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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Letter-Friday February 20, 2009

Hello Family,

Well I made it two weeks here. It sure doesn't feel like it. I have an interesting story. Wednesday afternoon we had a practice teaching appointment and my companion was complaining of stomach pains so he wanted to go get checked out so we did. They thought he had appendicitis! We got to go to the hospital and leave the MTC bubble. It was so nice to see other people but we spent about 3 hours at the hospital. Quite boring actually. He has a virus or something they think. But I got to watch his CAT scan, it is impressive technology.
That was the big news of the week.

Thank you for the letters and prayers, you are all in mine. At the temple this morning I had a Brother Leon Fish do the initiatory prayers. Apparently he grew up with Grandpa Than, it was interesting that he didn't ask me how to pronounce Naegle he just did it right. Then he told me how he knew, it was cool.

Yesterday (Thursday) was speak only Spanish day. Surprisingly I got by just fine. It isn't that bad. I am struggling, but who doesn't with a new language? I wish I had taken it more seriously in Junior High.

Thanks for the letters. Glad to hear that the dog is still having fun with the deer. Mom, don't stress about the dog. If he doesn't survive the next two years, I will be okay with it. There are plenty more. Also thank you for the pictures.

Preston thanks for the letter. It was great. Thank you for bugging my friends. I forgot to list Kara in my last letter. Bug her for her address. Hope you like driving my car. It was nice for me to upgrade.

Andrew, little man, heard you busted your arm. Smooth. But I can't make fun cause I remember when I had that pin in my finger, I convinced Mom that I wouldn't hurt it boarding but sure enough I fell and pushed it in further. Luckily it didn't do any permanent damage. Good luck so you can play baseball in March.

I want to urge you all to read Life and Times of John Conrad Naegle. I have had it 1 day and have already read 50 pages. He was a very interesting man. Grandma does a very good job!

I am off to get a haircut...

and now I look like an idiot. But I remembered a few more things. I would like another sweater, it is freezing down here! I haven't taken a decent shower since I got here either it is terrible.

Love you all, hope and pray you have a good week.

Love, Nathan

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