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Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Monday, November 30, 2009

Email November 30, 2009

I am doing really great. I had a good thanksgiving on Tuesday with the Helm Family from Idaho. She works in the US embassy here and well is pretty high up in the thing. They have been here for 2 and a half years. So it was a good time. It was a mix of Colombian and Americans. Her family had come down to visit. But it was pretty sweet, I got to eat things I didn't think were possible. Such as black olives, lemons, and gravy. I have pictures, but unfortuantely, my camera was loaned out to the Bustos family to take pictures of their daughters graduation, cause theirs broke a few weeks ago. So yeah. I will get them to you here in the next week or so. As well as a picture of me for a Christmas card.

And I cant tell you how excited I am to open my letters tomorrow, it has been killing me. And I still can't decide to save the pictures for christmas or open them tomorrow. But we will see. Mom I think that is the best thing you could have done. As to thank you´s I have written over 20 letters for Christmas already so you may have to just thank people for me. I will write more to anyone i didn't write a letter to.

ok well you asked about our investigators, we actually are teaching a lot of different people. But i will name the most important.
Maria, her husband is a recent convert, and she was in the coast when he joined with his 2 boys of a different woman. She left and was pregnant about a year ago and lost the baby, so well she is back again, but well hates god. So she is super hard, but has
progressed a ton in the last little bit, ans she told us that she doesn't believe in other churches only ours or the Catholic. so yeah she is coming along.

Carmenza is the wife of a member. He found us in the street and presented us to her. And well she is the toughest lady ever that I met. but she also has progressed a ton. She doesn't understand the book of mormon, and wants everything to be logical. She wont take that leap of faith and also i think she has more money then we do. She is in charge of a pharmacutical deal here and yeah she is in charge of colombia, bolivia, venezela and ecuador and peru. so yeah and she is married only one year and was married like 20 years and got divorced because her husband bought a motorcycle. Well that was the final straw for her, there were many other factors.

And the final is Nicole. She is 17 and is awesome. She is from Bolivia, and living here with her aunt and uncle. She is really cool. She never really questioned about god and what not, so i just explained to her neither did i but i have found out what he really is and how important he is. So I hope she will progress here in the next week or so.

ok well that is about it for me. I hope you had a great thanksgiving. I heard it was good at the cabin. Mom i love you and thank you for everything.
With lots of love your son

Monday, November 23, 2009

Email November 23, 2009

Well mom,
I just spent about 8 minutes reading your letter, which was GREAT. Thank you so much, I love reading your updates. I will keep Dave in my prayers give him a special hug from me and Maxine as well. I miss them. But that sounds like a good time helping Marie move. Will you take a quick picture of it when you are over there, I don’t know what their house ended up looking like. Also are you going to die with her so far away? I hope not. As for me, I am struggling a little bit, nothing to worry about, but some days are just hard. But I have my testimony and my Father in Heaven to help me. We had Stake conference this past weekend, which was really good. I got to see President Camargo. And President Hacking spoke, as well as Sister Hacking. Our stakes theme is D&C 84:106. So our main goal is to get less active people back, cause only like 33 percent are active, which is quite sad. But yeah, not much more news, except I found a good scripture for you and dad to read. It is D&C68:25. I think that is it. But yeah, you are such great parents to me and I think did a really good job with our family. Not perfect, in fact Dysfunctional, but we turned out ok. I was the sour grape for sure. But hopefully with my good example my brothers will also choose to serve the lord. It is a great experence, but I won't lie, I have taken a toll, physically, as well as emotionally. But well that is all part of the learning and I can't complain. I have a father and mother that both work their butts off so why not me. I want to go back to Utah state when I get home. But I am disappointed that I will miss the semester by 3 weeks. I don't know, maybe I can get something changed to make it. But I am not worried about that now. I just had the revelation given to me this week, that that is what I need to do. Ok well I am good. I love you all have a happy thanks giving, to those who helped with my Christmas, thank you very much. I love you all. I pray for you all and thank you all for the prayers.
With lots of love your son and friend

