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Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
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Bogota Distrito Capital

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Email June 28, 2010


Well this week to be honest I don't really remember what I did this past week but the main thing that happened was Saturday.

We had Zone Conference as well as our interviews. So I will concentrate on that and who we are teaching.

So, my companion being a little flojo, I ended up having to get everything into order for zone conference, which was fine, but it was sweet cause all my missionaries were here on time to start and everything was ready to go. It was a good conference this week, we talked about Jacob 5 and the way a missionary needs to work with patience and diligence, as well as a good attitude, talking about there are no ¨dry¨ Areas in the mission, that anywhere can be productive. So it was good. It was nice to see the missionaries participate, I got to give the capsitation with Elder Torres my trainer, he is the assistant. It was cool being with him again, cause a year ago we had just been separated as companions. It was nice cause we laughed about our stubbornness, and the good times we had. Also we were able to communicate with out any problems. So that was cool. It is interesting to see how much he really taught me and well I let him know it. I can say I was a pain in his butt and he in mine. But the love I have for him is great. So it was good to be able to see him. I would say that was my spiritual experience of the week. Feeling that love for him. I ended up giving him my english scriptures. He was super happy. Then we ate lunch, and then I had my interviews along with a short meeting with the bishops and stake presidency. President cut my head off for a comment I made. But well I can take it and to be honest that is when I learn the most. Even though I felt stupid. I laughed. And well in my interview we just talked and he told me that he could see a huge change in me. All I have been studying is Patience and Love from Pres. Uchtdorf and well I have learned a lot and he said it is showing. So that made me feel good. and yeah. Today for a Zone activity we went to a little town that is just artists that live there and had little tour and yeah. It sure was pretty and next monday a sister in my ward is taking the 4 of us in my house to 10 different towns in her car to take pictures so I will have good pictures next week, my camera died this afternoon. well yeah, sorry I wasn't super descriptive today but yeah

as for our investigators, we have a family of 3 mom and 2 kids, Cruz Family.
Jimena Giovanny and little girl, i call her princess
2 brothers that their mom and step dad are members
Sebastian y Jason
and a woman that wants us to prove the chruch is true with the bible and she thinks elder gardiner is cute hhaha
those 6 should be getting baptized here in the next few weeks. we don't have any Books of Mormon so that is slowing the work down a bit

and yeah. a few more people but they are the important ones

also to my brothers andrew and preston, you are a studs! love ya both, can't wait for a good challenge when I get home!

to my sister, thanks for the great example and help in my vida loca.

to my ward family thanks for your love and support.

to any good looking single women 18-22 I will be home shortly and am taking date appointments

to my dog, I miss you more then anybody else, please hug him for me

to my Parents, thanks for your love and support

to the world, well the church was restored by Joseph Smith, and well He saw God the Father and Jesus Christ in the spring of 1820 and if you don't believe, ASK GOD he´ll let ya know.


Email June 21, 2010

Well I cant believe a week as gone by. It was a quick one. so I will give it to ya´ll step by step.

Tuesday worked in my area normal, and we have 6 people with baptism dates, but due to lack of BOM they can't progress super fast, so I guess we will see how it all goes and all normal

Wed. I went to Tunja for a baptismal interview and taught with them for the day and slept there. It is so so cold in Tunja, but I had a good time. That is where the baby was held, this baby was FAT. and yeah

Thursday, I gave a short capasitation to the 4 elders and 4 sisters that are in Tunja and Barbosa. Went well I hope. Then that afternoon I had to go to a little town about an hour away from tunja called Villa de Leyva, to get some birth certificates so people can get married in another part of the mission. Look up Villa de Leyva, I guess there is a huge fossil there or something I didn't have time to look and see, and I think I am going on a tour of Boyaca in like 2 weeks to see the towns and we are going to see the fossil.
Got back and went with Elder Gardiner and Budini to their appts. cause my companion got back before I did and was on interchanges with a kid in the ward Camilo, the bishops son, and well turned his phone off so I couldn't find him and then we all got back and had a hamburger.

Friday i went with Budini to Tunja again to buy mattresses for the sisters cause they didn't have enough when the sisters come from barbosa, and they had a bad one. then was with him that's how I saw the cabin cam, I had to send stuff to Bogota.... he is a good missionary from Chile.

Saturday I had to go to Barbosa to do more interviews, so I went with Elder Gardiner to help me and well the woman I interviewed lied in her interview about abortion and her husband ratted on her, so I had to call pres with the whole thing, I ended up talking to him 4 times this week. not necessarily a good thing.....but I like him so I enjoyed it. and yeah we ended about 830 and there wasn't a bus until 1030 so we waited til then playing chess. I suck at chess..... and yeah got back to the house at about 1230.

