Nate's Address

Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Monday, August 24, 2009

E-mail Aug. 24. 2009

Hi mom,
Well i really don't have anything new here to report, expect i did have 2 interviews with people being district leader and all. It was AWESOME both times, I was a little nervous, as to be expected, but they both went great and it was a great spiritual expeirence. I have been struggling a little with my companion cause I have been trying to be 100 percent obedient, with everything, and well it is been hard to do so cause he is a little trunky. But we are rolling with the punches and I am hoping that with some of the new people we have contacted, the work will pick up cause our area doesn’t have anything new right now. For example, we contacted about 40 people on Wednesday and well only 2 accepted to listen to us. But that is ok cause the book of mormon teaches us that the numbers will be few. As to fam. Cuellar, they are going to get baptized this Friday, and I am so happy for them! They have so many good questions, and she has fear that she will become disanimated after time and not want to come back, but I doubt she will, she is awesome. And we have talked a ton about temples and temple marriage, and they are excited to have that expeirence. So they will be great. What else is new, as to the money thing, well I actually have a ton in cash, cause I got a ton out the last month and got a ton paid back. And well the Bogota thing was a one time thing, so no se precupa. ( don’t worry about it) I have it under control. I have decided that I need to just wait until the end of my mission to buy all that junk, cause by then I doubt I will want a lot of it. I am happy to hear that you had a good time at the cabin!! 29 people I bet was hard for you but yet a blast. Kara and Melissa both e-mailed me and said it is BEAUTIFUL and awesome. So hopefully that means they will be back a bunch more next summer. Natali didn’t get the blog updated for me but I am sure she is super busy, with school and all. So I will see them next week. I love you so much and am doing great. No problems here so no need to worry. I am glad the dog is just living it up while I am gone. Keep him around cause I would like to kick him in the butt when I get home. It is so sad cause here, none of the dogs will play with you cause they all have such a fear of humans. I feel so bad. But they go to the celestial kingdom none the less. Bear has it easy, gets fed everyday and has water and somebody to love on him. But yeah. Love you a lot from Colombia love you love your son, yes I am your favorite, love Nathan
Ps I saw the pictures of Parker, that hat he is wearing if it is original, is expensive like over 100 bucks!!!! But no worries, I don’t think I am going to buy one, cause when would I wear it!! And as to the expensive coat I bought, yeah I have worn it just about every day so it was a good buy. Haha I love you love nate

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

E-mail Aug. 17. 2009

Obama the sheep-he head butted me!!
Hermano Merchan
Hard Rock in Bogota
Elder Williams leaving

Hi mom,

Well yes another P-day. This week was eventful with Jimenez and Williams leaving. As well as i got to go to Bogota on friday. It was just all a big adventure. We got 2 new elders in the house, Elder Bastidas from Ecuador, and Elder Diaz from Dallas. And the old AP elder Coro, is in the other Sogomoso House with elder Burns. It is cool to see new gringos, cause it shows how much i have learned and grown. As to biss, haha I remeber those days with a companion that was totally opposite from me. But I learned a ton and am glad now I had that experience with Elder Sorenson. He is a great kid. I bet biss is glad he only has 3 weeks in the MTC! That is sweet for Jay, he will be great in Brazil, and i am also very glad that i have six months under my belt and am not just starting. As for my Package, just surprise me! But one thing i do want is beef jerky. As to the Cabin, from what it looks and sounds like it has been a sweet place to get away and have some fun. So don't stress to much about it. A little side note, we are in internet, and it is owned by an inactive member and she just tagged her kid on the head cause he bumped her. she is insane. But yeah if you saw on the pictures we had a good time in Bogota! it was cool, but man i was lost. Salt lake is little! but yeah it was a good time. I am so happy that most of my friend have decided to go on missions because you learn so much about yourself as well as the lord and it is a great experience! I hope both my brothers decide to serve the lord for 2 years, cause it is a wild ride! Sorry this is a little short but you have 2 voice recordings i am doing great and time is flying by here. i love you thanks for all your love and support. as to the shopping i did in bogota, just put it on my tab. love you
your son nate
ps my scripture and thought for this week is 2 Nephi 4:15-16

Monday, August 10, 2009

Email August 10, 2009

Just a quick note I called the mission department and the pouch is still available. I guess they mailed out a letter that confused everybody so there were questions. You can still send Nate letters through dearelder. That is the best way to get mail to him!! Thanks to all that write him!!