Monday, November 16, 2009

Email Nov. 16, 2009

hi mom,

Thanks for the letter this week it was great. I am doing great. I had a good pday and went and had my clothes washed at a members house and so we are really short on time. But we have 2 women that we are teaching that have more pride than the whole naegle family combined so well they are a struggle but my comp and I are going to get it done. We are enjoying the challenge. So yeah I am doing really good I have gotten to know my comp and he is awesome. We get along just great. So no problems there. The ward I am in is great.. so that is cool. and yes i was there when jorge bustos added you on face book he is an awesome guy. His wife served in the Cali mission here and a companion of hers is down here working for the embassy and invited them to thanksgiving dinner because jorge lived in the states. So they invited me and my companion so that should be pretty sweet. I am excited and turkey is rare here so it is really expensive so it should be a good treat. I am looking forward to your package with the box turkey. Ok well i also want to tell you that i am happy and doing well. It rained so stinkin hard today it was unbelievable, but I didn't have my camera and well things are going good for me. It has been nice living in the house with just me and my comp cause I get my own bathroom and what not. So it is super tidy. You would be surprised I think but yeah I love you all and I have been talking to Jordan he sounds good. Also I met a girl here this past week that was visiting from the coast, and I asked her who was in her ward, and well small world Parker had just gotten transferred there. I guess he is a new ZL so that is cool for him.. and yeah she was here visiting her boyfriend who is our ward mission leader. So yeah small world it was pretty cool cause we had lunch with them on Sunday. So yeah not much else but I am doing good. love you all and take some pictures of the snow. love you all
love Nate

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Email Nov 9, 2009

Well thanks mom. You sure are awesome and very good to me. I guess that is what I get for being the favorite.I got a new companion this week from Chile so it should be good he speaks very good english too. I am doing good here and the ward has given us a bunch of references here in the last week or so. But yeah i am just here in Bogota and doing what Ishould be. That is super cool about preston and his blessing. I wish I would have gotten mine sooner. To be honest, because it talks a ton about my mission but well that is the way it goes and icant complain because it is from the lord. Also this week in our chapel was the primary program. It was cool and brought a stong spirit but it was good. Also Natali asked me this week what I make myself to eat here in the house. Well i eat a lot of pasta with katchup, i ate over a pound of katchup last month and i eat cereal, bread cheese ham I dont know the usual for me. pretty plain for me. I dont like to spend lots of money on food or buy anything exciting cause it just gets eaten when other missionaries come over. I also have hot chocolate and tang for my drinks. They also have a super good soda here that is apple flavored. it is really good. i also eat ground beef and yeah not a whole lot more. the treats you send me and chocolate that is called Jet, and it comes with animal stickers, and so i am collecting them all I have the album. so yeah that is kinda the food dept. I am pretty boring, but I try and stay regular, and eat those things with fruit, not many vegtables, at lunch yes in the house no. I have come to love Red peppers they are super super good.and yeah that is about all i got for yall this week. we had other elders over today to play soccer and they ended up making lunch in our kitchen and well left it a MESS so yeah i had just finished cleaning the whole house this morning and well get to clean the kitchen again but whatever I like cleaning. also i get to go to the temple again tomorrow, it isnt as awesome in spanish, but it is still good, and i am excited. should be a good time. i love you all and thanks for the support. Please tell amy morrison thanks, i got a bunch of dear elders from her. as well as the ones from my friend that you send. it is cool to hear what they are up to. i love you all and thank you for the support. Mom thanks for the weekly letters it is great. i love you all
love nathan

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Email Nov. 2, 2009

Hey mom,

Well another week down, and I didn't get transferred. I got a new companion from Peru named, Elder Oyarzun. Never met him before. But i guess we will see how it goes. They closed the other area in my district so I am in charge of the 2 areas, but will only work in the one when there are references. So we will see how it goes. Wagstaff got moved to Bogota and is now a Zone Leader with my first companion, Elder Torres. So that should be cool. And his birthday is a week before mine, so i think we are going to go to Hard Rock or something for that. So it may show up on my card. Haha we will see i guess. But i have a favor to ask. I need you to pass by Mr Mac and ask if you can by new insoles for my Ecco shoes. And it isnt like right now, but with in the next little while. Ya know at the bottom of your list. Also, i have a favor to ask for Christmas, which i know is a long way off, but I know the family, so I would like 1 letter from each member as well each of them pick a photo of me and them, If they exist, and send it to me. That is what i would like. I have a big list of letters to write to the family, grandparents and friends. So hopefully I can take some time on Pday to get it all done. I don't have much else to tell you other then i am doing good. I am extremely happy about the Yankees, cause well I have some money riding on them. So they better pull it out tonight. I am rooting for them. Thanks for all the love and support and i will try and be more interesting next week with all the changes that will happen this week. Also i will try and get Jay written i think i will have time i don't have many people to write ok I love you and hope you are having a good time at the cabin. As you know, there are good and bad days. but the good thing is i have figured out in the last 7 months i been here how to make even the bad days turn into better days. So well yeah. I love you and thank you for all the support.
Love your son nate