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Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
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Bogota Distrito Capital

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Email July 7, 2010

Well found some time,

thanks for putting money on my card, didn't end up needing it cause my companion didn't come pick me up, and the mission money got here this morning. I asked for 10 bucks too not 90 haha. But well lets see. my week.

Tuesday, we just worked in our Area trying to get things in a state to be gone. The work before the trip kind of thing.

Wed, 430 headed to Bogota for a conference with a 70 Elder Mestre and his wife, from Venezula. We all had to meet in Tunja with the Zone cause our bus left at 720, yeah, there was no bus at that time, they canceled it, but didn't tell we waited until 830. but such is life. Went with the Zone to Bogota, had a good time there. Long meeting though. But what can you do. Learned new things. Saw Elder Furmanski for the first time since he has been here, which is a year. I love the kid. We will have him and his El Camino up at the cabin one day.

That night we also got to stay in Bogota, cause I am good with my words, so I got to go and see Marta Lopez and her girls. It was great. they are doing well and the girls, (suli and stephanie) should be getting baptized in the next few weeks. It was a happy reunion, I showed up and surprised them, with the help of Elder Rosenbaum (payson ut) from my group, the the 3 girls all started hugging me like family, little awkward, but i just rolled with it, I can't hug women here hahahaha Stephanies daughter Sylvanna painted my nails, I will include that picture. It was just a good reunion. I was happy. Marta is being active in the church. So that is good.

Thursday. Slept at Rosnebaum's and then went and saw the Tafur Family in the morning. They are doing well and have figured out a lot of their stupid problems so it was nice to see them. Then we went and picked up money from the bank that my comps sister had sent them. Went to the office, and I did my paper work and we ate at subway. And there is no money in any part at this point just 17 dollars to get back to Duitama. So we were waiting in the corner for the bus to pass, and well I had to poo. and when it comes it is find a bathroom in 5 minutes or brown garments, so i had to go the hotel that was on the corner and beg the lady to let me use the bathroom. But it wasn't to hard, she saw my blue green eyes and just melted like a popsicle in St. George summer haha then caught the bus and yeah that was that.

Friday, got to work with Gardiner in his area today. that was a good time. lots of rejection. but we had a good time. it is raining here in colombia like crazy every day it kinda stinks i got soaked on the way back from lunch.

Saturday. I cant remember what i ended up doing

Sunday was good. went to Tunja to do Interviews during priesthood. i like baptism interviews. they are fun. and we just finished up getting out stuff together for monday. Church here is super irreverent it is funny. but i have just learned to deal with it

We went on a tour like i said of Boyaca. I have lots of pictures, so i will send a few

Went to Paipa saw people waterskiing, made me super trunky it was bad the water was GLASSSSSSS. then to Sogomoso to the Templo del Sol. it is a museum of the natives here. then to Faviatoa. ate lunch, had a good looking waitress..........then to Iza to try the desserts they have there. Then to Mongui, where they do the Soccer balls, didn't buy one. then to Topaga, haha had the 2 girls that were carving Coal ask me to take them with me back to the US, oh it was funny, i love my blue eyes!!!! one was pretty cute. picture doesn't show it. then off to Nobsa. this is where i bought my wool Poncho. i am going to look FLY when i get home cause i bought some slippers too, it will be LEGIT. LADIES look out! also, i need to ask what ya ll want from here cause i can get hammocks super cheap there too for 10 bucks. so i don't know boys i will get you one thing. and now would be the time to tell me if you want a hammock or a wool poncho i don't know think about it. and yeah then we had baptism interviews, so no time to write. But yeah i have baptisms this saturday, the Cruz Family Mom jimena, Hijo, Giovanny, and Hija Katia. I am so happy they are GREAT!! and yeah also went to sogomoso that night

had 4 baptism interviews to do in Sogomoso, so that was pretty sweet and saw Jimenez family, had lunch, Trout, with them and the Cuellar family that night. and yeah i had a pretty good week. Transfers are this sunday. also i got my treat package today. it is quick when you send it directly to the house!! thanks mom i love you!

ok yeah love you all

i am doing well down here teaching wicked people about the gospel and trying to get them to change their lives and live like they should so they can have eternal families. but well satan has a hold on these little latins down here. it is tough. but yeah. i have learned lots of things, including to eat my vegetables, i still hate tomatoes but well they are able to go down the hatch without a face now. so it has been a good thing. i also have actually gained a testimony and well it is pretty strong. One learns a lot on a mission. But i just wanted to let you know i love you. This gospel is true, it gives me great comfort when i am down. Christ loves each one of us and wants us to follow him. His arms are stretched out to each one of us in welcome. Joseph Smith Restored the gospel so that we can have the great joy that comes through keeping the commandments and living the principles that we have learned.

Love Elder Naegle
AKA your brother and son nate

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