Nate's Address

Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Monday, December 14, 2009

Email--December 14, 2009

Family email---Well yeah I am getting transferred to another part of Bogota.  Also we went to the Hard Rock Cafe today for birthdays, today is Wagstaff's birthday, mine is in a week, and Butler's is on the 29th.  We had a good time there.  It was a good learning experience for me here,  but well all things change in the mission.
I LOVE THE 24 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS thanks all who participated.  I read from Uji today.  She is so so funny, I loved her letter.  I am glad to hear from you all that all is going good.  I am sad I am missing the snow. I am sorry I am short today but well I have a million things going through my mind.  But I love you all and thank you for you support. love nate

Natali email---I love you with all my heart!  On saturday we were eating lunch and they were asking about family and I said I have an older sister, who is in fact graduating as we speak! so CONGRATS.  I am so so proud of you and happy for you.   Well natali, i am just so happy for you what a great acomplishment in your life.  So even though I missed it I am so proud and happy for you!  Also thank you for the family blog update.  It is pretty sweet with all the pictures.  The cabin kitchin IS LEGIT!! I am so excited.  Ok well I love you and thank you for all you do for me.  And you can open your letters on new years eve that would be cooler cause I get to talk to you on christmas.  You are the greatest sister I could ever have.  Thank you and I love you. Love your brother Nathan





Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Email December 7, 2009

Hey I am sorry I am getting this off late but I was at the mall sending your stuff home for Christmas and it is super different here in Bogota, they weren't very nice like the nice lady is Sogomoso. So who knows you may not even get it and they uped the prices this past week, so good thing I have been saving no?
I am doing really good. The biggest news with me is we got a new zone leader before transfers due to stress problems but for me was good cause they sent my old comp elder Pelero here from Sogomoso. So I got to see him and play soccer with him today. I miss being his comp. He is a good kid and yeah not much else is going on. The 24 days of Christmas are going GREAT!! Ithank all who helped. I love it. Other than that I got sun burned on my arms again today and yeah
Also, I forgot that yesterday a very tall white man walked in to church and sat down by me. Well he ended up being from Canada, and he is a pilot. He is working here for a big oil company. They fly and do some kind of test to guess where to drill and look for gas and oil. He flies all over the US and Canada, and has been to Ft. Mac a ton. So I told him dad had work up there and what not. So he told me to look him up after my mission and whenever he is here he is going to come to that ward. So that was kinda cool. I have his business card. He speaks no spanish, it reminded me of the first months here. He is from Calgary by the way. I think he works for air partners if i remember correctly. And yeah. We have Zone conference tomorrow and all is good here. Still no baptisms but we are getting there. Mom I love you so much and thank you for all your love and support. Tell dad I am sorry the dog was in his bed, but well I didn't teach him that. haha love you
love your son nathan

Monday, November 30, 2009

Email November 30, 2009

I am doing really great. I had a good thanksgiving on Tuesday with the Helm Family from Idaho. She works in the US embassy here and well is pretty high up in the thing. They have been here for 2 and a half years. So it was a good time. It was a mix of Colombian and Americans. Her family had come down to visit. But it was pretty sweet, I got to eat things I didn't think were possible. Such as black olives, lemons, and gravy. I have pictures, but unfortuantely, my camera was loaned out to the Bustos family to take pictures of their daughters graduation, cause theirs broke a few weeks ago. So yeah. I will get them to you here in the next week or so. As well as a picture of me for a Christmas card.

And I cant tell you how excited I am to open my letters tomorrow, it has been killing me. And I still can't decide to save the pictures for christmas or open them tomorrow. But we will see. Mom I think that is the best thing you could have done. As to thank you´s I have written over 20 letters for Christmas already so you may have to just thank people for me. I will write more to anyone i didn't write a letter to.

ok well you asked about our investigators, we actually are teaching a lot of different people. But i will name the most important.
Maria, her husband is a recent convert, and she was in the coast when he joined with his 2 boys of a different woman. She left and was pregnant about a year ago and lost the baby, so well she is back again, but well hates god. So she is super hard, but has
progressed a ton in the last little bit, ans she told us that she doesn't believe in other churches only ours or the Catholic. so yeah she is coming along.

Carmenza is the wife of a member. He found us in the street and presented us to her. And well she is the toughest lady ever that I met. but she also has progressed a ton. She doesn't understand the book of mormon, and wants everything to be logical. She wont take that leap of faith and also i think she has more money then we do. She is in charge of a pharmacutical deal here and yeah she is in charge of colombia, bolivia, venezela and ecuador and peru. so yeah and she is married only one year and was married like 20 years and got divorced because her husband bought a motorcycle. Well that was the final straw for her, there were many other factors.

And the final is Nicole. She is 17 and is awesome. She is from Bolivia, and living here with her aunt and uncle. She is really cool. She never really questioned about god and what not, so i just explained to her neither did i but i have found out what he really is and how important he is. So I hope she will progress here in the next week or so.

ok well that is about it for me. I hope you had a great thanksgiving. I heard it was good at the cabin. Mom i love you and thank you for everything.
With lots of love your son

Monday, November 23, 2009

Email November 23, 2009

Well mom,
I just spent about 8 minutes reading your letter, which was GREAT. Thank you so much, I love reading your updates. I will keep Dave in my prayers give him a special hug from me and Maxine as well. I miss them. But that sounds like a good time helping Marie move. Will you take a quick picture of it when you are over there, I don’t know what their house ended up looking like. Also are you going to die with her so far away? I hope not. As for me, I am struggling a little bit, nothing to worry about, but some days are just hard. But I have my testimony and my Father in Heaven to help me. We had Stake conference this past weekend, which was really good. I got to see President Camargo. And President Hacking spoke, as well as Sister Hacking. Our stakes theme is D&C 84:106. So our main goal is to get less active people back, cause only like 33 percent are active, which is quite sad. But yeah, not much more news, except I found a good scripture for you and dad to read. It is D&C68:25. I think that is it. But yeah, you are such great parents to me and I think did a really good job with our family. Not perfect, in fact Dysfunctional, but we turned out ok. I was the sour grape for sure. But hopefully with my good example my brothers will also choose to serve the lord. It is a great experence, but I won't lie, I have taken a toll, physically, as well as emotionally. But well that is all part of the learning and I can't complain. I have a father and mother that both work their butts off so why not me. I want to go back to Utah state when I get home. But I am disappointed that I will miss the semester by 3 weeks. I don't know, maybe I can get something changed to make it. But I am not worried about that now. I just had the revelation given to me this week, that that is what I need to do. Ok well I am good. I love you all have a happy thanks giving, to those who helped with my Christmas, thank you very much. I love you all. I pray for you all and thank you all for the prayers.
With lots of love your son and friend

Monday, November 16, 2009

Email Nov. 16, 2009

hi mom,

Thanks for the letter this week it was great. I am doing great. I had a good pday and went and had my clothes washed at a members house and so we are really short on time. But we have 2 women that we are teaching that have more pride than the whole naegle family combined so well they are a struggle but my comp and I are going to get it done. We are enjoying the challenge. So yeah I am doing really good I have gotten to know my comp and he is awesome. We get along just great. So no problems there. The ward I am in is great.. so that is cool. and yes i was there when jorge bustos added you on face book he is an awesome guy. His wife served in the Cali mission here and a companion of hers is down here working for the embassy and invited them to thanksgiving dinner because jorge lived in the states. So they invited me and my companion so that should be pretty sweet. I am excited and turkey is rare here so it is really expensive so it should be a good treat. I am looking forward to your package with the box turkey. Ok well i also want to tell you that i am happy and doing well. It rained so stinkin hard today it was unbelievable, but I didn't have my camera and well things are going good for me. It has been nice living in the house with just me and my comp cause I get my own bathroom and what not. So it is super tidy. You would be surprised I think but yeah I love you all and I have been talking to Jordan he sounds good. Also I met a girl here this past week that was visiting from the coast, and I asked her who was in her ward, and well small world Parker had just gotten transferred there. I guess he is a new ZL so that is cool for him.. and yeah she was here visiting her boyfriend who is our ward mission leader. So yeah small world it was pretty cool cause we had lunch with them on Sunday. So yeah not much else but I am doing good. love you all and take some pictures of the snow. love you all
love Nate

