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Bogota Distrito Capital

Monday, April 27, 2009

Email--April 27, 2009

Hello friends and family,
I am doing pretty good here in Colombia. My mom asked me what the food was like and well to say the least it is not very good. But their big meal of the day is lunch 1 and we eat with the members everyday it just switches off. And we don’t get back to the house until 9 so we make something small for a quick dinner. So to say the least I have gotten to the point I don’t care what it is I just eat it cause I am so hungry at lunch everyday. The worst had to be the cow stomach, oh just a lovely grey sponge that is just great in your mouth. For e-mail we just go to a store on the street and pay to use the computer. About a dollar an hour to use the computer and they are like starbucks here. One or 2 on every street. As for cooking elder Williams and I do all the cooking cause well the natives just aren’t too concerned about it and the dishes too. So yeah a lot of eggs rice and potatoes in the area I am in. I am in Sogomoso, a small area at about 10,000 feet so it gets pretty cold here at night but can be pretty warm when the sun is out. Just know that I am doing great and trying to work hard. The Spanish is slowly slowing but surely coming along. We had 1 baptism this week Marta and a Tirso Cabeza a new convert of 2 months baptized her. I got to conduct the baptism, a rough but good expierence in Spanish. Ok well thank you for all the love and support and know I pray for everybody. Love nate

Hi mom
Thanks for the letter it was great and it meant a lot to hear all your advice and to know you love me. Thanks so much. I hope I answered all your questions. It is tough to get everything done needed for the week in 1 day. I wrote preston and dad so they will have more about things here but thanks for taking care of the the dog and all that stuff. It means a lot and tell dave and Maxine thank you for their help with the dog and all their love and support. Sorry it is kinda short but know I love you and am trying to work hard and be obedient. Love you very much love nate
Dear dad,
I have to write president and I am out of time, so it will be short
But thank you so very much for your letter I printed it off and will
hang it up for your encouraging words. I am glad you survived your
accident, did you let mom know about that? I am glad to hear that
Preston is a big help. I miss him a lot being able to just always
have a friend to talk to and hang out with. You realize a lot more
what you really value when you don’t have it any more. Thanks for all
your love and support dad. Know I am working hard at Spanish and
missionary work. It is hard work. I now understand hard work even
more fully. And as I sent mom the food is no longer a problem, I just
eat it and don’t even worry any more. It is just food for the day and
I will get different tomorrow. And when I get home I will get to eat
whatever I want. I laughed about your cocoa, because they drink a
drink here that is called Awapanella that is a hot drink that I didn’t
like the first few times but it is something now that I just drink and
don’t even think about it. Dad thanks for your love and support I'm
glad to be your son and for all the good things you taught me.
Love nate
President Sanchez (Branch President), Marta, & Tirso


HUGE spider in the house


Random animals in the street

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