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Monday, December 6, 2010

Email December 6, 2010

Well I am less then a month out can you believe it? This week was a doozy for me. Started out good last Monday night made a baptism date with our southern baptist, Angelica, she is great and accepted, so we got that coming up in 2 weeks on the 18 of Dec. I am super happy for her, she is a 32 year old lady with 2 kids, but we keep helping and please pray for her.
Well Tuesday hit the old knuckles knocking some doors and started with a cough. But we found some new people including a woman stopped us named Yolanda, who has been inactive for 10 years. So that was cool. We will come back to her. Then we watched the emma smith movie with a family that night and ran to the house, and it all went bad.

Didn't sleep a wink, had a terrible fever and it was bad, so well ended up staying in bed from Tuesday to Saturday morning cause it was just raining and has been miserable here, and I have been coughing like a chain smoker with flem and all. It has just been pouring hard here, lots of people suffering here in Colombia for the rain, but nobody in our mission, it is all the other 3 missions, I guess we are all on high ground here. But pray for the people here, it has been super bad. but well can't do a whole lot about it except pray for them.
Saturday afternoon, just kinda looked up our investigators and got ready for Sunday.
Open mic Sunday here is well never dull, about 12 statements of big apostasy were said this week, kinda funny. And there are never long pauses like at home. but yeah, then the Christmas devotional, well it was pretty sweet cause we had Yolanda and her 9 year old daughter come and when Yolanda walked in and sat down she was just TREMBLING unbelievably, it was really cool cause she was just so happy. It was great to see her so happy. I really learned that helping less actives return to church is just as heart warming as a baptism. I just felt good after when we walked her home. She is a great person. but yeah. it was awesome experience of the week. Well my beloved family I love you all so much,
Love you all keep praying for snow.
Love your son and brother
Elder Nathan Naegle

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