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Email Nov 9, 2009

Well thanks mom. You sure are awesome and very good to me. I guess that is what I get for being the favorite.I got a new companion this week from Chile so it should be good he speaks very good english too. I am doing good here and the ward has given us a bunch of references here in the last week or so. But yeah i am just here in Bogota and doing what Ishould be. That is super cool about preston and his blessing. I wish I would have gotten mine sooner. To be honest, because it talks a ton about my mission but well that is the way it goes and icant complain because it is from the lord. Also this week in our chapel was the primary program. It was cool and brought a stong spirit but it was good. Also Natali asked me this week what I make myself to eat here in the house. Well i eat a lot of pasta with katchup, i ate over a pound of katchup last month and i eat cereal, bread cheese ham I dont know the usual for me. pretty plain for me. I dont like to spend lots of money on food or buy anything exciting cause it just gets eaten when other missionaries come over. I also have hot chocolate and tang for my drinks. They also have a super good soda here that is apple flavored. it is really good. i also eat ground beef and yeah not a whole lot more. the treats you send me and chocolate that is called Jet, and it comes with animal stickers, and so i am collecting them all I have the album. so yeah that is kinda the food dept. I am pretty boring, but I try and stay regular, and eat those things with fruit, not many vegtables, at lunch yes in the house no. I have come to love Red peppers they are super super good.and yeah that is about all i got for yall this week. we had other elders over today to play soccer and they ended up making lunch in our kitchen and well left it a MESS so yeah i had just finished cleaning the whole house this morning and well get to clean the kitchen again but whatever I like cleaning. also i get to go to the temple again tomorrow, it isnt as awesome in spanish, but it is still good, and i am excited. should be a good time. i love you all and thanks for the support. Please tell amy morrison thanks, i got a bunch of dear elders from her. as well as the ones from my friend that you send. it is cool to hear what they are up to. i love you all and thank you for the support. Mom thanks for the weekly letters it is great. i love you all
love nathan

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Email Nov. 2, 2009

Hey mom,

Well another week down, and I didn't get transferred. I got a new companion from Peru named, Elder Oyarzun. Never met him before. But i guess we will see how it goes. They closed the other area in my district so I am in charge of the 2 areas, but will only work in the one when there are references. So we will see how it goes. Wagstaff got moved to Bogota and is now a Zone Leader with my first companion, Elder Torres. So that should be cool. And his birthday is a week before mine, so i think we are going to go to Hard Rock or something for that. So it may show up on my card. Haha we will see i guess. But i have a favor to ask. I need you to pass by Mr Mac and ask if you can by new insoles for my Ecco shoes. And it isnt like right now, but with in the next little while. Ya know at the bottom of your list. Also, i have a favor to ask for Christmas, which i know is a long way off, but I know the family, so I would like 1 letter from each member as well each of them pick a photo of me and them, If they exist, and send it to me. That is what i would like. I have a big list of letters to write to the family, grandparents and friends. So hopefully I can take some time on Pday to get it all done. I don't have much else to tell you other then i am doing good. I am extremely happy about the Yankees, cause well I have some money riding on them. So they better pull it out tonight. I am rooting for them. Thanks for all the love and support and i will try and be more interesting next week with all the changes that will happen this week. Also i will try and get Jay written i think i will have time i don't have many people to write ok I love you and hope you are having a good time at the cabin. As you know, there are good and bad days. but the good thing is i have figured out in the last 7 months i been here how to make even the bad days turn into better days. So well yeah. I love you and thank you for all the support.
Love your son nate

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Nate was robbed on Friday night and had to send a letter to the mission president about the incident so he forwarded it on to Will. At the top he says "Hey my cool experience-dad tell mom all is fine!!

Well President,

What happened was, i was on splits with Elder Morris cause he was in the hospital, and they had an appointment, and the Zone Leaders couldn't split with them. So we helped out. We had gotten back late, so my comp. told me to just come and sleep there in Chia, because we also had baptism clothes they needed. So we passed by our house in Cedros about 8:30 and left to go catch trasmilennial, to catch the bus to chia, and we walked for the canal. It is about a 100 yard stretch to Calle 170, and we had always walked along there, because always lots of people, all lit with lights and never been a problem. And well the 2 dudes were just walkin on the other side of the sidewalk, and about 10 feet in front of us they took a huge step sideways and just started saying money, cell phone, NOW and so i reached for my wallet and pulled out my 9 mil which was all i had, and the other dude pulled a knife on Elder Morris and he didn't have time to just pull his money out so he just gave him his whole wallet, and they wanted the cell phone but i thought Elder Morris had it, and he thought i had it and well they wanted to be quick. so that was about it, it was over in about 30 seconds, and we were just astounded. But with the knife, we didnt want problems. After, we were talking and we think we got robbed with a butter knife, but butter knife or not, it isnt worth the money to find out. so we are fine, and all is well. ok well talk to you later, thanks for your love and concern. You may share this email with your wife. ok Love elder Naegle

Monday, October 19, 2009

Email October 19, 2009

Nate got to go to the temple this week for the first time and said it was "AWESOME" He also got to see some elders from his MTC group and so that was fun.

Well family,

Another week gone and I am doing pretty good I sent you some pictures and a voice recording, hopefully you could pick out a little bit of my Spanish, if not, well you now know a little how I have felt for the last 6 months. I am enduring to the end here, and only 2 weeks left, and well my district has been having some problems one is super down hearted cause well we are in a tough area. But yeah I answered most of moms questions in my tape. Sorry this isn’t super long. Andrew how were try outs? Preston you headed to the dance in these next few weeks? Natali, you are just flat out awesome for taking pictures for me I love being able to look at them. Also tell Eric and Denise congrats on their baby, I haven’t seen him or known about him before today. I love you all and hope you are doing great. It has been raining like crazy the last 2 weeks here, I kinda feel like Jordan in Seattle. So yeah doing good. Working when I get the chance, that is if I can get my comp out of the members houses. But it should pick up, I am going to send a letter to president here next and see what he can do for me to get my a hard working comp, cause they are going to close the other area in my district cause we just don’t have the missionaries, and it has only had 5 baptisms in the last year or so. And well I can do them both, if I get a good comp that wants to work. Ok I love you all and hope all is well love your son and brother Nate!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

E-mail October 12, 2009

Well mom,

I love you. And i know that i did spend a lot of Money on the jacket, but well it rained all day today and i was so happy i have had it for the last couple of days. So it was worth it. Ok i am doing great. Not a whole lot has gone on this past week cause we don't get a whole lot done in the week. Cause well only one here is trying to work, and it is also hard cause we have such a different mentality of what a missionary is. So well i just keep a lot a lot to myself and don't worry about a lot of things that go on. And yeah. Also i got to know one of the other elders in my district, elder Leiva. He is way cool and i think he will end up being my next companion cause they are going to close his area, maybe and we will have 2 areas cause we just don't have the missionaries that coming, like 18 are leaving with my comp. And like 8 are coming so president has to close some areas. So yeah. Yes i send robb a funny email. So yeah i am doing good. I get to go to the temple tomorrow for the first time. So it should be really good i am really happy and also i heard my Package came with my ipod so i am headed down to the office tomorrow after the temple to get it. So yeah. I am happy about that. And i am half way through this transfer, it has flown by. Also got a letter from charlie he is doing good in sacramento. So yeah. Well i gotta run. I love you all and i need a special favor, please give brother Doane a special thanks from me, truth be told had he and Steve not been my leaders i don't know if i would have come on a mission so thank them both. Ok i love you all and mom my apartment is right by the drainage canal. It is calle 168 with 14-45 there is a big drainage thing next to it. Ok love you love nate GO YANKEES for andrew tell him to update me.

