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Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
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Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Email February 15, 2010

Well not much news, except we have a new investigator, that we found cause her husband was inactive for about 10 years, and showed up to church last week.. He is named Johan and she is named Joanna, and she is tiny tiny like Kara, and he is HUGE, like uncle russ big, so it looks kinda funny when they are together. But he is super super good, and wants to get married in the temple and so we are going to baptize her on March 6 with is the last saturday in transfer. So I am excited for that, and depending on what the bishop says about Johan he will be ready to baptize his wife, they have 2 little kids, that well when we finished our chocolate, the little girl, Alijandra (7) took our plates and started washing them, I couldn't believe it. And their son is David, (6). They are such a great family. And yeah I don't have much news. Played soccer today and got good ole sunburned. And just not a whole lot going on. I love you all sorry for the short letter, but thanks to the ward my family and friends for the support. And well the church is true here as well, a lot more apostasy, but well, haha on Sunday I had to correct the teacher in elders quarum about the war in heaven he told the class that 3/4 left with satan, and well I just said I was taught different and we got it figured out, math isn't their strong point, and spelling isn't mine. haha love you all
love nathan

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Chantel said...


I know this is super random, but I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to know how you created the subheadings at the top that link to other pages??
Any info would be helpful