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Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Monday, March 15, 2010

Email March 15, 2010

Hello Family
Elders Torres and Rosenbaum got there fine and we ran around with our heads cut off with everybody that was getting transferred. And I had my last suppers with the Family Tafur, and Family Lopez and well it was just awesome.. Then BAPTISMS went AWESOME, it was the most spiritual baptism I have had, I loved it. Marta started crying and was just so so happy and Joanna also. Martas daughter Suli wants me to baptize her now, she was crying after the baptism cause the spirit was so strong and she was sad i didn't get to do it with her. I think she will get baptized in the coming weeks. I hope so she is just so awesome. Then after I went and slept with the secretaries, cause they had to take me to the airport the following morning, cause the assistants wanted me in Cucuta the fastest possible, so i got to fly, which was super nice. I thought I landed in Africa. It is such a hot strange place. But i love it. I get looks like I am the elephant walking in the street, and i gave a talk in church Sunday and the whole ward is in disbelief. But they are great. We also had 2 baptisms on Saturday in Cucuta. My ward is called Montilones, and we have had 20 baptisms this year and 2 ready to go in the next 2 weeks. My companion is elder Jaramillo, he is a stud from Ecuador and yeah not much else really. I am super tired cause I got basically attacked by the members there. They didn't talk to my companion. haha, and it is so so so so so so so so so so hot, toquer in summer with 100 % humidity but i LOVE IT. Also, the mission is so so screwed up on money but we needed a new fan, so I bought one and am just waiting till i get reimbursed for it. So mom, I am not just spending money, except I bought my comp new shoes cause well he broke them today. 45 bucks. But he is so happy so what can I do. Then this morning I came to Bucaramunga to go back to Bogota for leaders Conf. wed. So I am kickin it with Elder Wagstaff right now writing our families. and that is about it i will try and send some pictures but it is being a little slow. so we will see.
I love you all so very much thanks for all the love and support
love your son nathan!

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