Know that because of you i am a hard worker and it has come in real handy here and i am sure it
will even more after this wild ride im on. ok i love you hope things are good.
love your son nate.

Well my sister,

I am so deeply grateful for you and those things you do for me. I am so happy for you and that you are just EXCEEDING in everything you do. Makes me proud to be your brother. Know that i am so happy for you and that i am SO happy you are not getting married, because well as your brother i want to be there. (but dont let that stop you if im not) But yes i have thought about that day when i walk off that airplane, it is so far away but yet it will be a day of SUCH GREAT JOY for us all. Know i love you with all my heart and that you are such a good example to me. You were always the righteous one in the family. And well i have actually figured out what this whole church thing is if you can believe it! Sorry mine are short to you. But i have a great sister that keeps in touch. Dont worry how much you write, i will take one line that says you are doing good. So know i love you and pray for you con mucho amor, su hermano nate

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

E-mail Oct. 5, 2009

hey mom sorry this is short. Ok I love you and am so happy you are my mother. I am doing great here and yes I listened and learned a ton from conference. I listened to them all in English We need to go back and study the conference talks a ton before the next one. I hope that everybody is reading the BOM with me still if not they need to cause it is such a blessing in our lives and if they don't want to go listen to Elder Hollands talk and they will be humbled. My favorite talk was by Elder Andersen he was great as well as Elder Ballard. Those were my 2 favorites. If you talk to Kirsten again tell Jake good luck and to work hard. It flys by. I must say I can't be mad at Parker cause yes I also have pictures in a dress haha but mine aren't in public! also how is my good ole friend Clark doing?
ok well i love you and know i pray for you all tell everybody hello and cant wait to hear from you next week i love you
with lots of love Nathan

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Voice Recording...& oops

Sorry for the earlier email blast, that was a really old email that I meant to delete but instead I accidentally published it, so don't be confused by reading that one.

Here is another voice recording from Nate. He bears his testimony and talks about how much he loved it. I love hearing his voice, and maybe if you miss it as much as I do, you will too.

Voice Recording October 5, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

A new area and goodbyes

Hey family,

Well the news from the transfer. Well it was really hard, on Monday night we had a noche de hogar with fam. Cuellar, and I just shared my testimony and we talked and took a few pictures. It was really hard to say good bye, and Siomara (their mom) cried the whole time. It was a little funny. Cause Miguel made fun of her the whole time. But it was great I am so happy for them. I am so happy I found them. Also with Fam. Jimenez, on Monday and they were awesome too. They gave me a sweet hat as a gift, it reminds me of dad. He would love it. It is kinda like your nike golf but a brand here called Totto. It is my kind of brand, they make backpacks and that kind of stuff. So I was happy. They are a great family. Also the girls from fam. Cuellar gave me a little stuffed bear. It was cute. Then the time came and I said goodbye. Ok then Tuesday I went down in the morning and said bye to Alfonso. He is a great old man. He was sad I was leaving so I gave him one more blessing. Then we left for the terminal. Then on the way to Tunja, with elder Diaz, we got stopped, and searched, so I was once again touched by a Colombian man………..yeah don’t want to remember that. Haha but then yeah he got off in Tunja to go to his area in Buccaramunga. And I went solo to Bogota. Then I worked with the zone leaders for the day until night cause my comp was off doing busy stuff I guess. Then I got to my house and slept on the ground because elder Romero was leaving on Thursday, so it was his last night in the house, I froze! Then we went to the office to drop him off, traveling here in the city is a nightmare!! But yeah. Also the house was GROSS!! I spent all morning cleaning. I called president to ask if he would pay for the cleaning supplies cause well, there were 4 huge trash bags full of trash that I picked up. So yeah, the house is semi clean, I think it would pass a dad or mom inspection so I was happy about that. Also another cool thing, I got to eat Coastal food, at one of my lunches, so I thought of Parker, and well, we are eating the same dang thing. Haha so you will have to tell him. Also my comp is from Coasta Rica, and well he is a good kid. But doest want to work to hard, but we are none the less working. So yeah I just am studying super hard, and learning a lot. So I am good so far, except it is super cold. But I like it here, but not the big city so much. My area is called Cedros. And my address is Calle 168 #14b-45 I live in 2 big towers. It is kinda cool. Everything here is gated and private so all our investigators are references. So that is kinda cool. I had to but a new coat because I had mine stolen. I am definatly not in Kansas anymore. Well that is about it I am great. Learning lots. Loving life. Thanks for all the love and support from the ward and friends it means a lot! Love nate!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Email Sept. 21, 2009

Nate sent various pictures and just a quick email saying he was being transferred to Bogota. He is both excited to go somewhere new but sad to leave Sogamoso. He had 20 baptisms while serving there. He has learned to love many of the people there. He will be in a very wealthy area that has no investigators and a companion who goes home in 6 weeks. He is anxious to get to work. More next week (I hope)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Email Sept. 14, 2009

hi dad,
I have been doing great here and I am sad to say but I think I will be getting transferred next week, and I don't want to leave the people I have met and found here. It is a great area so we will see. Also how is work going? hopefully you are still finding it and are not having huge problems. I am as busy as a bee. So no worries there. Also this morning I started the Book of Mormon to try and finish it before the end of the year and want to challenge the whole family to do so. So i hope you will make time in your busy day to read a few pages every day. Also 2 funny stories. At the baptism, Alfonso, my 73 year old man didn't think I baptized him deep enough so he yelled out, That was it!?!? DUNK ME DEEPER!! he didn't think i had quite washed all his sins away. It was pretty funny. It also made me quite happy and all the people laugh in the baptism. And the second is my companion has been causing me a lot of grief this past week about small stupid things, so i have been just turning the other cheek and being patient, and today we played soccer, his passion, that is all he thinks about and well my team smoked his team, it was kinda my way of saying I'm not to be walked all over. and I didn't gloat or say anything just left it all on the field and he had plenty of excuses which elder Wagstaff and I laughed about over lunch. We beat him by 6. So yeah it was nice. But yeah i am doing great thanks for all your love and support. i liked the picture of you skiing. Also i am glad you are my dad, and for all the opportunities you gave me. hope you're well and will take the BOM challenge with me. with love your son nathan

