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Monday, July 19, 2010

Email July 19, 2010

Well i don't have much from this week.

Crazy week with Transfers.

Tuesday, we were just kinda kickin it getting people ready and what not. Fixing area books and what not cause we changed wards, and then Tuesday night we went to the Alvarez Family´s house to say good bye and what not. Then we left and my comp was in a bad mood, not talking and had like a melt down, or nervous break down and called the assistants for a transfer. not really sure why, but I wasn't worried about it, he told me it wasn't me, but who knows, He just kinda freaked about about being a Zone leader i think and so yeah he got transferred the next morning and yeah.

Wed. We were in Tunja, which is like the center of the mission, when it comes to Transfers, all buses come and go through tunja. So i spent the day there, It was good, cause i got to know the sisters in my Zone. They are pretty funny. Hermana Foundez, from chile was a CSI person before the mission. So she used to dress and undress and take pictures of Dead people. Pretty intense, and she has the best sense of humor EVER. So it was great. Picked up Elder Gardiners new companion from Ecuador that he is training. Elder Olvera, and my new comp, that i am training as a Zone Leader is elder Chacon from Peru. He is a little strange but i like him. so we should get along fine, i hope better then the last one i guess, cause i sent him over the edge. haha

Thursday, trying to get everybody in place, my companion go there today cause there was an accident on the highway and the bus got delayed to he slept in Tunja. Picked him up and tried to run around and get everything into place before the meeting with the Stake president. and yeah.

Friday. Just canceled a baptism date, and the people about killed us, but my companion and i just didn't feel good about it. So we had a rough night. The bishop was upset and the works.

Saturday, we had a capasitation with all the bishops in the stake, so i got to see Miguel Cuellar that was cool as well as Obisbo Sanchez from Sogo. so i was happy. I feel like we are just running around with our heads cut off, so i am hoping this week will be better that my comp and i can get settled in. Also i am in the Choir for Ward Conference next week.

First sunday. Went well, got welcomed into the ward, and the good news was that the Familia Rodriguez, who we canceled their baptism, well didn't com to church, but we totally fixed the situation and they are going to keep on truckin for the 31 of July. as well as we have great ward missionaries. they are all sisters. and well such is life. we have a great ward mission leader as well. Who loves wagstaff. Wagstaff served in this ward. and yeah. doing super well here. sorry my letter was kinda lame, but i am just tired. we will see if i can catch up and keep a better inventory on my week to write home. also, take good pictures. for me. Love you all,

Know i have a strong Testimony of this gospel. Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration. We are one blessed People. Christ is our Savior. he loves each one of us.

Love you all love Elder Naegle.

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