic, well i cant donate. so i was saved by the pill...................haha what is that pill called so i can donate blood in a little bit.
Sunday we went to ward conference. and it was good ended up singing in the Choir and i can probably say i was the best on there can you believe that? and then we left for bogota sat in the Tunja terminal waiting for a bus that never came. I am slept with williams and torres and we played soccer today. And yeah. Love you all have a great week love
Elder nate Naegle

Monday, July 19, 2010

Email July 19, 2010

Well i don't have much from this week.

Crazy week with Transfers.

Tuesday, we were just kinda kickin it getting people ready and what not. Fixing area books and what not cause we changed wards, and then Tuesday night we went to the Alvarez Family´s house to say good bye and what not. Then we left and my comp was in a bad mood, not talking and had like a melt down, or nervous break down and called the assistants for a transfer. not really sure why, but I wasn't worried about it, he told me it wasn't me, but who knows, He just kinda freaked about about being a Zone leader i think and so yeah he got transferred the next morning and yeah.

Wed. We were in Tunja, which is like the center of the mission, when it comes to Transfers, all buses come and go through tunja. So i spent the day there, It was good, cause i got to know the sisters in my Zone. They are pretty funny. Hermana Foundez, from chile was a CSI person before the mission. So she used to dress and undress and take pictures of Dead people. Pretty intense, and she has the best sense of humor EVER. So it was great. Picked up Elder Gardiners new companion from Ecuador that he is training. Elder Olvera, and my new comp, that i am training as a Zone Leader is elder Chacon from Peru. He is a little strange but i like him. so we should get along fine, i hope better then the last one i guess, cause i sent him over the edge. haha

Thursday, trying to get everybody in place, my companion go there today cause there was an accident on the highway and the bus got delayed to he slept in Tunja. Picked him up and tried to run around and get everything into place before the meeting with the Stake president. and yeah.

Friday. Just canceled a baptism date, and the people about killed us, but my companion and i just didn't feel good about it. So we had a rough night. The bishop was upset and the works.

Saturday, we had a capasitation with all the bishops in the stake, so i got to see Miguel Cuellar that was cool as well as Obisbo Sanchez from Sogo. so i was happy. I feel like we are just running around with our heads cut off, so i am hoping this week will be better that my comp and i can get settled in. Also i am in the Choir for Ward Conference next week.

First sunday. Went well, got welcomed into the ward, and the good news was that the Familia Rodriguez, who we canceled their baptism, well didn't com to church, but we totally fixed the situation and they are going to keep on truckin for the 31 of July. as well as we have great ward missionaries. they are all sisters. and well such is life. we have a great ward mission leader as well. Who loves wagstaff. Wagstaff served in this ward. and yeah. doing super well here. sorry my letter was kinda lame, but i am just tired. we will see if i can catch up and keep a better inventory on my week to write home. also, take good pictures. for me. Love you all,

Know i have a strong Testimony of this gospel. Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration. We are one blessed People. Christ is our Savior. he loves each one of us.

Love you all love Elder Naegle.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Email July 12, 2010

Well another week gone

This past week, lets see, i updated a lot on Tuesday and Wed. so i don't have much, and either way i don't have much time. i have to do 4 interviews tonight.

But i am doing pretty good. Except the fact i have about 5 or 6 nice beautiful big Cankers in my mouth. So i am struggling to eat a little bit, but i am getting by. Haven't had a chance to eat the nice treats you sent me.

Thursday, we had a nice day here, didn't end up doing a whole lot, i couldn't talk with my mouth so bad, so we just made the most important appointments and went that night. I was dying.