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Letter Sept. 4, 2009

Dear Family,
I thought I would send Clark a package for his birthday so I put in a letter for you. I am very happy with my decision to serve the Lord. Even though it is hard and I miss you all like crazy, I know I will see you again and I am helping the few people that I can find. Also I have learned so much about myself here. It has been a wonderful 7 months thus far. As for the companion situation, well I have had 3 GREAT companions but also a bit trying at times. I am sure glad I get to pick my eternal companion. Cause man we meet a lot of unhappy couples. But also some very happy, happy couples like Family Cuellar, Family, Merchan (the family sealed in the temple this past Saturday Aug. 29) and the bishop and his wife. I love being able to teach the plan of salvation. We know so much about what is to come and that it is not only this short period on Earth. Families can be together forever. That be one regret I have of my before mission life. Family was just family but now my most cherished memories are of vacations, Sundays, and time spent together. I was part to blame, I thought friends were more important. It seems right before I left and now you are together a lot more. I think that may have to do with age and me being gone as well. But I will not be gone forever!! But it will be hard because soon after I come home then Preston leaves. So make the most of it now. I am so happy to be a part of this "dysfunctional" family. I love you all and hope this letter finds all well.
With many hugs, prayers, and kisses

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Email Sept. 7, 2009

Nate did not send an email this week. He did send a voice recording that said he is excited about a 73 year old man that will be baptized this next week. They found him drunk on the street and he has since quit drinking and smoking and so excited to be baptized. I don't know how to put the recording's on the blog but I can forward it to anyone if you want to hear his voice. He said he was HAPPY. He also said that his good buddy Elder Williams had to have emergency surgery yesterday to remove his appendix. SCARY!! We are praying for you Elder Williams!! The
These pictures came from the bus ride to Mongui. He says they make soccer balls there and it si pretty sweet!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Email August 30, 2009

Hi mom,
Well you want a good email to put in the news letter, well, I had 3 baptisms this past weekend!!! I forgot my camera so you will have to wait until next week for pictures but yeah we had the baptism of Fam. Cuellar. We found them in the street one day and they contacted my companion and I in English, cause they both are English professors here. They thought we were both Gringos, it was really weird to see my companion look at me when something was being said. Haha. But we later found out that Miguel is a member that has been inactive for about 20 years, and we taught them all over again, and well he got the priesthood, and baptized his wife and 2 daughters, and their youngest son is 5 so in 3 short years they will have a complete family. It was a little crazy, cause Siomara, the mom, told me she basically had the worst day of her life before the baptism. They were about 40 minutes late, and there one daughter, Camila, who is 9 didn’t want to get baptized, hence she isn’t in any of the pictures, but once she saw her mom and sister Paula, do it she wanted to. It was a crazy night. I was so happy for them. And if I am in Bogota in 1 year, I can go through the temple with them, HOPEFULLY!!! I am praying. Also, the ward went to the temple on Saturday and 2 of the families got sealed, One of them is the man that I have pictures with Obama the Sheep. He was so so so so so happy on Sunday, just grinning from ear to ear. So that was pretty cool to see. I wish I could have gone so bad, but pres. Hacking said no. other than that I am doing pretty good. I have had a really bad headache, since Saturday morning, so not so sure what that deal was. And also i have found a other friend to go to Utah state after, Wagstaff told me today that he wanted to. So that should be good. Thanks for all the love and support. If you see ali here in the next little while tell her hi, and that I e-mailed her. As for me I am just dandy. I found a wonderful talk in the October 2008 conference, that I would advise everybody who reads this letter to go and review it again, it is “Come what may and Love it” by Joseph B Worthlin. It is really good, and it brought me a lot of comfort this past week. I love you thanks for all the love and support mom. And remember, you can do it all even when you think you cant, cause you have been doing it all for the past 19 years I have been around. I love you mom! Love your son nathan

Well dad,
Thanks for your letter and support. I like to hear that your investment, is paying off the way you want it too. And before you know it I will get to enjoy it with you. That is cool that steve and Claudia were up there with you. Tell them both hello when you get a chance, and that I am so grateful for all their support over the years with soccer, young mens , and just being the parents of one of my best friends, they were practically like 2nd parents to me. As to bear, I am glad he is still around. And the blood hounds, I want one really bad, but I have well time to think around here, and I doubt I buy one of them when I get back. I have learned that I need an obedient dog, and huskys and bloodhounds are not known for that. You did give me any opportunity I ever wanted, minus the dirtbike when I was 8. Which, to be honest was a good thing. So thank you for giving me those opportunities. I think I will do things differently, in that have more open weekends to be at the cabin, or backpacking. But who knows, my kids may want to be playing baseball every weekend. That is all in due time. As to Sogomoso, right now it is the rainy season, it rains almost everyday. So I am quite happy that I had bought my rain jacket in bogota when I was there. Not much else, except it still gets to me that they don’t put their meat in the fridge. But well it goes down the hatch still the same. Also a cool thing, I found capt crunch in the store this week. I was thrilled, so I bought a box, to have a little treat this week. i love you and am so glad you are my dad. I learned a lot from, well I would say just about everything, from you and mom. I have such great parents, I like in 1 nephi, 1:1 cause that applies to me and our family. Hope all is well, and I cant think of anything new that I need answering right now. Thanks for all your love and support. I love you your son nathan

Monday, August 24, 2009

E-mail Aug. 24. 2009

Hi mom,
Well i really don't have anything new here to report, expect i did have 2 interviews with people being district leader and all. It was AWESOME both times, I was a little nervous, as to be expected, but they both went great and it was a great spiritual expeirence. I have been struggling a little with my companion cause I have been trying to be 100 percent obedient, with everything, and well it is been hard to do so cause he is a little trunky. But we are rolling with the punches and I am hoping that with some of the new people we have contacted, the work will pick up cause our area doesn’t have anything new right now. For example, we contacted about 40 people on Wednesday and well only 2 accepted to listen to us. But that is ok cause the book of mormon teaches us that the numbers will be few. As to fam. Cuellar, they are going to get baptized this Friday, and I am so happy for them! They have so many good questions, and she has fear that she will become disanimated after time and not want to come back, but I doubt she will, she is awesome. And we have talked a ton about temples and temple marriage, and they are excited to have that expeirence. So they will be great. What else is new, as to the money thing, well I actually have a ton in cash, cause I got a ton out the last month and got a ton paid back. And well the Bogota thing was a one time thing, so no se precupa. ( don’t worry about it) I have it under control. I have decided that I need to just wait until the end of my mission to buy all that junk, cause by then I doubt I will want a lot of it. I am happy to hear that you had a good time at the cabin!! 29 people I bet was hard for you but yet a blast. Kara and Melissa both e-mailed me and said it is BEAUTIFUL and awesome. So hopefully that means they will be back a bunch more next summer. Natali didn’t get the blog updated for me but I am sure she is super busy, with school and all. So I will see them next week. I love you so much and am doing great. No problems here so no need to worry. I am glad the dog is just living it up while I am gone. Keep him around cause I would like to kick him in the butt when I get home. It is so sad cause here, none of the dogs will play with you cause they all have such a fear of humans. I feel so bad. But they go to the celestial kingdom none the less. Bear has it easy, gets fed everyday and has water and somebody to love on him. But yeah. Love you a lot from Colombia love you love your son, yes I am your favorite, love Nathan
Ps I saw the pictures of Parker, that hat he is wearing if it is original, is expensive like over 100 bucks!!!! But no worries, I don’t think I am going to buy one, cause when would I wear it!! And as to the expensive coat I bought, yeah I have worn it just about every day so it was a good buy. Haha I love you love nate

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

E-mail Aug. 17. 2009

Obama the sheep-he head butted me!!
Hermano Merchan
Hard Rock in Bogota
Elder Williams leaving

