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Elder Nathan Willard Naegle
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Seguros Colmena
Bogota Distrito Capital

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Email March 22, 2010

Ok well, as I wrote last time from Bucaramunga which is heaven on earth, clean, beautiful and just a great place, wagstaff is on vacation. I had a wild week. So we took a long bus ride from there to Bogota, it was FREEZING in the bus, but I watched Avatar. It is super good I liked it a ton. And yeah, got to Bogota and ate breakfast at mcdonalds and then just chilled until lunch and pres. took us to a good place called saras, it is the mexican place by the office. And then I went with wagstaff to buy some scripture covers, cause his got stolen, he dropped 90 bucks on those, they are white leather, I was not willing to do that. Then well we went to the office for our things and then to the temple to sleep. We had a good time and ended up watching Napolean Dynamite with president and having pizza. 

 Then the next morning we did a session, which was good. Only slept once. Then we had meetings all day about helping the mission move forward and what not. and well i must say it is pretty sweet to have the best missionaries in the mission together cause well they all just have the spirit, and it was probably the best meeting I have been in since I got to Colombia. So I enjoyed it super a lot. Then well it was time to part and I stayed with the secretaries again cause I flew out the next morning with my comp. and that was just fun. He isn't a very good flyer, but well I have lots more practice then he does. 

We got back here and I cleaned the house and then laid down for like 2 minutes and zonked until lunch. Then we went and hit it hard talking to people and doing all we could to get our area going again. Then that night the assistants showed up cause we had zone conference friday morning which was also super good. I got to meet everybody in my zone and what not. Then we worked our butts off friday afternoon. We were jam packed with appointments, and well you want more detail, I don't have it cause I couldn't tell ya who we talked to. Cause i don't remember their names yet. Saturday we had a baptism that we had left, a little girl named Jenny i think??????, and she was just so happy. I am in a super super poor area. And it is funny to me how some pĂ©ople think that TV is more important then having running water but well what can you do? so I will not try and save all colombia mom, just do lots of service to help the people. 

As for bad feelings haven't had any yet and I feel super safe here. so I shouldn't have any problems. And as for the heat, I am getting used to it, but when I sit down for more then 30 minutes I start to fall asleep and it is worse after lunch. The people walk around half naked all the time. They have lots of problems with missionaries and that here. but well it is part of the hot weather experience I guess. and yeah not a whole lot more, we played soccer this morning on a dirt field which well sucked but the missionaries had a good time and we also did a BBQ I guess I would call it but it is different here. there isn't no sauce here. And well they kinda just trashed my house so I got to clean up a little this afternoon, but I did it with a smile and yeah. I should have more details about who we are teaching nest week, but until then. I love you all and am happy I am here. The gospel is true and was restored. thanks for all the love and support.
love Nathan 

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