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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Second Letter-February 7, 2009

Dear Family,

I get to write you again today because it is my prep day today. My normal prep day is Friday and it is the only day I get to write letters. Apparently we get to write emails as well, don't know how yet but maybe one day.

First I have some requests of you. 1. I would like each of you to pick a day of the week and write me a letter that day, just short and simple to keep me sane. There are 5 of you and 5 week days, so perfect. 2. Send me some Fiber One bars. 3. Maybe a picture once a week from mom. It can be old, just one to give me a happy memory. That should do it for now.

I am doing well. Spanish is hard but I remember things from Jr. High surprisingly enough. We have learned to pray and greet someone as well as present tense verbs. We are in the classroom almost all day. Some long lost few days that have all blended together (I type them like he writes them...sometimes they don't make sense)

It has been interesting to see how I have adjusted to being with Elder Sorensen 24/7. It is tough, I could kill him, yet he is a likable guy. I think I mentioned that he is related to Larsen, too bad he doesn't have his personality. It sure would liven things up. An example: we taught the first lesson today and he doesn't like talking so is very uncomfortable doing so. So I am basically planning everything and often just sit in silence with my thoughts. It is tough to stay focused.

The food here is good (not Mom's) but it has been strange going from eating when I want throughout the day to three set meals. So pretty much I gorge myself to the point of sickness to make it to the next meal. I still don't think I will gain much weight due to working out and running.

It has been a huge change coming here but I am adjusting. Thank you Mom, Dad, and Natali for your letters the first 2 days. Letters really are like gold here and MUSIC IS SAVING ME. Thank you for the prayers, I am praying for you too. If I left things out that you want to hear about tell me, glad to tell you anything. There is just so much! Love you all.

Love, Nathan.

P.S. Andrew you lucked out with your eyebrow (Andrew threatened to shave Nate's eyebrow before the farewell...luckily he then Nate threatened the same thing the day before he left....again, luckily he forgot)

Double P.S. We just went and switched laundry and to the MTC store for Elder Sorenson and he bought all the same things I did this morning! I am annoyed that he makes us do the same thing twice. AH my patience is being tried!

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