Hi mom,

Well yes another P-day. This week was eventful with Jimenez and Williams leaving. As well as i got to go to Bogota on friday. It was just all a big adventure. We got 2 new elders in the house, Elder Bastidas from Ecuador, and Elder Diaz from Dallas. And the old AP elder Coro, is in the other Sogomoso House with elder Burns. It is cool to see new gringos, cause it shows how much i have learned and grown. As to biss, haha I remeber those days with a companion that was totally opposite from me. But I learned a ton and am glad now I had that experience with Elder Sorenson. He is a great kid. I bet biss is glad he only has 3 weeks in the MTC! That is sweet for Jay, he will be great in Brazil, and i am also very glad that i have six months under my belt and am not just starting. As for my Package, just surprise me! But one thing i do want is beef jerky. As to the Cabin, from what it looks and sounds like it has been a sweet place to get away and have some fun. So don't stress to much about it. A little side note, we are in internet, and it is owned by an inactive member and she just tagged her kid on the head cause he bumped her. she is insane. But yeah if you saw on the pictures we had a good time in Bogota! it was cool, but man i was lost. Salt lake is little! but yeah it was a good time. I am so happy that most of my friend have decided to go on missions because you learn so much about yourself as well as the lord and it is a great experience! I hope both my brothers decide to serve the lord for 2 years, cause it is a wild ride! Sorry this is a little short but you have 2 voice recordings i am doing great and time is flying by here. i love you thanks for all your love and support. as to the shopping i did in bogota, just put it on my tab. love you
your son nate
ps my scripture and thought for this week is 2 Nephi 4:15-16

Monday, August 10, 2009

Email August 10, 2009

Just a quick note I called the mission department and the pouch is still available. I guess they mailed out a letter that confused everybody so there were questions. You can still send Nate letters through dearelder. That is the best way to get mail to him!! Thanks to all that write him!!

Well mom,
Thanks for the letter and all the support. It was great to hear from you. And well like you said, transfers are upon us. Well Both Elder Williams and Elder Jimenez se van. I am very sad about it because i have lived with them both from the time i got here. Williams is headed to hot country in San Gil and the Jensens are there. Jimenez is headed to Bogota to be a Zone Leader. He never has had a leadership position and isn't to excited about it, but truth be told he is one of the best missionaries in the entire mission. As for me and Elder Pelero, nothing has changed, except i am the new DISTRICT LEADER!! I cant even believe it, I am doing to die. I don't have to do a whole lot except the thing i am a little worried about is the fact i have to do all the baptism interviews in my district, and we should be having a ton in the next little while. And i am only worried about that cause my spanish. But it should improve as we have 2 new latins that are going to be living in the house, so no more english. But in the Area of Sol, we are getting a newbie, and elder Coro will be training him. Elder coro is the old assistant, and he is a great missionary so i will have lots of help to be district leader. In talking with elder morris today, i have had the most success out of my group with the MTC and none of them are getting transfered as well. I have 17 baptisms that i have been here for, and 10 are ones that i have found and taught all. So i should be pretty happy with that i guess. But yeah that is about all for that matter. As for crazy stuff around here, well i got to take a trip to the doctor on Tuesday. Cause well elder Williams gave me fleas, and they got really bad with us both so President had us go to the doctor to get something for it. So we went and met the ZL´s there as well as elder Wagstaff. Cause he has fleas too. And we got all checked out and well we got to receive a little shot for the dang things!! Well they don't do it in the arm here, so we 3 got to drop em´ and we got shots in the BUTT!!! So I have lived the life here. Elder Williams and i just took a quick step back and looked at what we just did. Yeah, we remembered that we are in COLOMBIA! So yeah. The doctor here is an adventure. So yeah, that is the big news of the week, transfers and getting shot in the butt!
As for stamps, i would like you to send me some stamps. I think it would be really easy to send it in a big envelope like you did the pictures, cause i want some more. I need and would like one of the family, one that mary took right before i left. Please and thank you. That is about it, so yeah, i have been doing good. We have a new family, Fam. Cuellar that we have a baptism date for the 22. Miguel, is a member that has been inactive for more than 20 years, and he has his wife and 3 little kids. So it has been cool to see them come back to the church. They both are english professers here, so well they speak really good english. They just came up to me and started talking to me and my comp in english cause Pelero looks Gringo. And we found out later that he is a member. It is sweet cause he will baptize his family. As for me, just got fleas, and it has been way hot during the day and freezing at night. But nothing i cant handle cause it is hotter in utah as well as colder. Thanks for all the love and support. I love you very much. Tell the ward hello as well as friends and family. Thanks, i love you.

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009

Hi mom,
Thanks for the quick letter today. I hope all is well in Steamboat. I am doing great here in Colombia. As you saw from the pictures I had 2 baptisms this past Saturday, and well I wont lie, I was HAPPY!! It was great to finally have Jessica get baptized. She is so awesome. And Elizabeth was baptized by her brother! So well I was pleased. As for me I have almost gotten over my cold, and am doing great. I have learned a lot about who I am in the last transfer, cause there is only 1 more week in this one. And sadly there will be a change in the house, Williams or Jimenez will be leaving us, I doubt I get transferred. But who really knows anything around this place. I am just a happy guy right now, and I am just trying to do what the lord wants and find the people that I need to talk to. It is a little hard cause sometimes, cause my companion goes into lazy mode sometimes. But I am learning how to cope with it and get him working again. Also I got all the Dear elders about Jordan. I enjoyed them greatly, I know how he feels. Sometimes this work can be really hard. No I think all the time. But it is good for us and like he said it is only for 2 short years. I cant believe he already has a month out!! But I cant complain I have 6 tomorrow, can you believe that mom! I cant. Also, I got a great letter from Amanda and Amy Morrison. You might have to give them my e-mail cause well I don’t know how dear elder will work now that pouch has died. Tell them thanks and thanks for the support. It is great to hear from people. Also I got one from Bro. Nicholas, he is great, thank him a bunch, but he also used pouch, let him know that no more pouch. Mom i am so happy that I decided to serve a mission. I doubt I would be doing anything good with my time if I was at home. So I am happy I here. I hope all is well. I am doing great. Love you so much love your son.

Email July 27, 2009

Sorry this is a week late

Well hi mom,
I am also under the weather, I have picked up a cold here in the last 2 days and it is terrible. But well what can you do. I am doing just lovely here in Sogomoso. I don’t really have much to say except, well I deleted all my sweet pictures on accident this morning, and we didn’t have a baptism. Marcella was no where to be found on Saturday and well yeah so it fell through. Friday night she called us and said she couldn’t get baptized, because her mom was not going to pay for school or anything and basically kick her out of the house. So we went and talked with her and she made the decision to do it. Then we tried to call her at around 10 and she didn’t answer so I was a little worried. Then the next morning she didn’t answer until later in the morning like 930ish and said no she wasn’t going to go through with it. But we had the wedding of Elder Williams to be to at 1030 so we went to that which was great and then we tried to find Marcella at the house and by phone and couldn’t do it. So we just had Williams baptisms. He baptized an awesome family. I don’t have my pictures so I asked Williams to tell his mom to send you some to see cause we ate lunch at Fam. Peña´s house on Sunday, and they just have a ton of animals, monkeys, cows, horses, chickens, goats and dogs. It was really sweet. But like I said I deleted my pictures. But don’t worry I didn’t even get mad. It was my own stupid fault. But yeah, all good with me. The big news from here is well NO MORE POUCH!! So I can e-mail everybody I want now. The only rule is family first then president. So yeah. Also got my box on Friday, everything in it. Thank you so much! The shoes are great. Also I got a great letter from Bro Doane, Cassidy VanDyke, and the ward news letter. Call Cassidy and tell her I need her e-mail address, and also the people in the ward, cause they can still write me for regular mail. I seem to get all of those too. I will respond via e-mail cause well I don’t know how to send a letter from here. But I will look into it. Also tell cass to name her son NATHAN DUH. So yeah, don’t really know full details on pouch thing, just know that I cant send letters via pouch now. Also for me to send a package it is about 35 bucks that is 1 kilo any over that is about 55 bucks. So it is a little expensive. My Comp said it is way cheaper from Argentina. But oh well. Also ask Paula about Matè. I guess they drank it. Also when you send me another package, one day, I NEED PILLS Sudafed, Nyquil, Dayquil, and Benadryl. BAD cause well I cant buy those here, Sudafed kinda, but well it is made in Colombia. other than that I am doing just great. We should be having some baptisms this week. But we will see. I love you so much and thank you for all your love and support. Love Nate.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Email July 20, 2009

I really did teach him better than this but boys will be boys I guess!! Gross!!