Sunday up at 600 to be to church on time and well we were late cause my companion just isn't to worried about that stuff, and yeah I gave a talk, which I made up in sacrament meeting, cause I had forgotten, on the atonement and missionary work. kinda crappy but what can ya do i wasn't worried about it I was so so tired. Then lunch and we had to stay in the house for elections, we played monopoly, and lets hope my life goes how the game went, I kicked butt and took names bought more then half the board and had hotels on every one of my properties and yeah. had a good chat with williams and wagstaff. and yeah.

Monday today, we went and played soccer and then showered and ate at a restaurant to watch the spain hondurus game and yeah rested the rest of the day. happy to be here, a little worried about my comp and how to manage it all but president and I area going to talk when he gets here saturday for Zone Conf. cause we talked on the phone about it. love you all thanks for your love and support. I know the church was restored. Christ loves us and preformed his infinite atonement for every one of us. when you feel down remember that he suffered you all love Elder nate Naegle

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Email June 7, 2010

Hey well just want to tell you I am doing great!!
So yeah, I got transferred to Duitama Boyaca. Wagstaff was here before but in the other ward. My companion is Elder Moreno from Bolivia, and well is a super super goofy kid but that is the way it goes. I get along with him great and it will help me develop personally a lot, so I am looking forward to it. This morning we got the entire zone together to make a baptism goal for the month which is 32, I doubt we make it my guess is around 20, but in meeting everybody I found out that I am the oldest elder in my zone with only 16 months, can you believe it??? The next closest is a year who is elder Gardiner and my comp. And i am living with Elder Gardiner and elder Budini, from LA and Chile. So we should have a good time these next six weeks, I am looking forward to it. And well mom you asked about good ole Sogomoso, well I was getting info from the elders there and asked who they had lunch with on Saturday, turns out it was with Family Cuellar, well INTERCAMBIO for me, I like that I can just do it when I I got to see my old man, he is looking good, with his long hair and what not in active as a camel but what can you do........., and the Cuellar family is doing great he is first counselor in the Bishopric....... and they should be getting sealed here in Aug. so I should be getting to go to that. It was a great day. So I don't have much more details, oh yeah I saw Jessica as well, she is just well to be frank my best convert. She is just waiting til the school semester starts ni Aug. so yeah. If I forgot something I will let you know. I will try and send a bunch of pictures.
OK well i guess i had to throw Cucuta in......I was super super sad to leave cucuta, I made some great friends there and well it was hard. but to be totally honest, the transfer was needed. I will prorgess a lot more being here with Moreno then I was with Centurion. I love the kid to death but we were to good of friends, we had big plans for there, but President is an inspired man. I got moved cause other people needed changes, and well to make it all work I got involved.......I am not worried one bit about it. I will miss Mcdonalds but well it will be waiting for me when I get home.
ok well I like the picture of preston on the little trac hoe, to be honest a little jealous, I hope it is there when i get home eh........ but it sounds like the family is doing well...that makes me happy. I love you all and thanks for your love prayers and support. Love you all have a great week love Nate Elder Naegle

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Email June 2, 2010

We got a quick email letting us know he had arrived safely.

Well after a long 14 hours in bus I arrived in Tunja, at 2 am. Got picked up and slept for 4 hours in the tunja house, then came with Elder Gardiner, to Duitama. Man am I tired. Froze my butt off in the bus, and they showed stupid movies but what can you do. I am doing good.. happy to be here. No problems thus far. Cant believe I am going to complete 16 months in the field. Feels pretty good. Well just wanted to let you know I am doing ok. My companion is Elder Moreno from Cochabamba Boliva. We should do some good work. Rumor has it he is super soft and spiritual with the missionaries and I was sent here to kick a little butt.....I guess that is what I am labeled as, don't know if it is good or bad, but should be a good combo. That is cool about Parker. We seemed to get moved around the same time always. Sounds like he is doing good. and yeah. It will be super interesting to see what he thinks about Colombians when he gets home, cause everybody from the interior don't like the people from the coast......and they talk terribly, so he should have a good ole accent....ok well love you all thanks for the support on monday....I send you my love...
Elder Nathan Naegle

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Email June 1, 2010

Hey didn't have time yesterday to get you written and don't have any more today, I got transferred. I am super sad, but at the same time happy cause I am headed back to BOYACA to be a zone leader so I will get to go to SOGOMOSO and see my converts and what not. So it is sad but good. I love you all thanks for your letters of support. It was great.. Also did Andrew get in the lake?? If so I hope you took a photo or two... tell him to write me about it. Love you all hope it goes well this week... Preston and Andrew have a good last week of school. Congrats Preston. Take pictures. Also give the dog love, for killing them squirrels hahaha NATALI you are such a great sister I love you with all my heart!!!!. Congrats on your job give me some more info. Love you all have great week
Love your Son and brother
Nathan Elder Naegle

ps when if I get time this week I will write you and I have pictures....