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Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Monday, July 6, 2009

E-mail June 29, 2009

Well hello from Sogamoso,
As my mom informed me in her last e-mail I just don't send a whole lot about the area and what is going on. Nothing really exciting, but we did have district conference this past Saturday and Sunday and we became a stake and ward. It was pretty cool to witness. The people are so happy right now with that title. President Sanchez became the bishop so the Noche de MatĂȘ will not be ending, we also have ordered a bunch from Bogota to have in the house. As for the missionary work, it has been a little slow because people just don’t like attending church that much, we call them the night before and pass by their houses and still don’t attend. So any returned missionaries if you have good advice for me I would love to hear it. The family we got married, Manuel and Angelica, haven’t attended for 2 weeks now, I am kinda worried they won't end up getting baptized, so you know what I will be fasting for, on the 5th. We should be having a baptism on the 4th of July, but the girl is not of age, Jessica being only 16, and her mom wants her to have more time in the church before she is baptized but isn’t against the idea it is just a time factor, she is awesome she keeps her commitments and also attends church, she is great. Also we have been looking up less active people in the ward to try and get them to come back, that is really fun, because they have testimonies, but just have forgotten the feelings of the spirit. So we should have some success in that I am hoping and praying. That is about it for me I will be sending some pictures of Pres. Camargo, because he is ending his mission tomorrow. So I am kinda sad cause his family is awesome, but also kinda happy cause this mission needs a little Gringo power to kick some of these missionaries in the butt. So I don’t know when I will get to meet Pres. Hacking, but hopefully in the next 2 weeks. I am just a happy guy right now, I am just livin on the edge here for 2 years but I am just livin it up. I met Elder Wagstaff, from SLC, his dad owns Wagstaff cranes, he was the comp. of elder Williams in the MTC, he is a funny kid and loves to snowmobile. That has to be one of my favorite parts of the mission, meeting new people and making friends, cause I never felt as I was very good at it before, but it is just easy here. Not much else except Elder Williams threw an egg in the house when he got mad this morning, it is funny cause sometimes, we just lose it in the house cause we are so stressed with our investigators and the language and just the mission details. I lost it when his companion didn’t wash his hands after the bathroom and was touchin my face after the bathroom. I had a Willard moment, but they just laugh at you cause I yell in English and then we all just laugh. The mission is just crazy! But I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now, not even to use the cabin. Amy Morrison, you are such a sweet heart. I got another letter from you from June 14, 2009. It is great to know that I have other people other then my family thinking about me. I love to hear all the updates of you and your family so thank you so much. I sent manda a letter today. Well I love you all and know that I pray for you. I am so happy that I had such a great ward to grow up in and such great leaders, Bro. Doane, Bro. Allen (Steve, who calls him bro allen?), Bro. Lovato, Bro. Alsop, and the Bishop. And all other people in the ward that pray and helped my testimony grow. A scripture we share a lot here is Mosiah 2:41. And I just want to tell you that I have a true testimony of it that when we live all the commandments we are truly happy. I am happier now then I was before my mission, and I am without snowmobiles, dirtbikes, boating, and my family (whom I love) and I am just happy. And well this has to be the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I want to give a special thanks to Ali and Liz. With their help I am here. So thank you you 2. Liz I am sorry I missed your wedding. You looked great, all the latin missionaries want your address, cause my mom sent me a picture. Mom I just want to let you know that I am so grateful for you and dad and all you did and do for me. I am such a lucky kid to live and grow up where I did. As to the cabin, I wouldn’t trade my mission to be there but I am a little jealous cause it looks sweet!! I don’t have much more other than thanks and love so until next week, I love you and hope you are just happy Love and pray for all. Love nate, from Colombia!

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