Friday, we went to our little town called Santa Rosa. Taught the people there that we have, got my hair cut, cause we have a member that is in like Rehab and he wants his wife to listen and she cuts hair, and that was the only way to get her to listen. So it was worth the 3 mil pesos ($1.50) i paid for her to cut it, i also got what i paid for, she didn't do a very good job so i trimmed it up when i got home. but looks pretty good now. and one of our investigators there, Jenny i thought was progressing pretty well, but had like a melt down on the bus coming back to Duitama with stupid doubts mainly about Jehovah and who he is. There is a Jehovah church in Santa Rosa. and i tried to softly explain to her, but she flipped so i ended up cutting her head off with faith cause she wants us to prove the gospel is true. so i had a book of mormon in my hand and told her to move it with her faith. well she couldn't, then my comp just moved it with his hand the good ole faith works trick, OH BOY DID SHE FEEL STUPID!! wasn't my intention, but she asked for it, cause she wont just listen and pray and ask God. so i kinda let her have it. President tells us that a lot, we need to be patient, but there is a limit in that well we just need to kind of show them. so i guess we will see how that goes next week on saturday. when we head back.

Saturday. I don't know why, but i don't remember my Saturdays. We did service that kicked our butts!! i told dad, but i got out worked with a shovel by a 70 year old man that smokes like a house on fire. Couldn't believe it. but it was a good time. felt good to use my hands again. and then we all couldn't move so we had a little rest after. I ordered chinese food, well it is just rice here, for lunch. We went to the other ward, a members house, and they gave the 4 of us dinner. MUTE, oh how i hate mute. just a soup with like stomach, and the gross parts of the cow. I did it it all of course, slowly with my mouth but i don't have problems with food anymore. DOWN THE HATCH!! Yeah. that is about it. Also our baptisms got moved to sunday morning cause they couldn't do it the 3 of them for work.

Sunday morning, Early, 430 got my comp out of bed and in the shower, at 5 he got out. I got in and at 510 i was done. he is super slow. Went to fill the font, hot water doesn't work so hot here, it was lame. and so we had it all ready to go and then when they got there, Cruz Family, the mom told us she wasn't getting baptized. I just would have liked to known that a week ago. But what can you do. So we baptized the kids. Jovanny and Kattya. Don't have pictures cause i forgot my camera. but next week. and yeah. My comp did them both.
Then at lunch we ended up watching the final of the World Cup. Darn Holland. Couldn't pull it out. Should have but didn't, and my Beloved Germany took 3rd. i was upset they lost to Spain. oh well next time. then we went with a member and she took us to less actives and presented her friends and what not. it was a good sunday i guess. my body is aching from the shovel work out i got saturday.

Transfers. Well they changed my entire Zone. In every area in my Zone had 1 change.....but oh well that is the way it goes. I lost my best missionary too, he is headed to be a ZL in Cucuta. Good for him i guess. and yeah i got moved to the other ward in Duitama, cause we don't have time for our ward the the REF. it gives with the zone so president switched us. Elder Moreno is still my companion. I am happy i guess. He is a good kid. Gardiner, from LA, stayed but his Chilean comp got moved. Budini. i will miss him he is a good kid. And Gardiner is going to train. so i need to be even more juisioso should be good for us. and yeah.

Also, Paige and her friend brought the office elders a cake. they were all happy, an thanked me. and i should be getting my stuff tomorrow or Wed. so that is good. and yeah today we just kinda kicked it. Went and bought my Wool Poncho. it is LEGIT!!! good for an early morning ski at the lake to keep me warm after! once again don't have my camera. and yeah.

i know the church is true. It blesses families that keep the commandments. Salvation is personal but Exaltation is a family effort. Lets keep up the good work family. Love you all
love Elder Naegle

Email July 7, 2010

Well found some time,

thanks for putting money on my card, didn't end up needing it cause my companion didn't come pick me up, and the mission money got here this morning. I asked for 10 bucks too not 90 haha. But well lets see. my week.

Tuesday, we just worked in our Area trying to get things in a state to be gone. The work before the trip kind of thing.

Wed, 430 headed to Bogota for a conference with a 70 Elder Mestre and his wife, from Venezula. We all had to meet in Tunja with the Zone cause our bus left at 720, yeah, there was no bus at that time, they canceled it, but didn't tell we waited until 830. but such is life. Went with the Zone to Bogota, had a good time there. Long meeting though. But what can you do. Learned new things. Saw Elder Furmanski for the first time since he has been here, which is a year. I love the kid. We will have him and his El Camino up at the cabin one day.

