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Friday, January 8, 2010

Email January 4, 2010

Well yes a new year is here. We passed it just fine. I was awake because the other elders were still talking and we slept all 4 out in the kitchen and yeah dad wants me to be more informative in my emails. So here goes!
Tuesday, after lunch, I was SICKER than a dog, I had to go to the bathroom every appointment we had, but i just dealt with it and never let something slip. That is one of my goals for the mission, never have brown garments.
Wednesday well what I have written down is compared to here, Biss is the best singer in the world. It is super hard to sing here. And well I was blessed with a little talent in that dept. thanks to Natali. It is just super funny to me, how the hymns invite the spirit and well they are sung so stinking bad. So fun note.
Friday New years day, we didn't have one appointment and well my comp ended up being sick, so he says, but you can't do much about it so I had a good day of study and what not while he was in bed. I really like to study. The scriptures are pretty sweet.
Saturday, I don't have anything written down, but we were on Interchanges with the ZL and well all our appointments ended up falling through but we had a good time contacting and trying to find inactive people. In the ward there are only about 50 active, out of about 300 maybe more. So we have lots of work and they changed the directions here in Bogota about 3 years ago and so it is super hard to find some of the houses. It is like at home our street 1000 east got changed to 1800 so just down the street but it still tough. But I have a
pretty good memory and can find them pretty good. I do most the searching, my comp well isn't sure how to do it still and he has been in Bogota his whole mission. I guess that is one of my gifts I have. I never get lost much, even at home riding dirtbikes ask Preston.
Sunday well there is a lot of apostasy here. So we have to be on our toes when people are talking to our investigators, so correction here and there and yeah that was my week.
People we are teaching,
We have Marta and she has a mixed up story. she was going to a christian church here close by and she has 3 daughters and the pastor after many years abused their relationship and knocked up her 2nd daughter and hired all the best lawyers and what not so they didn't get anything and so they are in a super bad way. They have no trust for anybody and yeah it is just an ugly situation but she under stands why there are so many churches and she is a reference and she is getting baptized here in 2 weeks and her daughters are listening too and I think they will get baptized. I don't carry my camera much but I will try and get a picture of them this week. They are a great family. Oh and their father abandoned the family and so it is just an ugly deal all around we went to the bishops store house last week with them cause they have virtually nothing and she is changing the lining in my suit to have a little work cause she makes clothes and I had a big hole in it from where my bag rubs. So they are a great family and the Baby from the pastor is the cutest thing ever the picture is of her. As for me I am great I can speak spanish just fine and for the most part people understand. So that is good.
I love you all thanks for the love and support. Until next week
love nathan

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