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Monday, February 1, 2010

Email February 1, 2010- Hi Mom and Family

The dumb cat I let in
Elder Sanchez
The Catholic Church

Well this week was a crazy one with transfers. I was with an elder (elder sanchez) on Tuesday that went home to Chile. We had a good time but ran all over Bogota and my new comp got here from Bucaramunga. His name is elder Ayaviri. He goes home in March and well I was dreading it a little bit. But he just told me that he was trunky and didn't want to work hard, but now wants to end his mission good. And well we get along pretty good. He is from Bolivia, La Paz and his family is in the security business, like my family.........but they work a lot more with safes. But still kinda cool. He also is super sick today with the flu and also has stomach problems. So well he has to watch what he eats and is just sick. I feel kinda bad for him, but he is still just truckin along. Listo, as for elder Williams, well he found out Saturday that his sister is getting engaged, and called me, at a bad time, and well we chatted, vented both our feelings, and both felt better. He isn't mad just wasn't expecting or ready for a huge change like this. But well has accepted it. He is with my old comp elder Pelero, who goes home in March as well. I will miss him. But he has plans to come visit and try and play soccer at a university in the US to get his school paid for. He is a super funny kid i love him. ok well, the missionary work is going good, we have a bunch of new investigators and should have some results coming up soon. But crazy things always happen so pray for us here. Also, the pictures I sent home are yes indeed a cat in our apartment. haha we brought her home to play tricks on our Zone leaders but well bad idea, she didn't let us sleep. So I learned my lesson but still it was funny. And the others are a family we had lunch with on tuesday with Sanchez. Super good family. What else happened this week, not a whole lot. But Wagstaff´s family is having a girl in his stake come live with them for six months, so you will have to talk to his mom about that, they are super excited from what I hear. and I also hear you are having lunch with wagstaffs and williams mothers this week or something like that. Word travels quick here in the mission. yeah that is about it. I am doing super good. happy for Thursday (HUMP DAY), I wont lie, but also sad. A year has flown by but still I have lots of work to do and what not. I want to thank my family and ward for all the love and support, it is great to have the prayers and thoughts. I testify that our Savior does indeed live. That he gave his life out of love for us. That he called a prophet to restore his church in these latter days. Joseph Smith saw was he said he saw, and was indeed called of God. I testify that we have the fullness of the gospel and we can receive the blessings from it if we complete our part by keeping the commandments. The happiest people on this planet are members of the church that live worthy of their covenants. I love our Savior with all my heart, and testify of these things is his name, Jesus Christ, amen.

I love you all have a great week love your son, brother and friend

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