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Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Email April 12, 2010

Well, good news for the most part I am doing better in the health dept. I am happy so who really cares. I will live. Can't complain. Well to be honest I don't have much news except for the fact that we can't find anybody that wants to keep all their commitments and progress. So we will see how that goes. I don't really know, but I think I am just a little more strict in that dept. because I won't just say yes to everybody that wants to be baptized, they have to show to me that it means something, cause the stake is upset they have lots of inactives. So I have my interview with pres. Hacking this week and we will see what he has to say to me. There is a lot of hype here in the mission with transfers. what else.....also my best companion wrote me from Spain. Pelero, he is doing super good over there and is happy. Said it is a hard transition at first but now is just getting used to it. and yeah. Everything here is going well, except I haven't had money for my zone for 3 weeks. That has been stressful but I am just rolling with it and not complaining. But one thing is for sure, missionaries are much happier when they have money. So yeah. But whatever. I am just rolling with it here and trying to keep a smile on and not worry about the little things, which is super hard some days, but well with practice it is easier. so yeah. I love you all sorry it was a boring letter this week. But like dad says, only boring people get bored. So consider me boring haha
loveyou all hope all is well
love Nathan

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