Dear Family and Friends,
Well i am sorry it has been a little crazy the past two weeks on p-day so well we got our stuff figured out and came to internet in the morning to actually write our families. Well like i said in the last blog it is Festival here and well it is hard to find a sober man or woman in this town. We saw part of the horse parade which is just HUGE here and they drink all morning then about 1 they start the parade, and well it isn't no parade like centerville, everybody has a beer, and all the people riding horses have beer, and well beer beer beer, while we were watching some guy rode up to me and asked me where i was from and i said the US and he was like well hell let me buy you a beer, haha i just laughed and said i couldn't, then he offered me to ride his horse and just come to the big party after, and said i could kiss his wife, haha well i just couldn't stop laughing after that, it was just funny, my companion re-enacted it about 40 times for the rest of the night. It was great. But it was a problem cause all our investigators were at the festival so we didn't get a whole lot of real teaching done. But it was still good. It was just a party too cause one of the zone leaders stayed at our house for the entire week. But we have 3 baptisms in the next 2 weeks. Marcella, is this next week and she is awesome, she is 18 and has a little boy. She lives right by us about a block away, and just was interested and we taught her and she accepted. She is cool. Then the other 2 are Jessica, and Elizabeth. Jessica we have been teaching for more than a month and a half, and well she is AWESOME, her friend is a member and we just were there one day for lunch and made an appointment. She is 16 and is just amazing. She marks her scriptures better than i do and she has only had a BOM for about 2 months. She has had problems with getting permission from her mom to be baptized. But her parents are just super super nice and don't have any problem with it, it is just they want her to be sure and have a little more time in the church and learning. So we are going to have a fast with her on Wed. So she can get permission. She is probably my best investigator that i have had. She is great. And Elizabeth, her 2 brothers are members, one is getting ready to serve a mission and the other served in Barranquilla. And now just has an interest. She is 18, but has a lot of opposition from her mother. But she is going to get baptized cause she has a real desire to do so. It is exciting to see her with her brother in the church and just watching her share her testimony. That is about all we have right now cause we have dropped a ton of people. Manuel and Angelica, being some of the dropped. I feel really bad, because i have become really close with them but it is just they wont come to church on their own and we have been teaching them for about 3 months, and not progressing anymore. So hopefully one day they will have a desire to come back.
As for me, i had been struggling, and my dad sent me some great advice, so i have been trying to put it into practice and and just been a lot happier and just trying to look on the bright side, it kinda was like a turning point for me. So i am doing great. I am so graetful for all the love and support. Nick Reid, congrats, my brother told me you were headed out to El Salvador. That will be awesome. Just live it up for 2 years. I love you all and know that i am praying for you. Love nate from Colombia.
Hi dad,
i just wanted to send you a message and tell you thank you so much for the advice you sent me last week. I have really tried to just change my attitude with everything that i have been doing. And well now even the food doesn`t taste bad. Gol I am eating my tomatoes with out even flinching. I still have a tough time with fried chicken but other than that i am really starting to enjoy it all. Fried chicken cause that is what I ate when I got way sick a few months ago. I am just trying to eat as much as possible cause like you said I think I will miss it one day. As for my companion, he is a great kid. I love him to death. And yeah we still are late to just about everything, but our lessons have been a lot better then they have been. So well I have just kinda tried to change.
Also this past week I borrowed Mormon Doctrine from Bishop Sanchez, cause he has it in English, and I studied 2 things, the Millennium and Plan of Salvation, in the week I had it. I learned so much about all the specific things and phases of them both. It was really cool to just learn about them both. I also have been studying the bible like none other, cause it seems like to me at home we use the Book of Mormon a lot more than the bible, but here we have to use the bible with everything, and you know the kind of seminary student I was. So I have been trying to play catch up. It is way hard to cause I am starting to understand the BOM in Spanish but the bible is 14 times harder. So it has been a struggle. But I am coping with it.
Also, the last talk that President Camargo gave to us was about school and getting a good education to be able to help the church, and well I received some revelation. I had a great impression that I need to go back to Utah State. I don’t know what I am going to study, or anything like that I just know that is what I need to do. It was kinda crazy cause, I hadn’t thought anything about school, or what I should do with myself after my mission, but I just had that bit of revelation for me.
I love you and thank you for all your advice, love and support. You are a great father and I am proud you are mine. With love your son Nathan

Monday, July 13, 2009

Email-July 13, 2009

Well family and friends,
This will be short because we became cave men today to have lunch, it was a night mare, the meat was left out from well forever, cause they don't refridgerate it here. So well the one good thing that happended was that it was cooked. As for the work, it is festival for 2 weeks here only in Sogomoso, so we are having a hard time finding a sober man in this city. It is ok tho. As for our investigators, they are dropin like flies, speaking of flies we have about a million in the house from the meat. But yeah it was a good time. To start the fire today they bought a bottle of diesel and well Williams about burned to death trying to pour it on the fire, I wonder about him some times.
But We met Pres. Hacking Friday, he and his wife are great, he told me that I am doing great and that everything will pick up. So I am hoping that is true. So no need to worry right? Haha well i got my box on Friday too, only after 9 days!! It helps when it gets brought straight from the office, but I was happy. I am doing great. Thanks for all the love and support. Hope all is well. tell everybody hello for me please.
Love Nate

Nate's Recordings...

(P.S. I am still trying to figure out the best way to do this....hopefully I'll figure out a better way to do it. If for some reason these links don't work, they are also at the bottom of the blog, or you can just email me or my mom and we'll definitely email them to you)

Nate has sent home several voice recordings of himself in the last few weeks. It is fun to hear his voice...even if these recordings are sometimes a little bit ridiculous!

4th of July

I'm uploading two of the latest. Just as a warning--there is some strange singing in one, and Nate talks with his mouth full of breakfast in the other. Thought it was only fair to warn you before you start listening....

