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Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Monday, November 23, 2009

Email November 23, 2009

Well mom,
I just spent about 8 minutes reading your letter, which was GREAT. Thank you so much, I love reading your updates. I will keep Dave in my prayers give him a special hug from me and Maxine as well. I miss them. But that sounds like a good time helping Marie move. Will you take a quick picture of it when you are over there, I don’t know what their house ended up looking like. Also are you going to die with her so far away? I hope not. As for me, I am struggling a little bit, nothing to worry about, but some days are just hard. But I have my testimony and my Father in Heaven to help me. We had Stake conference this past weekend, which was really good. I got to see President Camargo. And President Hacking spoke, as well as Sister Hacking. Our stakes theme is D&C 84:106. So our main goal is to get less active people back, cause only like 33 percent are active, which is quite sad. But yeah, not much more news, except I found a good scripture for you and dad to read. It is D&C68:25. I think that is it. But yeah, you are such great parents to me and I think did a really good job with our family. Not perfect, in fact Dysfunctional, but we turned out ok. I was the sour grape for sure. But hopefully with my good example my brothers will also choose to serve the lord. It is a great experence, but I won't lie, I have taken a toll, physically, as well as emotionally. But well that is all part of the learning and I can't complain. I have a father and mother that both work their butts off so why not me. I want to go back to Utah state when I get home. But I am disappointed that I will miss the semester by 3 weeks. I don't know, maybe I can get something changed to make it. But I am not worried about that now. I just had the revelation given to me this week, that that is what I need to do. Ok well I am good. I love you all have a happy thanks giving, to those who helped with my Christmas, thank you very much. I love you all. I pray for you all and thank you all for the prayers.
With lots of love your son and friend

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