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Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Email July 26, 2010

Well this week was pretty good. I guess. I am here in Bogota for Leadership conference, and well it wouldn't have been a trip with out seeing wagstaff so I came and found him. We are having a good time with the elk call, so thanks mom, yes I got my package that Paige brought me.
Um. well i tried to to write down my week so I wouldn't forget all of the detail.
last Monday, we played soccer and I bought pizza for the sisters, cause a sister in my ward bailed on them to take them and show them some sites, and they are super funny. Hma Faundez is from chile and was a CSI person before her mission and she is super super super funny has good stories of taking pictures of dead people, and what not.
well I had choir practice today, that went well, and I have been putting chili powder in my eggs, cause it tastes to good to be true, but boy, I sure regret it when it comes out the end. But well what can you do? I am addicted to Coke, i just love the stuff. and well we had to go to tunja for interchanges, and well ended up leaving about 840 but I didn't get upset, and it was also the 200th birthday of Colombia today, so there was lots of crap going on in the street and what not. and yeah. slept in Tunja, super super cold.
Well ended up going out and teaching with the sisters today, and well they worked me into the ground and I was on on the phone late last night so I when I get home that night I zonked about 930 I was so dead tired. but that is the life here.
Thursday planning and stake meetings nothing exciting.
Friday, well all i have to say about today is that I hate BEETS they can go to he** and their horses can take them there. cause horses like beets. but well they still go down the hatch. gotta love Colombia.
Well today when I went to pick up crap from internet, well the boat was gone, so you must have been having fun. next year........but we had a blood drive today and I well was hooked into trying to give blood and well I filled the stuff out and watched elder gardiner faint and knew I was headed there. But well when I sat down for my interview, she asked about my skin cancer and well CUT MY HEAD off for not having been to the doctor in the last 18 months to get checked. I felt a little sheepish, so ask johnny if i am going to die, or i will be fine till i get home,
then i got to the medication part, and i said i was taking my acne pills, and since i couldn't remember the name, i couldn't donate, cause if it was an antibiotic, well i cant donate. so i was saved by the pill...................haha what is that pill called so i can donate blood in a little bit.
Sunday we went to ward conference. and it was good ended up singing in the Choir and i can probably say i was the best on there can you believe that? and then we left for bogota sat in the Tunja terminal waiting for a bus that never came. I am slept with williams and torres and we played soccer today. And yeah. Love you all have a great week love
Elder nate Naegle

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