Monday, July 6, 2009

E-mail June 29, 2009

Well hello from Sogamoso,
As my mom informed me in her last e-mail I just don't send a whole lot about the area and what is going on. Nothing really exciting, but we did have district conference this past Saturday and Sunday and we became a stake and ward. It was pretty cool to witness. The people are so happy right now with that title. President Sanchez became the bishop so the Noche de Matê will not be ending, we also have ordered a bunch from Bogota to have in the house. As for the missionary work, it has been a little slow because people just don’t like attending church that much, we call them the night before and pass by their houses and still don’t attend. So any returned missionaries if you have good advice for me I would love to hear it. The family we got married, Manuel and Angelica, haven’t attended for 2 weeks now, I am kinda worried they won't end up getting baptized, so you know what I will be fasting for, on the 5th. We should be having a baptism on the 4th of July, but the girl is not of age, Jessica being only 16, and her mom wants her to have more time in the church before she is baptized but isn’t against the idea it is just a time factor, she is awesome she keeps her commitments and also attends church, she is great. Also we have been looking up less active people in the ward to try and get them to come back, that is really fun, because they have testimonies, but just have forgotten the feelings of the spirit. So we should have some success in that I am hoping and praying. That is about it for me I will be sending some pictures of Pres. Camargo, because he is ending his mission tomorrow. So I am kinda sad cause his family is awesome, but also kinda happy cause this mission needs a little Gringo power to kick some of these missionaries in the butt. So I don’t know when I will get to meet Pres. Hacking, but hopefully in the next 2 weeks. I am just a happy guy right now, I am just livin on the edge here for 2 years but I am just livin it up. I met Elder Wagstaff, from SLC, his dad owns Wagstaff cranes, he was the comp. of elder Williams in the MTC, he is a funny kid and loves to snowmobile. That has to be one of my favorite parts of the mission, meeting new people and making friends, cause I never felt as I was very good at it before, but it is just easy here. Not much else except Elder Williams threw an egg in the house when he got mad this morning, it is funny cause sometimes, we just lose it in the house cause we are so stressed with our investigators and the language and just the mission details. I lost it when his companion didn’t wash his hands after the bathroom and was touchin my face after the bathroom. I had a Willard moment, but they just laugh at you cause I yell in English and then we all just laugh. The mission is just crazy! But I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now, not even to use the cabin. Amy Morrison, you are such a sweet heart. I got another letter from you from June 14, 2009. It is great to know that I have other people other then my family thinking about me. I love to hear all the updates of you and your family so thank you so much. I sent manda a letter today. Well I love you all and know that I pray for you. I am so happy that I had such a great ward to grow up in and such great leaders, Bro. Doane, Bro. Allen (Steve, who calls him bro allen?), Bro. Lovato, Bro. Alsop, and the Bishop. And all other people in the ward that pray and helped my testimony grow. A scripture we share a lot here is Mosiah 2:41. And I just want to tell you that I have a true testimony of it that when we live all the commandments we are truly happy. I am happier now then I was before my mission, and I am without snowmobiles, dirtbikes, boating, and my family (whom I love) and I am just happy. And well this has to be the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I want to give a special thanks to Ali and Liz. With their help I am here. So thank you you 2. Liz I am sorry I missed your wedding. You looked great, all the latin missionaries want your address, cause my mom sent me a picture. Mom I just want to let you know that I am so grateful for you and dad and all you did and do for me. I am such a lucky kid to live and grow up where I did. As to the cabin, I wouldn’t trade my mission to be there but I am a little jealous cause it looks sweet!! I don’t have much more other than thanks and love so until next week, I love you and hope you are just happy Love and pray for all. Love nate, from Colombia!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Letter to Preston

Dude I am going to send you a picture of the bat that was in the baptism font this week before our baptism. It was crazy. Also this week I forgot to tell mom but for the blog we finally got hot showers. It is sweet. I love it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

E-mail June 22, 2009

Well this week has been a little crazy. We had transfers this past week on Tuesday and Wednesday so I got a new companion. His name is Elder Pelero, from Argentina. He is a freaking clown and I love him to death. He is just a funny funny kid. So we have 2 Gringos and 2 Argentines in the house. Williams and Jimenez didn’t get changed. So we have just been having a blast. Also, this week we had 3 baptisms on Thursday, it was great cause they are all so good. Ines, Norma, and Oscar Jimenez. Ines and Norma are sisters that live next to the church and their dad doesn’t like the church at all so it was all done in secret because he works in Bogota but was home for fathers day and the rest of the month. I felt kind of bad about it but they are both over age so we don’t need permission and they have testimonies that it is the correct decision. Oscar Jimenez is the same as before his wife is a member and he just had never talked to missionaries. Heavens he knows more then most the members, I asked him what he knew about tithing, and well that was the lesson cause he explained it all and had no doubts about it. So it was great to see him get baptized. I got to do all three and there were no mess ups. Which to me felt good cause I feel like the Spanish is getting better. So yeah. Then later in the week to try and help Ines and Norma´s father have a better impression of the church we did service there and moved a big mound of dirt with a pick and shovel and wheel barrow. Man it felt good to do some hard manual labor, but my hands have become soft, so I have 2 huge blisters, one on each hand. I never used to get them at the house, dad I have grown soft. Also with my new companion we will have Maté every day in the house which elder Williams is quite excited for. We were supposed to be going to Bogota tomorrow, but of course change of plans. I was a little disappointed, because I have officially picked a soccer team to follow, Santa Fe, and they are in Bogota and I was going to buy a jersey, but not any more. We also were going to see all the other missionaries because it was for the new mission president, but now were not going so we were all a little sad. Elder Williams especially because he was going to buy his own Maté cup and everything. He is addicted to the stuff. Nothing much else is new except our area is kinda dying, we have had trouble finding new people to teach that have a real desire. So hopefully with our prayers it will pick up. I have tons of advice for when Preston goes. Like cuffs in the pants, yeah he wont be doing that. But I am happy here with what I am doing. I also wrote Biss a letter today telling him how proud and excited I am for him. He is going to have a sweet time in Hawaii. I am just trying to think of what else has gone on this week. Companion, baptisms and that is about it. Thanks for all the love and support that you give me mom, it is greatly appreciated. Tell friends and family hello! Love you all thanks for the prayers, love and support. Love Nate

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Email June 15, 2009


Well we had the wedding and well I bought a cake for it well 2. Never thought I would pay for a wedding before I was 50. But it was worth it I love the family and well the wedding cakes for 2 was only 30 bucks which well is relatively cheap no? haha also no baptisms this past week but we have 4 this coming week which is way exciting. I am in this moment just beaming with happiness. I found the bag I have been wanting for tracking cause we cant use a backpack and I found one today that is perfect. Also I got a hair cut that wasn’t chi chi like the one I got a few weeks ago. And the Spanish is coming along very well I am just happy. But one this is for sure is that this work is very stressful and I was a little annoyed and stressed about it then I read D&C 11 and I felt like all my questions had been answered. It was a nice relief. Also we find out tonight if about transfers. And I think I will bet getting a new comp. because mine has been in this area for 6 months now. I am not looking forward to it a lot but change is good. It will give me a lot more responsibility. Also this past week we had our last zone conference with President Camargo. It was a little sad but oh well. Also at zone conference on Tuesday I met Elder and Sister Chapman. They are senior missionaries and have been here just about a year. They are from Florida. Great people but the funny thing is I speak and understand more Spanish than they do. It was an interesting experience. But they are great. As for spiritual wise, I have learned so much about the church and about the Book of Mormon. I didn’t prepare very well for this mission and it is hurting me now so I study hard everyday to try and get caught up. But I love it. It has been hard for me to let people have their agency because I know that the gospel will bless their lives but some people just don’t want to keep commitments but right now we have one girl Jessica that is just amazing, she just wants to find the truth so she reads and prays and comes to church, she is getting baptized on Saturday and I am so happy for her. Nicholas family I got both your letters but on the same day. So I couldn't tell you what way is faster to send. But thanks so much for the love and support. AMY MORRISON I just love your sweet heart! I got your letters this past Tuesday and well they just make my day to know that I have people like you praying for me. It is also nice to get an update on what your family is doing cause well Amanda don’t write me none. I am writing people with correct paper cause I hadn’t been so letters should be coming soon to friends. Also big news in the Bosque house, WE NOW HAVE A FRIDGE. Oh it is so nice, we have cold water and ICE CREAM and mom the jello was fantastic! Also another fun detail I have gained a little weight, had to let the ole belt out a notch this week. My Spanish is coming along pretty good. I can understand about half right now and it also depends on the person talking, like English some people just talk better than others. But I am trying to work hard to just be fluent. People have a tough time understanding me sometimes cause I must have a thick accent. So I am not exactly sure how to get rid of it but it is a work in progress. Hope all is well with friends and family. Know I pray for you all everyday. So I love you so much and am glad that I am serving.
Love Nate