That night we also got to stay in Bogota, cause I am good with my words, so I got to go and see Marta Lopez and her girls. It was great. they are doing well and the girls, (suli and stephanie) should be getting baptized in the next few weeks. It was a happy reunion, I showed up and surprised them, with the help of Elder Rosenbaum (payson ut) from my group, the the 3 girls all started hugging me like family, little awkward, but i just rolled with it, I can't hug women here hahahaha Stephanies daughter Sylvanna painted my nails, I will include that picture. It was just a good reunion. I was happy. Marta is being active in the church. So that is good.

Thursday. Slept at Rosnebaum's and then went and saw the Tafur Family in the morning. They are doing well and have figured out a lot of their stupid problems so it was nice to see them. Then we went and picked up money from the bank that my comps sister had sent them. Went to the office, and I did my paper work and we ate at subway. And there is no money in any part at this point just 17 dollars to get back to Duitama. So we were waiting in the corner for the bus to pass, and well I had to poo. and when it comes it is find a bathroom in 5 minutes or brown garments, so i had to go the hotel that was on the corner and beg the lady to let me use the bathroom. But it wasn't to hard, she saw my blue green eyes and just melted like a popsicle in St. George summer haha then caught the bus and yeah that was that.

Friday, got to work with Gardiner in his area today. that was a good time. lots of rejection. but we had a good time. it is raining here in colombia like crazy every day it kinda stinks i got soaked on the way back from lunch.

Saturday. I cant remember what i ended up doing

Sunday was good. went to Tunja to do Interviews during priesthood. i like baptism interviews. they are fun. and we just finished up getting out stuff together for monday. Church here is super irreverent it is funny. but i have just learned to deal with it

We went on a tour like i said of Boyaca. I have lots of pictures, so i will send a few

Went to Paipa saw people waterskiing, made me super trunky it was bad the water was GLASSSSSSS. then to Sogomoso to the Templo del Sol. it is a museum of the natives here. then to Faviatoa. ate lunch, had a good looking waitress..........then to Iza to try the desserts they have there. Then to Mongui, where they do the Soccer balls, didn't buy one. then to Topaga, haha had the 2 girls that were carving Coal ask me to take them with me back to the US, oh it was funny, i love my blue eyes!!!! one was pretty cute. picture doesn't show it. then off to Nobsa. this is where i bought my wool Poncho. i am going to look FLY when i get home cause i bought some slippers too, it will be LEGIT. LADIES look out! also, i need to ask what ya ll want from here cause i can get hammocks super cheap there too for 10 bucks. so i don't know boys i will get you one thing. and now would be the time to tell me if you want a hammock or a wool poncho i don't know think about it. and yeah then we had baptism interviews, so no time to write. But yeah i have baptisms this saturday, the Cruz Family Mom jimena, Hijo, Giovanny, and Hija Katia. I am so happy they are GREAT!! and yeah also went to sogomoso that night

had 4 baptism interviews to do in Sogomoso, so that was pretty sweet and saw Jimenez family, had lunch, Trout, with them and the Cuellar family that night. and yeah i had a pretty good week. Transfers are this sunday. also i got my treat package today. it is quick when you send it directly to the house!! thanks mom i love you!

ok yeah love you all

i am doing well down here teaching wicked people about the gospel and trying to get them to change their lives and live like they should so they can have eternal families. but well satan has a hold on these little latins down here. it is tough. but yeah. i have learned lots of things, including to eat my vegetables, i still hate tomatoes but well they are able to go down the hatch without a face now. so it has been a good thing. i also have actually gained a testimony and well it is pretty strong. One learns a lot on a mission. But i just wanted to let you know i love you. This gospel is true, it gives me great comfort when i am down. Christ loves each one of us and wants us to follow him. His arms are stretched out to each one of us in welcome. Joseph Smith Restored the gospel so that we can have the great joy that comes through keeping the commandments and living the principles that we have learned.

Love Elder Naegle
AKA your brother and son nate

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