Nate's Address

Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Email April 24, 2010

Well this week i have been running around trying to get everything done that is being required with our Trip to San Andres activity in the ward and the new Folder we are preparing for the Stake Leaders. Still building the airplane. But anyway sunday i will be giving a presentation with my new studly companion to all the bishops in the stake, then well I am leaving that early to catch a bus to Bucaramunga, to head to Bogota monday morning. So I will not be able to write you. So my comp and i took some time today to write. I am super good. Happy and well. Super super tired, my comp has more energy then he can deal with. So it is a challenge to keep up with him. but i am managing. So yeah. Leadership Conference is the reason for Bogota and I get to fly back Wed. morning. Quite happy about that. Also I treated my comp and myself to Mcdonalds this morning cause the store we needed didn't open until 10 and so we had some time to kill and well hadn't eaten, I sure miss my 5 times a week Mcdonalds at home, and my companion was the same, loves it so it may not be the last time we head there. I am doing super good. and yeah. cant complain here. I love you mom and i will try and write again next week, if i have time. We are running all the time so we will see. Ok well i love you and talk to you later. Maybe don't tell anybody i am not going to write them, cause then they won't write me, but at least you know, so you wont have to be worried when i don't write monday. And let Angie know cause well Wagstaff also doesn't get a Pday. ok well talk to you later. ok i love you have a great week, and let me know who the new bishop is Chau
love your son Elder Nathan Naegle

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Email April 19, 2010

Well hello first off. I am still in cucuta. My companion got transferred to Bogota Suba with Elder Larson from my group. And I got sent Wagstaffs comp from bucarramunga. Elder Cinturion, like the boat brand. He is so tight from Argentina and super excited. And yeah, not much else is going on with me. After reading parkers dans jordans and biss emails. Made me feel a little better cause they also have their struggles. But Parker got to try Ponly malta, well which is beer with no alcohol. But it is super good I am glad he likes it. Anyway, as for me we have a huge activity that my comp was planning all his idea then well he got transferred so we will see how it all goes. I am hoping I can pull it out, but I think with the part mom gave me being creative I can do it. It is Saturday, and I will send pictures and what not is is called trip to san andres, and the poeple die in the airplane and go to the spirit world and then the kingdoms of glory. So I hope it turns out good we need more people to teach. And yeah gave a talk on Sunday and that went well. Not much else is going on I love you all and thanks for all the love ans support. I know the church is true and as wagstaff says this whole joe smith book is a good one, the book is true and I support it. haha I love the comfort I receive in reading the Book of Mormon. I testify it is true and the priesthood was restored through Joseph Smith.
Love you all
love nathan

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Email April 12, 2010

Well, good news for the most part I am doing better in the health dept. I am happy so who really cares. I will live. Can't complain. Well to be honest I don't have much news except for the fact that we can't find anybody that wants to keep all their commitments and progress. So we will see how that goes. I don't really know, but I think I am just a little more strict in that dept. because I won't just say yes to everybody that wants to be baptized, they have to show to me that it means something, cause the stake is upset they have lots of inactives. So I have my interview with pres. Hacking this week and we will see what he has to say to me. There is a lot of hype here in the mission with transfers. what else.....also my best companion wrote me from Spain. Pelero, he is doing super good over there and is happy. Said it is a hard transition at first but now is just getting used to it. and yeah. Everything here is going well, except I haven't had money for my zone for 3 weeks. That has been stressful but I am just rolling with it and not complaining. But one thing is for sure, missionaries are much happier when they have money. So yeah. But whatever. I am just rolling with it here and trying to keep a smile on and not worry about the little things, which is super hard some days, but well with practice it is easier. so yeah. I love you all sorry it was a boring letter this week. But like dad says, only boring people get bored. So consider me boring haha
loveyou all hope all is well
love Nathan

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Email April 5, 2010

Hi Family,

Well the bad news is I am super sick, with the runs, migrane and fever, what fun no? But what can you do. But well this past week was a hard one. It was semana santa, or Holy Week. Well nobody is home or works, they are just all out partying, and drinking. So we didn't have a very successful week in the whole missionary dept. But i still learned a lot and had General Conference to cheer me up at the end of the week. I would say we received a lot of good council this past weekend. It all seemed to be centered on strengthening the home, which to be honest made me a little home sick, but I am where I need to be, cause if you find a strong home here in colombia, well your a lucky man. So I guess I have the wonderful opportunity to try and help the people here build the strong homes that we need in order to return to our Heavenly Fathers presence. And yeah. I have really just learned the fact that I can't do it all, but I do have my part to do. So with Diligence, patience and love I need to finish up the work i have to do here in Cucuta, and who knows how long that will be. So I cleaned up the house today, and put away the Hammock, cause it is a distraction. I need to be even better than what I have been. So I am in that process right now. Cause I don't know about any of you, but i would dare say Pres. Monson in Priesthood cut some heads off for just about every subject in The Strength for youth. But well we all need to be better

Something funny i guess that happened to me was I wanted to watch conference in English, but the sound system doesn't allow them to turn of the speakers in certain rooms and leave it on it others, so i just said heck, popped open the ceiling tiles and unplugged the dang things, one of the counselors in the stake pres. about fainted ¨what did you do he asked, and i just told him to relax that is what I did before my mission installing speakers like that. so I ended up seeing the whole thing in english. It was actually quite nice cause they just locked me in a room and I got to watch it all ALONE!! Which was great, cause you need alone time here, and you don't ever get it, cause heck my bathroom doesn't even have a door on it. But it was nice, I felt like I had some questions answered and some good personal revelation come to me. So I felt it was a success.

Well don't have much else....cause we aren't teaching anyone that is for sure, truth be told, nobody. So it is just a long process. This whole zone leader thing is rough but we are moving along and things are getting better in the zone and the stake. so yeah. Family and friends, I testify that the gospel has been restored and that we have the great opportunity to live it here on earth. That when we truly live the gospel we will be happy. God lives, and his son rose on the third day. and through his mighty atonement and ressurection, we also will rise again. I love you all, thank you for the love and support. It means the world to me. Remember to count your blessings, we have been so blessed to live where we do. Hope you all have a great week.
with lots of love
elder nathan Naegle