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Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Monday, January 11, 2010

Email January 11, 2010

Well i had an interesting week this past week.

Tuesday, we were with an inactive girl and well she has more problems then one person can deal with so we talked with her for forever, about how she just needs to not make things so complicated.

Wednesday, we were looking for directions and my comp is a good guy, but some days I struggle, he is just a little slow and being a naegle that just don't fly well some times. I didn't say anything but i was just a little frustrated but at the end of the day I was happy, what can I do about it I need to learn something everyday. Patience just seems to be a lot of the days haha

Thursday, well about half way through the day I was using the restroom and well, found I had put my garment bottoms on inside out, I got a chuckle out of that. Guess I am just as slow as my comp on wed. haha and I fixed an investigators sound system to her DVD and TV cause well they had just hooked it up like a bunch of retards. So I got that all separated and working, she was happy about that and then we were watching a movie with them and her little boy started choking on a HUGE p├Čece of chicken, it was pretty funny cause he plopped that sucker right back in after it came out.

Friday, I had this oatmeal soup for lunch and boy was it good. I should have asked how they made it but I doubt it can be that hard but it was dang good and it just hit me super super hard this day how lucky we are as a family. We have a lot of blessings. There are a lot of poor people here. Some days it just breaks your heart to see some of these people. Then when we got back to the house my companion had used up all our minutes on our cell phone. So well we had to have a chat about that and being wise in our cell phone use.

Saturday, well I bought a christmas present here and saturday night, I was sicker than a dog. I didnt sleep one bit and sunday morning I was just in a bad way with a fever and headache and the whole nine yards so i just stayed home all day. It was a long day but I slept sunday night fine and woke up this morning a little better.

Then today I was with wagstaff all day cause my zone and his zone went to a theme park and well I just wasn't up to it and so we just went shopping and relaxed. So it was cool to just be with him all day. He and I should be just dandy friends when we get done here and yeah. I am still sick and it was a bad deal, but that is just part of this whole deal.

tell Austin hello and Andrew good bye depending on when he leaves. Well i am just happy to be here, not to worried about the whole transfer thing. Who knows what will happen. Well mom I love you very much thanks for all your love and support. I am glad I have such a great mother. thank you
love nathan

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