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Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Monday, June 1, 2009

Email June 1, 2009

Well hello from Colombia friends and family,

Well first off we went through 3 giant rolls of toilet paper in the house this past week. haha yeah one of those weeks. anyway. Today I don’t have my camera unfortunately cause we are out and about. But the other 2 elders Williams and Jimenez had 3 baptisms this past week. it was cool. and well we have some real investigators. One Oscar Jimenez, his wife and 2 kids are members, and he I think will get baptized. every time we teach them I think of the Arnolds, because the wife just hasn’t pushed anything on her husband and now they will be able to become an eternal family. that is like the ultimate goal here to make eternal families.
alright you want to hear about my mission huh well I get up at 630 every day and pray solo and with my comp. then I make breakfast with elder Williams cause nobody else will in the house. then from 8 to 9 I have personal study, which is my favorite part of the day. haha then comp. study. from 9 to 10 then 10 to 1030 I study Spanish. then we have appts. for the rest of the day. and we eat lunch with a family in the ward every day at 1 then appointments til 9 I then plan with my comp for the next day, and write in my journal and pray and go to bed.
so yeah the days are long but fulfilling. Today a coke truck was turning the corner and the back tires went up the curb and it was open and like 15 crates of glass 1 liter bottles went everywhere and just coke river in the street it was pretty funny we helped clean it up.

I was happy to hear Jordan made it off on his mission and he is in for the time of his life. it is just living on the edge for 2 years. for example I bought some bread the other night and we started teaching the family that owns the bakery and well during the lesson some stray dog came in and walked off with my bag of bread. it was just like DUH it was funny. well I don’t have much more from this week. I am doing good and the language is coming along and we have our last zone conference with President Camargo this week on Friday. it is kinda sad that I only got to know him for 2 months cause he is a great inspired man. Then on the 20th of June we get to travel to bogota to meet the new president, President Hacking. so yeah that is about it from Colombia. love you all and thanks for the love and support. I pray for all (well try to). thanks nate.
OH also some huge black man today told me to get out of his country. haha I just laughed. cause well he could have torn my arms off.

Also Liz CONGRATULATOINS that is pretty big day for you and I am happy for you!!
ali thanks for sending my mom pictures. they are great.

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