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

E-mail June 8, 2009

Dear friends and family

Well this past week in Colombia has been a good one. We didnt have any baptisms but we have lots of people investigating the church which is a good thing. We have a young couple Manuel and Angelica that have 2 little kids that are getting married this week!! I am so happy for them and their little boy is the cutest thing ever. But that is the big news of this week to come that we have that to plan for. So I will send some pictures of that next week if things actually go through. cause well plans here are never certain until the exact hour. So we will see. Today for P-day we went to a little pueblo called Mongui. They are famous for making soccer balls. So well I bought one that is pretty cool. It was so pretty up there. It was very high up in the top of the mtns. This past week we did service and I got to chop wood! I was quite excited because I quite like doing it. Dave save me a big stack for when I get home!! It was pretty funny cause my companion never had done it and I had to teach him. It was fun. Also we ate on Sunday after our fast so stinking much that I about threw up. Then our next appointment fed us again 2 huge plates. I was so sick on Sunday that I could hardly stand but I survived. I have just been living on the edge here and some days I wonder what I got myself into but I am having a wonderful adventure. I am so grateful for all your love and support and hope you all know I love and pray for you.

love nate

An Excerpt from the letter to his dad:

Thanks for your e-mail it is what I needed this week I have been a
little stressed cause we have high goals for lessons and contacts and
such and well just haven’t been making them cause the people here,
well like to talk so it is a little stressful but I have been getting
used to it cause now I actually understand a lot more of the
conversation. The people here are so interesting to talk to and hear
about their lives. And yes I have learned that I could live on
nothing cause well at the end of each month we live on nothing. But I
want to thank you for all the opportunities that you have given me as
a kid. I was a very lucky kid.
My mission is definitely different than I thought it would be but well I
have learned a lot about who I am and that well there are just people
that flat out don’t want to listen, and that we need the millennium to
actually do all the work that needs to be done. Our area is huge and
we track maybe 1/30 of it cause we just don’t have time for more.
I am going to send you some pictures of a man that is in the ward that
is the hardest working person I know. He rides his bike about 10 miles
everyday at 3 am for work for one of his jobs but yet is the happiest
man ever. also I got to eat a peach from one of his trees. It was
small and green but it was still very sweet and good.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Email June 1, 2009

Well hello from Colombia friends and family,

Well first off we went through 3 giant rolls of toilet paper in the house this past week. haha yeah one of those weeks. anyway. Today I don’t have my camera unfortunately cause we are out and about. But the other 2 elders Williams and Jimenez had 3 baptisms this past week. it was cool. and well we have some real investigators. One Oscar Jimenez, his wife and 2 kids are members, and he I think will get baptized. every time we teach them I think of the Arnolds, because the wife just hasn’t pushed anything on her husband and now they will be able to become an eternal family. that is like the ultimate goal here to make eternal families.
alright you want to hear about my mission huh well I get up at 630 every day and pray solo and with my comp. then I make breakfast with elder Williams cause nobody else will in the house. then from 8 to 9 I have personal study, which is my favorite part of the day. haha then comp. study. from 9 to 10 then 10 to 1030 I study Spanish. then we have appts. for the rest of the day. and we eat lunch with a family in the ward every day at 1 then appointments til 9 I then plan with my comp for the next day, and write in my journal and pray and go to bed.
so yeah the days are long but fulfilling. Today a coke truck was turning the corner and the back tires went up the curb and it was open and like 15 crates of glass 1 liter bottles went everywhere and just coke river in the street it was pretty funny we helped clean it up.

I was happy to hear Jordan made it off on his mission and he is in for the time of his life. it is just living on the edge for 2 years. for example I bought some bread the other night and we started teaching the family that owns the bakery and well during the lesson some stray dog came in and walked off with my bag of bread. it was just like DUH it was funny. well I don’t have much more from this week. I am doing good and the language is coming along and we have our last zone conference with President Camargo this week on Friday. it is kinda sad that I only got to know him for 2 months cause he is a great inspired man. Then on the 20th of June we get to travel to bogota to meet the new president, President Hacking. so yeah that is about it from Colombia. love you all and thanks for the love and support. I pray for all (well try to). thanks nate.
OH also some huge black man today told me to get out of his country. haha I just laughed. cause well he could have torn my arms off.

Also Liz CONGRATULATOINS that is pretty big day for you and I am happy for you!!
ali thanks for sending my mom pictures. they are great.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Email May 25, 2009

Hi friends and family

Well we had a baptism this past week. It was pretty sweet. John and his two daugters Luisa and Camila. It was pretty special for me because they are the first people that I taught all the lessons too. I was pretty happy. As for others we have a good couple Manuel and Angelica. They are a young family with a new baby and a 1 year old. It is sweet. Angelica´s brother Jefferson was listening to us then just decided to stop so hopefully we can answer his doubts and get him back on track. That is about if for progessing investigators at the moment. I have really noticed how happy i am preaching the gospel. I have come to realize when you put the lord first and keep all the commandments you can be as happy as ever. Its been kinda crazy to feel like then and at the same time get fed Chicken feet or cow stomache. But we Only really eat once a day so we are happy to get it. The misión is different than how i expected. I thought a lot more people would be jumping at an opportunity to be more happy and recieve many blessings from the lord. But many people just flat out dont want to listen. This week has flown by for me. As for the spanish i feel more confident but i still dont understand a lot but i am content with what the lord has blessed me with now. Just gotta keep working hard and being obedient. I live at Calle 6 number 24-21 in Sogamoso Colombia. I don't have a picture of the house right now but i will be sure to take one soon. Tell Jordan good luck and to just endure the MTC cause it gets way better in the field. As for biss putting in his papers that is sweet stuff. The misión is so sweet. And what ever you have at home will be there when you get back cause the lord just flat out blesses you for doing his work. Also this past week we got some great advice from Pres. Camargo. He told us we need to carry our temple recommend with us everwhere we go. So as we got home i put it in my wallet, which is 4 cards with a rubber banda round them, and that night i felt just little more powerful. So i would encourage that with all of you at home. Put it in your wallet and carry it everywhere cause not everybody is worthy of this great blessing and it will help you remember the temple.
Well i love you all and thanks for all the support. I actually get letters from home so friends i would love to hear from you. Jordan what is your misión address so i can send ya a letter now and then.
Love and pray for you all
Love nate

Mom yes the Money was for the jerseys you should have gotten them by now. Stink. But oh well. Also WHY was there no letter in the Package you sent me? I was a little upset. But yes i got the first Package and it rocked. Thank you.. love you all and sorry about this letter this computer keeps trying to change all the words into spanish it has been rough to write it. I wrote a written letter today so look for one soon. Tell everyone i love them and thank you. Preston thanks for the music.