Well mom,
Thanks for the letter and all the support. It was great to hear from you. And well like you said, transfers are upon us. Well Both Elder Williams and Elder Jimenez se van. I am very sad about it because i have lived with them both from the time i got here. Williams is headed to hot country in San Gil and the Jensens are there. Jimenez is headed to Bogota to be a Zone Leader. He never has had a leadership position and isn't to excited about it, but truth be told he is one of the best missionaries in the entire mission. As for me and Elder Pelero, nothing has changed, except i am the new DISTRICT LEADER!! I cant even believe it, I am doing to die. I don't have to do a whole lot except the thing i am a little worried about is the fact i have to do all the baptism interviews in my district, and we should be having a ton in the next little while. And i am only worried about that cause my spanish. But it should improve as we have 2 new latins that are going to be living in the house, so no more english. But in the Area of Sol, we are getting a newbie, and elder Coro will be training him. Elder coro is the old assistant, and he is a great missionary so i will have lots of help to be district leader. In talking with elder morris today, i have had the most success out of my group with the MTC and none of them are getting transfered as well. I have 17 baptisms that i have been here for, and 10 are ones that i have found and taught all. So i should be pretty happy with that i guess. But yeah that is about all for that matter. As for crazy stuff around here, well i got to take a trip to the doctor on Tuesday. Cause well elder Williams gave me fleas, and they got really bad with us both so President had us go to the doctor to get something for it. So we went and met the ZL´s there as well as elder Wagstaff. Cause he has fleas too. And we got all checked out and well we got to receive a little shot for the dang things!! Well they don't do it in the arm here, so we 3 got to drop em´ and we got shots in the BUTT!!! So I have lived the life here. Elder Williams and i just took a quick step back and looked at what we just did. Yeah, we remembered that we are in COLOMBIA! So yeah. The doctor here is an adventure. So yeah, that is the big news of the week, transfers and getting shot in the butt!
As for stamps, i would like you to send me some stamps. I think it would be really easy to send it in a big envelope like you did the pictures, cause i want some more. I need and would like one of the family, one that mary took right before i left. Please and thank you. That is about it, so yeah, i have been doing good. We have a new family, Fam. Cuellar that we have a baptism date for the 22. Miguel, is a member that has been inactive for more than 20 years, and he has his wife and 3 little kids. So it has been cool to see them come back to the church. They both are english professers here, so well they speak really good english. They just came up to me and started talking to me and my comp in english cause Pelero looks Gringo. And we found out later that he is a member. It is sweet cause he will baptize his family. As for me, just got fleas, and it has been way hot during the day and freezing at night. But nothing i cant handle cause it is hotter in utah as well as colder. Thanks for all the love and support. I love you very much. Tell the ward hello as well as friends and family. Thanks, i love you.

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009

Hi mom,
Thanks for the quick letter today. I hope all is well in Steamboat. I am doing great here in Colombia. As you saw from the pictures I had 2 baptisms this past Saturday, and well I wont lie, I was HAPPY!! It was great to finally have Jessica get baptized. She is so awesome. And Elizabeth was baptized by her brother! So well I was pleased. As for me I have almost gotten over my cold, and am doing great. I have learned a lot about who I am in the last transfer, cause there is only 1 more week in this one. And sadly there will be a change in the house, Williams or Jimenez will be leaving us, I doubt I get transferred. But who really knows anything around this place. I am just a happy guy right now, and I am just trying to do what the lord wants and find the people that I need to talk to. It is a little hard cause sometimes, cause my companion goes into lazy mode sometimes. But I am learning how to cope with it and get him working again. Also I got all the Dear elders about Jordan. I enjoyed them greatly, I know how he feels. Sometimes this work can be really hard. No I think all the time. But it is good for us and like he said it is only for 2 short years. I cant believe he already has a month out!! But I cant complain I have 6 tomorrow, can you believe that mom! I cant. Also, I got a great letter from Amanda and Amy Morrison. You might have to give them my e-mail cause well I don’t know how dear elder will work now that pouch has died. Tell them thanks and thanks for the support. It is great to hear from people. Also I got one from Bro. Nicholas, he is great, thank him a bunch, but he also used pouch, let him know that no more pouch. Mom i am so happy that I decided to serve a mission. I doubt I would be doing anything good with my time if I was at home. So I am happy I here. I hope all is well. I am doing great. Love you so much love your son.

Email July 27, 2009

Sorry this is a week late

Well hi mom,
I am also under the weather, I have picked up a cold here in the last 2 days and it is terrible. But well what can you do. I am doing just lovely here in Sogomoso. I don’t really have much to say except, well I deleted all my sweet pictures on accident this morning, and we didn’t have a baptism. Marcella was no where to be found on Saturday and well yeah so it fell through. Friday night she called us and said she couldn’t get baptized, because her mom was not going to pay for school or anything and basically kick her out of the house. So we went and talked with her and she made the decision to do it. Then we tried to call her at around 10 and she didn’t answer so I was a little worried. Then the next morning she didn’t answer until later in the morning like 930ish and said no she wasn’t going to go through with it. But we had the wedding of Elder Williams to be to at 1030 so we went to that which was great and then we tried to find Marcella at the house and by phone and couldn’t do it. So we just had Williams baptisms. He baptized an awesome family. I don’t have my pictures so I asked Williams to tell his mom to send you some to see cause we ate lunch at Fam. Peña´s house on Sunday, and they just have a ton of animals, monkeys, cows, horses, chickens, goats and dogs. It was really sweet. But like I said I deleted my pictures. But don’t worry I didn’t even get mad. It was my own stupid fault. But yeah, all good with me. The big news from here is well NO MORE POUCH!! So I can e-mail everybody I want now. The only rule is family first then president. So yeah. Also got my box on Friday, everything in it. Thank you so much! The shoes are great. Also I got a great letter from Bro Doane, Cassidy VanDyke, and the ward news letter. Call Cassidy and tell her I need her e-mail address, and also the people in the ward, cause they can still write me for regular mail. I seem to get all of those too. I will respond via e-mail cause well I don’t know how to send a letter from here. But I will look into it. Also tell cass to name her son NATHAN DUH. So yeah, don’t really know full details on pouch thing, just know that I cant send letters via pouch now. Also for me to send a package it is about 35 bucks that is 1 kilo any over that is about 55 bucks. So it is a little expensive. My Comp said it is way cheaper from Argentina. But oh well. Also ask Paula about Matè. I guess they drank it. Also when you send me another package, one day, I NEED PILLS Sudafed, Nyquil, Dayquil, and Benadryl. BAD cause well I cant buy those here, Sudafed kinda, but well it is made in Colombia. other than that I am doing just great. We should be having some baptisms this week. But we will see. I love you so much and thank you for all your love and support. Love Nate.