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Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Monday, August 3, 2009

Email July 27, 2009

Sorry this is a week late

Well hi mom,
I am also under the weather, I have picked up a cold here in the last 2 days and it is terrible. But well what can you do. I am doing just lovely here in Sogomoso. I don’t really have much to say except, well I deleted all my sweet pictures on accident this morning, and we didn’t have a baptism. Marcella was no where to be found on Saturday and well yeah so it fell through. Friday night she called us and said she couldn’t get baptized, because her mom was not going to pay for school or anything and basically kick her out of the house. So we went and talked with her and she made the decision to do it. Then we tried to call her at around 10 and she didn’t answer so I was a little worried. Then the next morning she didn’t answer until later in the morning like 930ish and said no she wasn’t going to go through with it. But we had the wedding of Elder Williams to be to at 1030 so we went to that which was great and then we tried to find Marcella at the house and by phone and couldn’t do it. So we just had Williams baptisms. He baptized an awesome family. I don’t have my pictures so I asked Williams to tell his mom to send you some to see cause we ate lunch at Fam. Peña´s house on Sunday, and they just have a ton of animals, monkeys, cows, horses, chickens, goats and dogs. It was really sweet. But like I said I deleted my pictures. But don’t worry I didn’t even get mad. It was my own stupid fault. But yeah, all good with me. The big news from here is well NO MORE POUCH!! So I can e-mail everybody I want now. The only rule is family first then president. So yeah. Also got my box on Friday, everything in it. Thank you so much! The shoes are great. Also I got a great letter from Bro Doane, Cassidy VanDyke, and the ward news letter. Call Cassidy and tell her I need her e-mail address, and also the people in the ward, cause they can still write me for regular mail. I seem to get all of those too. I will respond via e-mail cause well I don’t know how to send a letter from here. But I will look into it. Also tell cass to name her son NATHAN DUH. So yeah, don’t really know full details on pouch thing, just know that I cant send letters via pouch now. Also for me to send a package it is about 35 bucks that is 1 kilo any over that is about 55 bucks. So it is a little expensive. My Comp said it is way cheaper from Argentina. But oh well. Also ask Paula about Matè. I guess they drank it. Also when you send me another package, one day, I NEED PILLS Sudafed, Nyquil, Dayquil, and Benadryl. BAD cause well I cant buy those here, Sudafed kinda, but well it is made in Colombia. other than that I am doing just great. We should be having some baptisms this week. But we will see. I love you so much and thank you for all your love and support. Love Nate.

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