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Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Email--May 4, 2009

Just a quick note. We talked to Nate on Mother's Day. It was so awesome to hear his voice!! He is doing well. The language is not coming as fast as he would like but it has only been 6 weeks!! He did not send an email on Monday so this email is old but I have not gotten it on the blog until now. Thanks for all your support. He says the dearelder letters are like gold!!

Hola Family and friends,
Well this week has been good I have been working hard to pick up the language but it is still very tough. We had our baptism fall through too which was a rough blow, and we are having trouble with getting people to attend church. They have to attend 3 weeks before they can get baptized and boy they just always seem to be `busy´ Sunday mornings. But that is ok. This past week we got some investigators to give up their coffee and cigs. It is exciting when people are willing to give up these things. The hardest thing for me here has been trying to learn the directions of the houses. They have a totally different system and had been tough trying to figure it out but I think I got it down now. The lovely shower here is just a pipe out of the wall so I get a WONDERFUL reminder of bear lake every morning after I do my daily pushups haha. Also we had a priesthood conference yesterday and we were supposed to have 9 men receive the Melchizedek priesthood but 5 fell to temptation this week with WoW. Ah it was frustrating cause Satan is a jerk, but he is our brother so love him. Also I got asked a funny question on the bus to the Conference by Sergio, Hey uds. Tienen los motos Harley Davidson en los estados unitos? Do you have Harleys in the US? I just laughed because they just have a very different opiniĆ³n of us. It was humor for the day. But I am picking but the language slowly but surely and am learning a lot about how the church works by working in a Branch instead of a ward. Thanks for all the love and support. Love you all and pray for you.
Love Elder Naegle

Nate sent us this picture of his shower

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