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Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Email Aug. 9, 2010

Well i guess i and better ask for a little forgiveness for not writing but well such is life. please forgive me and know i love you all.

Well i guess i would dare say i had a pretty good week last week.

So Sunday night we went to Bogota, stayed with elder Williams and Torres and got to eat pizza hut pizza. And yeah, it was a good time. i enjoyed it a lot. It reminds me a ton of the first of my mission being with them both at the same time. Then Monday morning we started the Capasitations, and we did that for 4 days. It was a long ordeal but we learned a ton of new stuff that will really help the missionary work i think. like progress a little faster, we are pretty slow at the moment it feels like. but i wont bore you with the details, but the good news was that i got to stay in Alamos, my old area, and so i got to see the Flia Tafur, and the Flia Lopez. It was quite nice. Zuly was getting baptized on Saturday so i asked for Permission to stay and see that. The misisonaries didnt want me there. so i am not sure why, but that is the way it goes. so i just stayed there and worked with them at night after the meetings, and then Thursday, well the fun began. Since i had permission to stick around, I did a little work with elder Williams and i ended up staying with Wagstaff for Thursday Friday and Saturday. OH IT WAS A BLAST. we had a good time talking. so much better in person then for phone. we stayed up a little late talking about plans and what not, and it was great. lots of good stuff for us planned after this little ordeal. cant wait. but we were good, we taught a few lessons together and well we would be one of the best companionships in the entire world, cause well instead of trying to read each other to make the lesson flow, well we just read. it was pretty awesome. So i asked williams to make a miracle happen. i doubt president will be so generous with us. but we would work hard and be good. so i guess we will see how it goes. Then well i went to the baptism with Rosenbaum, who baptized, and it was super special. I did a little jerry work to get some people to come. but i was happy. All of the Lopez family was there, couldn't believe it. Tafur family was all there it was nice. the only down side was i didn't have my camera. so i hope Wags and Rosey send me some pictures so i can send them to you all. But well i just have to say i was a great week for me, i got a nice cold in Bogota, and well i have a nice big Canker on my lip that is killing me. but other than that. i was quite enthralled with my week. I guess i missed the lake, but what can you do.. Not much to report about my Area cause well i got back Sunday morning about 1 to Duitama.

I want to thank you all for the love and support. Nicholas family i get your letters that you send thanks a bunch. I love you all. I know the church was restored and the Book of Mormon is key for a conversion. I have been converted if you cant tell........have a great week. Love elder Nathan Naegle

hey mom i am thankful for your love and support. have a great week, give my dog a hug for me. love nathan

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